How to seduce a straight guy

This was going to be longer, but I set it aside as a draft a month ago and now I can’t remember what else I had in mind, if anything.  Anyone have any comments/tips/thoughts on this? – someone who’s done it successfully, or had it done to him?  Ladies, what circumstances would make you willing to “try stuff” with another woman?

This is another of those topics that seems to draw people here, although it’s not something that I can remember talking about much before. But hey, if people are interested I guess I can write about it.

First off, I’ve never done this. I don’t think I ever would. Honestly, it’s the whole “gay guys are out to seduce us!” idea that makes us straight guys cover up in the showers and stuff. To say nothing of the jokes about dropping the soap. It’s not so much that we can’t handle the fact that some guys like other guys, it’s that we’re not comfortable being the guys other guys like. So the whole “seduce the straight guy” bit seems counterproductive – at least for gay/bi guys who’d like an end to what they see as homophobia.

Also, I’ve never really had it done to me.  My brother is the only gay guy I hang out with regularly (as far as I know, anyway), and he doesn’t have any bit of the “straight guy fetish” that some guys seem to have.  So this is really just a list of some things *one* (mostly) straight guy thinks might be important.

Anyway. If you’re serious about doing it anyway, a couple things you might want to keep in mind:

1. He’s not gonna be interested if he’s not “interested”. (Read “horny”.)

2. He’s not gonna be interested if he’s flat-out turned off by you. This is perhaps more applicable for gay guys who come across as a little more feminine than average; for some reason, what’s attractive to us in women is a little bit of a turnoff in a guy. Not to say that you have to go out of your way to act hyper-masculine, especially if it’s really putting on act; just that it’s easier to feel attracted to someone you feel comfortable with, and easier to feel comfortable with someone when you feel like you’ve got some common ground.  Then again, maybe a very feminine guy would have an advantage in a different way.

3. Don’t go too fast. Most straight guys have probably never really considered “messing around” with another guy. In particular, he probably hasn’t considered the idea of another guy “chasing” him; straight guys have a pretty comfortable thing going with the ladies where we’re the ones who chase them (at least on the surface), so it’s new and different for us to be in the “target” role. It takes a little while to get used to the idea. Again, it’s gotta be comfortable. Make sure he’s okay with talking about sex in general; if he just doesn’t want to discuss it with you at all, he’s probably not gonna want to hear your offer of “favors”.

4. If he says no – respect that. Whether it’s in a chat room or a bar or a dorm room or whatever, ‘no’ means ‘no’, and trying to talk him into it is more likely to make him angry than aroused.

Update:  Wow, thanks for all the comments – and tips, I guess. Concerned about how straight guys see you or gay guys in general?  Just going after them for sex may not be the best plan.  So put that straight boy down!

Update 2, 2011: Most of the comments already posted (and ones I still get) are variations on a few basic ideas: (1) I like this guy, how do I get him to notice me? (2) I’m in love with my friend, how do I get him to try sex? (3) Straight guys are easy, just get them horny (with or without drugs or alcohol) and make yourself available.

I’ve never tried seducing a straight guy (nor was I really a straight guy who was “seduced”) so I can’t give specific tips — I wouldn’t, anyway, because I think in most cases it’s probably a mistake to force sex into a relationship that was working fine. (That goes for guy-girl relationships too.) So if you came here looking for tips on that, read the thoughts above, and be encouraged that yes, there ARE other guys who are having the same thoughts and struggle as you. Read through the comments, try to find something similar in what other guys have posted that might apply to you, or help you out in some way. (No, I won’t try to put anyone into contact with anybody else.)

I will not approve comments that ask for help with this. Feel free to leave a comment anyway, but if the content is basically one of the above ideas, I probably will just ignore it… not out of a lack of sympathy, but I don’t have much time or enthusiasm for this site anymore anyway.


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  1. jonolan says:

    You left out – if he beats the living shit out you, that means no and IS an acceptable response. You knew he wasn’t queer and you tried to go there anyway.

    • Mike says:

      I’m straight , but my dick is kinda bi! LOL

      Not a big fan of ‘being hit on’ by gays, but when a guy let’s me know the option is there, just fine by me.

      Beat the shit out of him?1? lol, yeah most rpobably, but know a guy at the gym that would beat all of us (no pun intended)!

      And that ‘convert’ crap?
      Eating pizza isn’t gonna make me Italian!
      Putting up a shelf doesn’t make me a carpenter!
      Driving somewhere doesnt make me a limo driver!
      Sucking on her nipples doesn’t mean I’m 1 again.

      Blow me, we both get what we want, then go back to whatever you normally do!

      Try dropping the “just say no” on the 420 and chill!

    • Kodi says:

      That is NOT an acceptable response….. Thats like saying if a guy beat the shit out of a girl because he knew she didn’t like him, but she kept trying anyway is an acceptable response. Beating the shit out of someone is never an acceptable response when it deals with trying to seduce someone.

  2. Myles says:

    the aweful truth is that there is NO way to “convert” a straight guy. ultimately, they have to have had a notion in their head that they either denied or moved past; they’re either interested (read “want to try it”) or not interested. the only one who can convince him otherwise would be him.

    now, the trick is to find the guys who secretly wonder and never act on it. generally, you can make an educated guess after prolonged exposure to them and without asking intrusive questions or trying to make a move/cop a feel. you’ll know if they’re “maybe” into it or not.

    i don’t proactively persue straight guys, but i have an uncanny affinity toward attracting them to me. there’s something about being a gay man who doesn’t act gay (are we supposed to act feminine? no way), plays sports, is big into halo and boozing it up, but i think one thing that fascinates them the most is how overtly sexual i am and yet i never once try to make a move on them, i simply am not interested in them; they then feel compelled to start the conversations and explorations of their own experiences. i just sit back and help them out.

    the thing with me is that i seem like just another one of the guys, but i have the sensative side and the intellectual side. being a “bro”, hey feel comfortable about approaching me and asking my help or opinion on things that are private and/or personal with them. I don’t want to toot my own horn, dont get me wrong; I’m so smart that people seek out my opinion or knowledge on something because they see me as an ‘authority’ on certain things and trust my judgement. being as sensative as i am, i think they start to connect with me and fall in love (at least they think so) before they realize they’re totally into me.

    and of course you’re right, if a guy isn’t “horny”, he’ll ignore the subject all together. not that i mind, i’d rather get ina slap fight or kick their ass in halo! and also true is the fact that if they want a feminine person, they’ll go for something with a vagina… its just natural.

