Search engine feedback

 Again with answering what folks come here for… ’cause it’s easier than thinking of something substantial right now…

> 5 naked guys together video

Why 5?  Isn’t 4 enough?  would 6 be better?

> if a guy acts hyper around you

He’s either caffeinated, sugared up, or on something else.  Or, he likes you.

> do roomates see each other naked

Possibly.  I had three roomies in college, one of whom I saw a couple times in the showers, the other two I never saw without underwear or a towel.  I know of other roomies who didn’t hesitate to drop their shorts in front of each other.

> are you gay if you kiss a guy?

Not necessarily.  Kissing (and being kissed) just feels good.  Some guys kiss each other as a dare or bet.  About all it really means is that you’re willing to get very slightly unconventional – and that’s not a bad thing.

> pictures of guys having sex

C’mon, guys (gals?), you’re not gonna find that here.  There’s plenty of other sites for that, I’m sure.

> how to seduce your little brother to hav…

I’ve never had a little brother to seduce.  If he’s underage and you’re not, or he’s a lot younger than you, I really really REALLY suggest that you wait….  Part of being the big bro is looking out for him in every way you can.  He doesn’t need to worry about you drooling over his butt when you’re supposed to have his back.

What you can do, though, is make sure he knows that he can talk to you about stuff related to sex/puberty/girls.  (Or guys.)   You don’t have to ask explicitly, just let him know that you think he’s enough of a grownup peer now to talk about all the “guy stuff”, without needing to watch what you say.   He’s gonna be better for it, you get to hear all the juicy details, and – if he does ever wanna do it with his big bro – feeling like he can talk about sex with you would be a big step towards revealing that.

I didn’t grow up with a little brother, but I’ve got one now – and I can absolutely say that the friendship and intimacy that we have is worth a lot more than even the best possible sex.  It’s kinda like that ridiculous “bros before hos” thing… maybe “bros before orgasm” or something. Heh.


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