Looking Back

It’s been nearly two years since my last post here. Been busy with my new job. Been less in touch with my “brother” – it’s tough to maintain that kind of closeness across a 9 hour drive, and we’ve both been busy with work and travel. (We’re still bros – that never changes – but there’s not as much feeling of “I’m so in love with you that it’s really messing me up and I don’t want to say anything” when we’re not sharing our lives so closely.)

Also, I’ve finally met the right person for me. Yes, that turned out to be a woman. 🙂 She does not know about this site, nor about the activities, attitudes and feelings it describes. I’m not sure that she ever will; I’m not sure that we’d be able to get past that surprise – and, perhaps, feeling of betrayal or loss. (Turns out “I’ve never had sex with a woman” sounds like “I’ve never had sex” when you don’t expect the speaker to have been with a man, either.) This part of my life is basically now in the past… I’m not the same man I was at 25. (I do need to be careful to avoid comparisons in the bedroom. Turns out there are some things that guys really do better for each other than girls can.)

So this is probably a “last post” sort of message. Comments will still be active, and I’ll approve those as I get the time… with a few exceptions for specific posts. (Most guys who find this through a search engine look for how to seduce a straight guy, but – as I explain there – I’m not going to help with that.)

If someone else who’s dealt with, or is still dealing with, feelings and thoughts about other guys… want to come on as a “guest” author? I’m willing to share the stage, especially now that I’m turning off the spotlight. You can contact me privately through guystogether@gmail.com.

If you’re just finding this site because you’ve realized you’ve got feelings for someone you never expected to… you’re not alone, other guys have been in the same place. Feelings don’t mean a lot… it’s how you handle them that shows who you love, and what you’re like as a human being and as a man. Read the rest of the site for one guy’s thoughts on that, and good luck.


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