    • rohit says:

      hey dude plz help me out i m a straight but got attracted towards handsome guys and dudes with muscles and long dick and guys which i like plz give me a reply

      • Edward says:

        I am discovering that there are more guys out there that share your interests in guys. Just be there for them and up front with who might be interested in you. There have been guys that I was very surprised when they wanted to get to know me.

        Guys with muscles and el most likely want what you want as well so, go for it ..

      • Matt Chandle says:

        I know exactly how you feel. Right now I’m stuck in a cabin with my best male friend and I feel like I can’t control myself! I’ve always been attracted to girls but lately i’ve been getting these waves of emotion and desire that I just caan’t handle. What should I do?

    • Eric Daniel says:

      THANK YOU. I feel you 100% on this. I have attracted about 4 straight men towards me and im exactly the same.. Im just theyre bro i do everyrthing all the guys do im not feminen and they always just see me as being sensitive and smart and have always had some sort of upper hand in having them get close to me in different ways… This is probably the only way ive ever noticed myself seducing a straight male. I have done it to around 4 guys in the past ALL STRAIGHT, girlfriends and everything. And somehow they always just seemed to fall for me…. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Jay says:

      Uhm, you sound like everything I look for in a gay guy, but is so hard to find.

    • TheKid says:

      This kid, who I’ve been best friends with since I was 3, is kinda strange. He openly masturbates in front of me, twice TOTALLY naked, has touched my dick, soft and hard, and even spread his ass a few times. He also rarely dates girls. It sounds like a dream for a horny, bi teen. But whenever I’ve tried to touch him he thinks Its weird. I lust over him. Do you think he might be gay/bi?

      • Yourdude says:

        .Truthfully he is into you….but would prefer that he makes the move not you….the problem with him is probably timeing ….finding the the right time and place…..

    • Austin says:

      hey you seem like my kind of guy! 😉 email me if you wanna… … i would love to get to know you…

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  4. Myles says:

    i posted about you, your blog, and this post… enjoy!

  5. maybebi says:


    I agree that “you knew he wasn’t queer and you tried to go there anyway” is, maybe, a bit rude. I don’t agree that it justifies beating someone up.

    Look at it this way – if it were a girl you weren’t into, rather than a guy, should she expect to get beaten? (No, because that’s something pretty much everyone understands is Not OK.)

    If it were a girl getting hit on by a guy she didn’t like – should she beat him up? or at least slap him? Perhaps as a last resort, but it doesn’t always – even usually – come to that.

    So why is kicking his butt the reasonable thing to do to a guy who comes onto you? It’s one thing if he’s trying to fend off getting raped, but “I think you’re hot and I’d like to pleasure you” isn’t exactly rape. It doesn’t hurt a straight guy’s masculinity if another guy wants to blow him; it might even be said to enhance it. After the 9th grade, the mature thing to do is to just say “no thanks” and move away.

    So, why is it “an acceptable response”?

  6. jason says:

    I have often wondered where I would fit in these conversations. I, personally dont find other men attractive, which is weird because I fantasize about them. I don’t want to have a relationship with another guy, and I don’t look at other men as attractive or not. But I have thoughts about man to man things that make me feel as if I am at least some sort of gay. But then how do you bypass the whole relationship crap for a simple encounter? I guess it would be better for me just to admit that I like the dick just not the rest of it.

    • Michael says:

      I have the same attitude as you. I have had some interaction with men , but not as much as I seem to want . I am atttracted to the look of a stiff hard one and feel I want to play with it. I have wanted to try anal , giving or receiving . I watch gay and bi movies that get me hot . Then again , I don’t want to kiss a man as that is an uncomfortable thought . My most interesting wish would be with a bi couple .I know that in that circumstance I would be able to enjoy it all . It’s damned hard to find a situation where I’m comfortable , but I do want to do it. Dream on ?

  7. jason says:

    If you are ever neart the space center, give me a call. Ask for the number duh!

  8. Joey says:

    It’s really not as hard as some people may think. I know it’s been said many times within responses to this topic, but if the so-called ‘straight guy’ isn’t horny, he won’t even go there with you. Trust me, I have first-hand experience with this sort of thing. The best suggestion i can make is, get him horny. Start talking about sex in general. Not just about sex between the both of you. Talk about plaes to do it, etc. Then move towards more intimate questions, such as favorite position/role. Dominant vs. Passive. After quite a bit of this, some comments may be dropped in as “jokes.” What you want to do, is convert these “jokes” into part of the conversation. Once you’re both talking about sex between the both of you, feed into his senses. Figure out what he wants you to say, and give it to him. One thing you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to do, is go and run your mouth about the conversation you had. No matter how much you can’t believe you actually got a “straight” boy to talk about having sex with you (or another boy) DO NOT go and tell ANYONE about it. They’ll find out, and immediately loose interest completely. The fear of being “outed” will take over, and then it will be immensely difficult to get them back to that point you had them at last night. =] Hope this helps!

    • David says:

      SHIT! im kinda of a gossip person and im like obssessed wid this straight guy and the whole school knows it. so i prolly have no chance wid him. because hes a major jock and he can get any girl he wants and he knows that any activity wid me wood wreck him. im pissed. please, theres gotta be a way i can get around this. I legit wount date anyone else, i will be single the rest of my life if this dosnt work out, cuz hes a one of a kind 😥

  9. Jona says:

    I have several experiences with presumably straight guys. What confuses me is why they get very much turned on during your contact with them. Then somehow freak out either right in the midddle or sometime afterwards. Some of them also tend to hang around you so much that you just have no option to get into their pants if you are really attracted to them.

