What is this thing called… “jealousy”?


I want him to find someone.  I do, I do, I really do.  I want him to find a guy, and me to find a (female) wife, and we’ll still be best friends and hang out as much as possible and go camping every summer and what happens at the campground stays at the campground while we’re still being faithful to our respective partners.

That’s the way it’s SUPPOSED to go.  I wrote it all out, even.  Nice little script for everything.

(Not that that’s ever really worked any other time I’ve tried it.)

So why did I instantly get all prickly-jealous at the casual mention of a new friend who persuaded him to actually go out to a club on a Friday night, when that’s not at all his type of thing to do?  This would be the one gay club in town, by the way.  Which he’d previously had zero interest in, as someone who doesn’t like crowded smoky clubs and also isn’t officially out.



3 Responses to What is this thing called… “jealousy”?

  1. reece says:

    what do you feel more jealous about with regard to him? obviously not the physical so much, is it you feel this guy my replace you in affections?

    • maybebi says:

      Nah, not so much that, but I’m not sure what it is. I freely admit I’ve got about a 14-year-old level of maturity when it comes to relationships… so I don’t feel like it HAS to make sense. 😛

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