    I also like to ask on this forum why some presumably straight guys like to flirt a lot. They can flirt with you in public even to the extent of you feeling embarrassed but when its just the two of you in the bedroom, they freak out.

    I dont know if other gay guys have the same experience but many times I get these friends that I really really love. They flirt, they touch, and disturb until I decide that its time to feel them. Usually, they freak out and I get so disappointed. Thereafter, I never feel like I like them anymore. It appears, without sex, its difficult for me to mentain a true friendship with another man that I am attracted to. Is it true for other gay guys?

  10. maybebi says:

    If they’re straight, they’re not expecting to get turned on from contact with a guy. When they realize “whoa, I’m turned on from being next to a guy”, it’s kind of freaky for them. This can make things awkward after. (Simple explanation.)

    As far as the flirting goes – flirting with anyone when you know it could be taken more seriously than intended is a little on the cruel side. But somehow you’ve wound up “just the two of you in the bedroom”? That’s a little beyond “flirting”, sounds like… Perhaps he’s interested or curious but not sure he wants to actually act on that? I would guess that he finds all this as confusing and frustrating as you do. Or else he’s just a dick.

    It’s hard to maintain “a true friendship” with *anyone* we’re attracted to, without some hint of sex creeping in. If they’re not attracted back, though, they should definitely not be leading you on by flirting like that. (And “touching”? That’s kind of a long way to go just to push your gay buddy’s buttons.) I’d say it’s fair to let them know that you really don’t appreciate being made fun of like that – they need to either shut up or put up (out?).

  11. jona says:

    Thanks “maybebi” for your comments on my questions. Its good there are forums like this one where some people can make such honest and you could say professional comments to personal questions. Please keep it up. I would be very keen to put more questions to you.

    In the part of the world where I live (Uganda and perhaps in other poor countries), homophobia is official policy. I think in such societies, relationships between gay and straight guys are even more difficult. Reading your comment, it appears you would expect me to be open about my sexuality to my straight friends (especially if I am attracted to them and they flirt with me). This would be the logical situation.

    Unfortunately because of state sanctioned homophobia, it always feels risky to come out even to your closest “straight” buddy. Most of my “straight” buddy’s would not know much about my sexuality. I put straight in quotes becoz here, it is actually difficult to know your friend’s sexual orientation. So we “know” everyone is straight until proven otherwise.

    Being proven otherwise can have deadly consequences. As a result, it is very difficult to meet another gay person through ordinary living. You tend to meet them through the internet. Personally I find myself more attracted to the people I meet in ordinary life probably because I act ordinary and would like my partners to act ordinary.

    This acting ordinary to some extent means acting straight. So by the time we are flirting, its almost like an experiment. You could end up in bed or no where. Even once in bed, still you are not sure whether your friend is expecting anything (both of you finding the situation confusing just like you say in the above comment).

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Ofcourse, i feel frustrated to find that a person is willing to share my bed but nothing more. I would never share a bed with another young man (me and my friends are in the 20-30 range) if I wasn’t physically in fact sexually attracted to them. I tend to explain this apparent naivety of my straight friends by the high levels of homophobia in our society sort of making it difficult for young people to even learn about homosexuality. I don’t know if this is a sufficient explanation.

    I wish I was free to discuss these issues directly with the very friends concerned but I just don’t have the courage yet.

  12. maybebi says:

    Hi again Jona – I hadn’t realized that you’re all playing “in the dark” about who might be interested in what. That would definitely make it tougher!!

    If homosexuality is really so widely condemned (by people, not just the government), why are your friends all flirting with you? Do they flirt with each other? Maybe that’s one side effect of “of course none of us can possibly be gay, because that would be illegal” — everyone feels free to “pretend”. Which mostly sucks for guys who are only pretending to pretend – that is, who actually are gay, instead of just joking about it…. As confusing as that paragraph got, I imagine real life is worse!

    When you and your friends (or just your friends, if you’re not into it) do sleep together – how big a bed? is there casual contact? what kind of clothing? I’ve had friends (well, a very few) where sharing a bed would be no big deal as long as everyone’s got pants on, for instance.

  13. Akashi says:

    I had an experience with many Asian friends. Actually, Asians are much easier compared to Westerners. We can start a friendship like brothers. We can hold hands or put your hands on his shoulders wihtout being suspicious to be gay. Asian straingt guys sometimes hold another guy’s hands. They also accpet “brotherly love” very well. You just start to say ” I want to be your brother. Will you accept me as your brother?” and the usually the answer is yes. Then we will share about our life, jobs and you invited them for a sleep over or late dinner. Once you are very intimate (even with a straight guy), you can teasingly kiss him on the cheek sometimes. See his reaction after the cheeck kissing. If he is OK, you wrap around his shoulders and kiss his cheecks whenever you find an opportunity, It will have to take sometimes to go into another stage. The next is you have to plan for a big night where you will spend a good dinner with wine and other alcohols. Once you get a litte bit drunk, (not too drunk that you could not do anything), you accidentally falls onto his laps and slept. He would not deny it when you sleep on his laps. Then bring his hands into your chest or slowly to your croutch- then see his reaction if he withdrew his hands. Let him feel your erections. You guide his hand to rub you. It he do not struggle, it is a first step. The kiss his hands, later try to kiss his mouth, (as if you were drunk). If he push away it is OK but you have to pretend that you are drunk and you did not know anything. You can murmurs some names of girls. or sometimes, it just works and he will kiss you back, depending on how did you establish your relationship, Then you can ask him to touch and masturbate for you. It works well. Asking them to mastrubate is also saying that you are not completely gay but you want some help form you friend ot release your tension. These straight guys feel proud that another man fantisied about them and cum out. They really like to masturbate for you as they really feel proud (not sexually satisfied) but they feel proud because they are attractive to the same gender. But if you start to touch them or masturbate for them, they might freak out. After doing this for several time, you ask the favour that you wanted to do the same to you (to share your pressure) .. This is your turn to masturbate him or the best, give a good head so that they would remember you for life. They will always ask for oral from you. AFter that, you can expand your relationship as much as he allows you. Usually a success and long lasting. But you have to act normally friends when going out. I have sucess in getting about 6 straight men. Most of them are married now and but they are willing to spend some time with me.

  14. Joe says:

    I have had a similar situ going on with me for about a year now. Straight guy that I became friends with about a year ago. Jock, girlfriend, the whole deal. He started hanging around me a lot and we went out drinking a lot. It was clear that he liked me. He’s big on the drunken hugs. He knew from the onset that I am gay. Several times he has done things that make me think he might be bi or gay, but other times I am almost certain that he would never do anything with another guy, at least not anytime soon. He has asked me to share his bed, and I have several times, but we just sleep. I refuse to put the moves on him, even though I am really attracted to him. I like him so much that i am afraid to try anything — because I don’t think I could take the rejection if he did reject me, and also because I am scared to death of ruining our friendship. Sometimes I think he is waiting for me to make the move. He has told me, drunk, how he likes his ass eaten out. When I said, “Wow, I’m surprised a girl would be into doing that,” he said “Feels good no matter who does it.” One time I asked him if I could crash with him (he initiated the practice) and he said sure. then after I got into bed he said “You know we’re never gonna hookup, right?” And I said, real smoothly, “Of course. i’ve always known that.” So, mixed signals all over the place, and unfort I really, really like this — too much, I think. hell, I love him. Not healthy for me, i know, but I can’t seem to find a way to separate him from my life.

    Thanks for any suggestions. (I sure hope my buddy doesn’t read this!)

    • Chuck Long says:

      Sometimes males just need the closeness of another male.Society has conditioned males in many cultures to resist that impulse of “affection” toward another male.

      I’ve traveled extensively and the US is among those countries where male affection and friendships are subordinated to the interest of females in every walk of life. We always inject females into male environments and situations.

      That’s why males are so confused about basic instincts. Your buddy may have deeper feelings, but I bet that he just longs for a ‘private type intimacy’ with you, where the two of you can be yourselves. His comment about your sexual relationship going nowhere is nothing more than a defense mechanism.

      I have been with many straight males. I still have sex with straight males. Males today, tend to be more open
      than they were when I was growing up. That sort of statement usually preceded intimate relations( ie-sex). It’s just a cautionary move to satisfy his own inability to come to terms with the fact that he may end up having sex with you, bur doesn’t want you to think it’s a relationship thing.

      My blog deals with the eroticism that can exist in simple friendships-that extension of affection that so many guys would like but are fearful to extend.This is for all males-straight and gay. I grew up around masculine straight guys so this is part of my upbringing.I had wonderful relations with straight males.

      I love this blog, so I’ll probably be responding a lot. I can be reached at if you have more questions, but please continue to post your comments on this blog.I love reading them.

    • just passing by says:

      sounds to me like subconsciously he wants to try something with you, but when he comes to,the fear of the gay word creeps in. sometimes the hardest part of the situation is admitting to one’s self that ” im gay”. ..

    • Hoyle says:

      Joe, it sounds like your str8 buddy wants to have a sexual outlet with you but does not want you to get attached in an emotionally romantic way. Straight men are just straight, they are not stupid. They are just as perceptive as us gay guys and can read when a guy is getting emotionally involved. Proceed with caution…. more-so for your sake than his!

  15. Robert says:

    I am a single straight guy who is 61.
    I would welcome a seduction from a gay guy as long as I find some attraction.
    If I find him attractive and he flirts with me that would be a turn on.
    I have had many relationships with women and find women physically appealing. But I am tired of some of the female temperaments and attitudes that I am now open to love in any place by any person.
    So for me, I would feel excited that an attractive man wanted me and would be open to teaching me how to let a man please me and to teach me how to please him.

    So if there are any gay or bi men who are interested in seducing me, come and get me..

  16. latinboy says:

    Hey you all! Well, something similar happened to me. I love my best friend so much, and he’s like the most homophobic guy on Earth…we do jokes all the time, we know each other for almost 4 years now, I know its not much time, but we have this kind of connection, and he’s always telling me how grateful he is about me being his only and sincere best friend, and that he’s never met a friend like me before.
    We spend a lot of time together, he says I’m like his brother, and we have shared the bed, either at my place or at his place. The first time we shared a bed was when we were studying at my place, I was kindda confused with the whole thing of someone (a guy) sleeping in my bed with me, because he moved over from the guest bedroom to mine in the middle of the night, and I was kindda scared at first and couldn’t sleep. I was just pretending to be asleep, and I felt how he grabbed my ass and started to rub it and stuff…I was like “OMG, what’s he doin’?!” but I stayed still. In the morning I told him “hey, I got pretty scared last night, I wasn’t expecting someone to get into my bed…” and we both laughed, and I told him “you grabbed my ass last night and gave a massage or something…” and did the same he did to me but on his shoulder…and he said “Really..?!” but we never talked about it again.
    Well, after that, every time he spent the night at my place we slept together…and I decided to try something…I grabbed his balls and his dick…and masturbated him…I could feel how he got an erection in my hands, how his dick grew bigger in my hands…it was so hot! He even moaned once…but all of this was as he was “asleep”…I loved to rub my erection with his ass…and I had to get up and go to bathroom to finish ’cause I was so freaking horny!
    Well, everything was OK, until one day, when I hug him “asleep” just to try to reach for his dick, he “woke up”, and tried to “wake me up” he was kindda annoyed or angry…and I decide it was the best to pretend I was deeply asleep…so, he moved to the guestroom, and spent the rest of the night there…and never again came back to sleep to my bed. At this time he started with his actual girlfriend, they have around 2 and a half years in their relationship now).
    At first, when he spent the night at my place, my parents asked me why he was staying in my bed with me, since there was a guest room available…and I just made up something to explain that, but what I later was that I moved to the guest room just before they woke up, so they didn’t see us sleeping together…once he told me why I moved, I told him that it was due to the sun coming through my window didn’t let me sleep.
    At his place, when he got his new big bed, he told me to sleep with him (share the bed) and everything was OK, until one day, we were watching porn in his bedroom before sleeping (we were already in bed)…and I got pretty horny, and got an erection. When we turned of the TV, and tried to sleep, I just couldn’t stop thinking about me giving him pleasure, jerking him off…and since I couldn’t, I just rubbed my erection against his ass cheeks like I’d done many times before, but he woke up, and was so angry! I’ve never ever seen him like that before, it was like he was shocked, nervous, angry, confused, well, I don’t know….and told me “HEY!! WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!! I KNOW YOU ARE NOT SLEEPING!! WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKIN’ FAGG!!” And I was like “what’s going on? Why are talking to me like that?” all this pretending to be just awaken, and he told me “GO SLEEP TO ANOTHER ROOM!!” since I didn’t move he repeated “GO SLEEP TO ANOTHER ROOM!!”, and I took a blanket and slept on the floor by his bed, and he told me “HEY, GO SLEEP TO ANOTHER ROOM! I TOLD YOU TO GO SLEEP TO ANOTHER ROOM! DON’T SLEEP ON THE FLOOR!!” and since I didn’t leave, he stood up, and went to sleep to another room, and told me to stay and sleep there. I couldn’t sleep, I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t stop thinking what to do or what to say in the morning…I cried several hours in a row, and was really embarrassed, and had no idea what was going to happen next…I didn’t have my car there, ‘cause that night he picked me up from my place, so I couldn’t just run away or escape from there…
    In the morning, he didn’t speak to me at all, and we had an exam at 8am…I was sure he was going to make me take a cab from his place to the University, but we went together in his car, but he didn’t say a word…nothing….it was one of the most awkward moments in my life…and when I tried to speak to him, and talk over what happened last night, he told me “HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO ACT AFTER SOMEONE RUBBED HIS DICK AGAINST MY ASS!! YOU FUCKING FAG!!” and I tried to explain myself by saying that I had an erection from the porn we had watched, and that when he moved my hard dick touched his ass, and that was when he woke up…and that I was so embarrassed…well, even though I gave my best explaining myself, we got really separate from each other, like for one week and a half…it was until he saw me making out with a very hot girl at a friend’s birthday party that he came and hugged me and told me he had missed me…
    After that, everything came back to normal, but we don’t share a bed anymore…

    After a couple of months, I met a girl with whom he was cheating on his girlfriend, and I saw that girl and told myself “DAMM she’s fine!” but that was it, I liked her a lot, and I told him even to leave his girlfriend to be with this other girl because I thought it wasn’t cool to cheat on his girlfriend, but he told me that he was just fooling around with her because she couldn’t make him feel the way his girlfriend did…a couple of months later they “broke up” (the girl he was fooling around with and him) and since we (me and her) turned out to be really good friends, we kept texting (SMS), and I talked to her when I broke up with my girlfriend, and she supported me, called me to see if I was doing OK, and when I got a surgery she called me everyday to check on me, and brought me over some food she cooked…and by the end of last year (January 1st 2008), we were officially dating, and when I told him at first if it was OK with him, he told me that he didn’t care, but when I told him we had made out he got so angry, he insulted me and we had a big HUGE fight on the phone, and got separated again. A couple of months later, he approached to me and told me how sorry he was, that he over reacted, and that our friendship was too strong to end it for a girl…and that he missed me a lot, and that he wondered if we could forget all of that, overcome all the situation and continue to be as good friends as we were…and well, I told him that I missed him too so much and that I was OK with that, and then we hugged…
    But it took me a couple of months to forgive him for all what he told me, and I was just making sure that he understood that I was not going to do always what he says, and to kindda hide how much I love him, and that every time I see him, my heart beats stronger, and that I don’t want to be away from him…
    Anyway, I broke up with this girl, ‘cause she turned out to be really annoying, and manipulating, and I broke up with her just to make her understand that if she didn’t watch over me, she was going to lose me…at first I wanted to get back with her, because it was just a warning, but I decided to keep it that way when she started sending SMS to my friend and calling him in a flirty way.

    We both (my friend and me) felt used by her, and decided to set her up, to see how she reacted, and for her surprise we took her mask off without actually knowing it, and we ended everything for good.

    Now, we (my friend and I) are best friends again, and everything is back to normal. He even told me how happy he is that we both are as good friends as we used to be. And even though we don’t share the bed, I know he misses having me around at night in the same bed and in the same room, because he still tells me to sleep in the other bed next to his in the guest bedroom at my place, but I refuse, and tell him how I miss sharing a bed with him because we talked for hours about everything just before falling asleep…
    He always makes jokes about me wanting him to touch me and that he won’t do it…
    I consider myself bisexual, not entirely gay, I am in a relationship with a girl I really like, and with whom I picture my future with….but the only guy I would give all that up for is he.
    He even asked me yesterday if I really love the girl I am with, and I told him what did he mean by that, and he told me that if I pictured myself in the future with her or something, and I told him I did, and I asked him if he actually loved his girlfriend or the other girl he’s dating (yes, he is with 2 girls now…again), and he told me he didn’t…that he actually wanted to be single, and that the only one from those 2 he ever thought about something more in the future was his girlfriend, but that he still felt he didn’t love her…

    I know it’s a pretty long story, but I would like to hear your comments about it…and tell me what you think I should do, or if you think I’ve got a chance with him…

    • makosanders says:

      That is long. Rather complete really, resolved, so there’s nothing I feel I need to say to you about it.
      But thanks a lot for sharing.

      • pordiosporsanto says:

        i think what you did was a very good thing to do. many people thinks that being gay is the only thing you can be when you like a man so much. People can feel connected to another person whoever or whatever sexuality that person has. Also, being labeled is not how the game goes. I hope you continue being connected to your best friend.

  17. latinboy says:

    BTW, I gotta say that no one knows about this, or that I have feelings for a guy…and that I don’t know what to do…
    He has told me before that he wouldn’t be friend with a gay guy…and eventhough I’m not gay, but bi, I’m afraid that if he gets to know how I feel, our friendship is going to be ruined…

    • gunspunk says:

      In my 30s I was a hooligan, always out as gay, hung out with gorgeous women in bars and chatted up the best looking men, watched them have sex with girls they picked up, got em drunk and we jack off together, watched them jack off, many of times. I think they just did it cause I was fun, always could take no for an answer and kept my mouth shut about what happens. tried anal with one of them on me, he was like “well first time for everything” afterwards he admitted he always wanted to try a tranny….best advice is to be respectful, trustworthy and humble. They may say no but quess what, they have cute friends too (straight but attracted to the guy same reason I was) and they will come out and offer an opportunity. Before you know it your booked for the year. And this happened after I moved back to my lil home town in Wisconsin. Yes, farm boys.

  18. Joe says:

    Latinboy, I feel really badly for you, buddy. Sounds to me like you might be one of a rare breed — a true bisexual. As much as you obviously love this guy (and it’s clear that he loves you as well), I think from what you said that he’s never going to be the person you need him to be for you. He obviously has some homosexual feelings too; the thing is, he deals with them in a negative and reactive way — it’s a cancer in him that he must not give in to, it’s something to be denied and eventually eradicated. Whereas YOU recognize your feelings toward him as a valid part of you, something you’re not ashamed of, even if it does make your life a living hell sometimes. You’re being honest with yourself and facing this head on. He’s doing the opposite. He’s not intentionally playing head games with you or trying to cause you any pain (and you know this); he’s just incapable of dealing with his attraction to you. Sometimes this inability to deal with these feelings can actually surface in the form of hostility toward the very person that they’re attracted to. And that, my friend, is no good at all for you. And remember that what you really need to do here is watch out for yourself. You are too vulnerable to him now, it sounds like, and he’s just too unpredictable.

    This will be tough to hear but it will ultimately be best for you to put some serious distance between you two and let the bonds weaken. Luckily, college should do this for you.

    I speak from experience on pretty much all of the above.

    I hope this helps, buddy, and good luck.


  19. inlovewithbestfriend says:

    My situation with my best friend is similar to Latinboy’s in the sense that we always share a bed and I’ve done similar things to him while he’s asleep. However, even though he is somewhat homophobic, he would never react that way. In fact, once we were awake in the bed, and my cat crawled up to it and lied down on his lap. We both started to pet him, and as I did that I felt his dick through his pants. I began to rub his dick instead of the cat, and continued for about 5 minutes. He pretty much acted as if it wasn’t happening, even though he had the most massive boner ever, and we never discussed it afterward. I get mixed signals from him and I’m afraid to ever bring up my attraction to him because I fear it will end the most wonderful friendship I’ve ever had. However, I feel that if I do bring it up and he does confess that he has feelings for me too, it could become the most wonderful relationship of my life.

    • maybebi says:

      One thing you don’t mention is how old you guys are. High school? College? 30?

      You say you’re attracted to him; is that a romantic kind of attraction? Purely physical? Really good friends (“with benefits”) but not boyfriends?

      There’s two possibilities – either he’s got feelings for you, or he doesn’t. If he does, he may still not want to act on them, because it’d mean acknowledging those feelings. And as you’ve found out, that’s a scary place to be when you don’t generally feel “that way” for another guy. Or, maybe he just isn’t sure where it could lead. If he doesn’t feel the same about you as you do for him, then either he hasn’t figured out how to respond, or he’s just trying to give you a gentle brushoff (uncontrollable boners aside). Push him too far or too fast to respond, and confusion can turn into anger – at you. (Joe’s advice above sounds really good that way.) Maybe he does feel “that way” and in time he’ll be willing to act on it… but how long have you been dealing with your feelings for him? Give him at least that long.

      I’d suggest letting him make the next “move”. You’ve shown that you’re okay with sharing a bed and even rubbing him like that. If he stops even sharing a bed, then he’s not interested. If he keeps sharing a bed but makes no effort to return the crotch-rubbing, I’d settle for that, sounds like it’s as far as he’s comfortable going (at least right now). You can probably figure out what to do if he does rub you back – although again, don’t rush him. I’ve always been a play-it-safe kinda guy, I’d be picking the wonderful friendship over the distant possibility of a “relationship” of a kind that I never looked for from a guy.

  20. navyguy says:

    i was in the navy and i fell in love with my bestfriend… we were both in the navy… i couldnt believe how stupid i was…. i knew that this guy would DO it because he was horny… but we didnt actually do it but we had a lot of times that we almost had sex but i stopped…

    now i am out of the military because of something that i regret… and that was being so stupid of falling in love with him…

    i dont wanna go in to details but all i can say is seducing a straight guy is a lot of fun and excitement… but it is not worth losing your friendship and your career…

    let us say would i ever do it again if i was given the chance to repeat the whole thing? my answer would be yes… i would… because of this i have learned a lot of things…. but i will not trust anyone from now on…

  21. inlovewithbestfriend says:

    Thank you very much for your advise. to answer your questions, we’re High School seniors, about to graduate in less than two months. And I’d have to say that my attraction to him has both a romantic and a sexual component. I don’t know exactly how a relationship between us would work out in terms of how our families and friends would take it, but I do know that I’d be willing to roll with the punches if he were interested.

  22. Uber says:

    Folks should remember that ‘Straight/Gay’ is not a binary ‘yes/no’ issue. It tends to be more of a gradation of orientations. Societal and cultural pressures tend to make guys who are more straight than gay, identify as straight and suppress any homosexual urges or curiosities. So that being said, there is no seducing a dude who is on the absolute far end of heterosexuality. Guys who are not completely on the far end of hetero can potentially be persuaded to ‘go there’. The real question however is ‘should you?’. I’ve seduced a buddy of mine who for all intents and purposes came up as ‘straight’, in fact he’s married now to a lady. Prior to his marriage, he and I got together three times under the pretext of: alcohol, ‘needing a place to stay for the night’, and comforting me after the death of a distant relative (hey, I don’t want to be alone tonight…). We had a really great time and he was very good at the things I showed him how to do. Lots of hot fun sex.
    The downside however is that he got all anxious and shut down with me afterward and our friendship drifted. In retrospect I think it was irresponsible of me to ‘seduce’ him instead of being more open and honest in my attraction for him (this is partly the curse of being young and stupid). I actually think he was not just attracted to me but also ‘into’ me since we were very good friends as well, but didn’t deal with the ‘gay implications’ well and I really didn’t do much to help him there. I suspect he was more bisexual than first believed (even by him). He was just such a blue collar bull of a guy, I let stereotypes trip up my judgment (the irony is not lost on me there). Had I been wiser and more attentive to what he was going through, I think we actually might have become boyfriends. Such a pity.

  23. Pete says:

    Howdy y’all Texan boy here=] well it seems that everyone here is smitten by the “straight” guy. I do have questions to ask….why? yes he is hot but rather than a sexual fling, what are the intentions? Are you trying to prove that it can be done? Do you think you are madly in love? They are people too and they have regrets, feelings, and wantings to be loved…it could seriously do some damage so please be safe with what you do…if not for your sake then for his/hers. …I wont deny they are really cute=]

    • David says:

      All i can say is i have an obsession wid a straight guy (id never ever rape/stalk him) and i kinda told people i like him and he knows i like him. now like everything is awkward around him, im 15 by the way, and like in the locker room he changes in the stall now and hes really breaking my heart. ive never physically told him i luv him… sud i? if he ever hit me id hate to say it but id enjoy it, jus to have sum physical contact wid him 😦 hes a straight jock, and he wount have any contact wid me for the sake of his rep. idk what to do but ill never give up on him, hes that special </3

  24. Steve says:

    Interesting reading here…. My best friend and I have known each other for 20 years now (we’re 45). I still think he’s the hottest man I’ve ever known. We’re both married, kids, the whole deal. He’s always made a lot of jokes about how we’re just two old queens, we should get married, etc. I play along and we have big laughs about it. Anytime I’ve ever talked about the issue (in theory and in seriousness) of sex with a guy, he gets real disgusted though, how he could never do it with a guy, etc. What’s strange though is we have gotten to a point where we often hang out now and watch str8 porn and just in the past year will jerk off in each other’s presence. We’re both very comfortable being naked around each other, in fact he seems to enjoy it as much as I do. We enjoy being naked in the hot tub. We’ve slept together (just sleep). It’s all pretty much there except physical sexual contact. I keep hoping that someday it will move there, but it wont be at my initiation because I love the guy and value his friendship far more than sex. I would never want to do anything that would mess that up for us. Anyone else in a LTR like this that is so close, but yet so far?? LOL! What do you guys think? Is he bi?

  25. R2 says:

    Hi everybody,

    I just read what Steve wrote and I immediately thought about my friend, which I will call “D” he just turned 40, I am 34 and openly gay, and what I mean by openly is that he and everybody who knows me, knows that I am gay… I don’t wear “tight” sparkly T-shirts… (hope you know what I mean)

    The whole thing about me posting this here is that I am very confused, and please excuse if I have mistakes in my writings… I’m spanish native speaker and my whole story happens to be in German.

    “D”, he is very masculine, married and have a wonderful son… we met for about 3 years now and we made “clic” very quickly… with the time our relationship were turning more and more “friendly” and we have made many things together… (we haven’t yet sleep together)

    Why I am confused? Ok, sometimes I have the feeling that he is giving me “signs” about something I am scare of… the first time somthing happens, we were just playing with a balloon with his son, and when the son was looking away, he put the balloon between his legs and used as if was it his dick… was funny and automatically forgot it…

    as I say before we have done many thing together and when I put all this “signs” together I’m not sure what to think about it… I don’t want to make a huge post here so I will try to reduce it to some main events…

    Once, we were to swing together, it was summer and we were laying together, he knew I was reading (I was actually seating) and from time to time I was checking his hairy chest (wink)… I guess he noticed, not sure, but he close his eyes and for my surprise, after a minute or so I noticed he had a boner! after a few seconds he stand up and went to the pool…

    We went to a Disco, and after talking, dancing and drinking, the hours were gone and we decided to go, I started walking and he was right behind me, suddenly I stopped because someone wanted to walk in front of me and he stopped too, but he left out the space between us, and he just push himself against me and no only once 😉 I could felt even his belt 😉

    Last week we were building furniture together (he was helping me, I relocated myself somewhere else) and he was using a new fragrance, he was looking great and smelling marvelous, so I asked what he was wearing… as always he didn’t remembered, no prob, I just let him know “I liked it”… after hours of working we went to his place and planned to have lunch together; when I didn’t expected he came to me, he took my left hand with his left hand, he turn my hand towards me, and with his right hand he just wrap me from behind and pushing himself against me he put a bit of the new fragrance in my left hand…

    I swear I felt his whole body against me… am I driving me crazy? why he didn’t just show me the bottle? Why the whole act of the “hug”?

    That night I couldn’T sleep just thinking about him!

    Is he just playing with me? As I say before, he is married, and I am very close to his wife too!!! what can I do? Should I try something? I don’t want to mess up our friendship!

    What do you think guys?

    • latinboy says:

      Hey R2, just read your story, from what you wrote, I think you should wait a little more, just to wait what he does…pherharps you should try to make a smooth move…not too much…like slight touches or something…to see how he reacts…

  26. latinboy says:

    Hello Joe (and others too)! thank you for your advice and patience. I know I wrote a bit too much, but I just wanted to know what you thought about the whole thing.
    I don’t know if that can be done…because I’m pretty close to his family right now…they even say I’m part of their family…so it’s a bit complicated…
    We just finished our University…he’s 25 and I’m 23, and we’ve known each other for 5 years now.
    So what do you think I should do?

  27. SufficientlyConfused says:

    Hello all!

    I have a feeling this will be a long post, and I’m hoping that it won’t be in vain since the last post on this topic is almost a month old now.

    I’m 21 years old and for the first time in my life have feelings for another man. The object of affection is my best friend, roommate, and fraternity brother. I love him, and I know he loves me. By this I mean, we share a brotherly love based on the bond we have through our membership in our fraternity, but ours is much closer than the bond between other brothers. I would drop anything for this man (also 21) no questions asked, as I know he would do for me.

    We are so close, in fact, that when my girlfriend brought up the idea of having a threesome with another guy, he was the first person I asked. He was a bit hesitant at first, and after a lot of convincing he agreed. My girlfriend and I are pretty serious, and I have never had a problem with jealousy. She has problems with jealousy, but that’s not really relevant.

    My “crush” I guess we should call it, is probably the hottest guy in our fraternity, and my GF is way more sexually attracted to him than to me. This doesn’t bother me at all because I know that their relationship is purely physical, and I trust them both implicitly. I understand it, too, because he is in way better physical shape than I am–think abercrombie model meets porn star meets Mr. Universe.

    I convinced him to participate in a threesome with my GF and I by reinforcing the idea that nothing physical would happen between us, and with comments such as “its just sex.” After several weeks of this, he agreed. A few days after I got the text from him saying that he was willing to give it a shot, my GF and I were having sex for the third time that day when I completely lost my ability to continue any further. Frustrated, she got out a vibrator and started pleasuring herself with it. I thought of my friend and sent him a text that said “Get over here and fuck my girlfriend.”

    I had my GF blindfolded and when he showed up I told him to take off his clothes and get himself hard. I, of course, was already naked. The man had a raging boner before he even got it out of his pants. He started fucking her and she said “I thought you said you couldn’t go any more” and then I put her hand on my dick and she got all kinds of excited because she knew it was someone else screwing her, but didn’t know who. In fact, she wasn’t unblindfolded until he was done. Anyway, none of that is really important. What is, is that he was incredibly nervous.

    He was so nervous that he was shaking and couldn’t support himself while he was screwing her so they had to switch to her on top. I just kind of sat and watched, rubbing myself. I saw him look at my dick a couple of times, although this could have been out of pure curiosity, along the same lines as straight men sizing each other up with discreet glances at close urinals or in a locker room or the like.

    So, his nervousness finally subsided and he let loose. The man is insane in bed. They screwed for like an hour and a half. He looked up at me throughout the whole event and every time he would notice me looking back at him, he would look away really quickly. At this point (the first threesome) I hadn’t realized my feelings for him. I was just admiring his naked body and enormous manhood. I’ve always been secure enough to acknowledge the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of other men. Most straight men respond to such questions with “Dude, I’m not gay, I don’t know if he’s hot.” All bull shit, BTW.

    It wasn’t until the second threesome, in which he was much much more relaxed and opened up a lot that I started to feel something. I was screwing my GF missionary while she was sucking him off. My face was about a foot or less from his dick, and I could smell his natural body odors. Clean, but natural. It was purely masculine…it was amazing. I reacted the same way I do when I smell my GF’s perfume. The smell of her perfume is entirely erotic to me and can get me hard in an instant. When I smelled him, it was the same reaction–pure eroticism. I immediately freaked out–privately–I didn’t stop what I was doing or call it off, but all of a sudden I was incredibly nervous. I just continued screwing her while watching her suck him off.

    Normally, I would watch her suck him off, but I was always watching her–this time I was focused on his cock. Each threesome got a little more daring. We no longer actively ensure that there was ample space between us to prevent any kind of contact, as we did in the first four or five threesomes. Now, we just don’t care. We’ve both loosened up. Sometimes when we’re switching positions our cocks might briefly brush against some part of the other’s body, she sucks us both off at the same time (cocks touching), we have done DP positions (not in the same hole) in which we could definitely feel the pressure from the other person’s dick and our balls slap each others during all the thrusting, and our bodies are just generally closer to each other (obviously) than they were in previous threesomes.

    I have noticed that the more body contact we have with each other, such as the touching of thighs that is necessary to perform a double penetration, the harder our erections get, and the more passionate the sex is (with my GF).

    We have been having these threesomes for about a year and a half now, and each time my feelings get stronger and stronger for this man–but, I believe that would happen even without the threesomes. At one point, when we were doing a DP position, I looked up (I was on bottom, he was on top) and he was staring me straight in the eyes. We looked at each other rather romantically, but after about three solid seconds (the longest three seconds of my life) he quickly looked away.

    After more than a year of dealing with these feelings for him, and after that moment when we were looking at each other, I decided to try something to gauge his willingness for closer contact. He was screwing her missionary style, and I began to rub her clit. We have done this before, but always conscious not to touch the other person’s dick. I made a very quick move to brush the tip of my finger against his dick, thinking I would ignore it and just play it off as my hand slipped from all of his violent thrusting–not unlikely, or hard to believe. He didn’t say anything, but he pulled his dick out of her in about a half a second flat and signaled that we would switch positions. Damn.

    Anyway, he is really masculine looking, but he gives off this vibe that makes people joke about him being gay. The entire fraternity jokes about it, but I don’t think anyone actually believes it. As I said, we are incredibly close. I have always been attracted to women, and have never felt this way about another man before. I love my GF, and we have future plans for marriage after grad school, so i wouldn’t be looking to leave her for my friend if something came of this. I think what I’m longing for is just a closer physical intimacy with a man that I love, as a brother and as the closest friend one can have. I don’t know that I would actively pursue sex…I wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing if I did, and I wouldn’t want to chance ruining what we have. I am much more content with the status quo than I would be without him. Then, I have in the past, in advice to other people about relationships (I’m sort of the go to guy for advice on everything with most of my friends, so you could imagine how difficult it is for me to be asking for advice this time) always told people that it is better to pursue something and loose what you already had, than it is to spend the rest of your life wondering “what if?” This has worked for everyone I’ve told it to. For some, they developed close relationships, and for others they lost the friendship they already had, but were better off for it (at their own admission). This is also good advice for just about every life scenario, not just relationships. For some reason though, I’m having trouble taking my own advice…

    I really don’t know how else to describe the feelings other than that “I don’t like men, I like him.” I don’t believe I could ever been in an open, committed, homosexual relationship with anyone…it simply isn’t me. Now, of course, I have absolutely no quarrel with anyone who chooses that lifestyle…one cannot help one’s nature, and one should not deny it. I’m also not saying that homosexuality or bisexuality is a choice, that sentence just seemed to flow better that way, lol.

    Some on the internet have called this “situational homosexuality/bisexuality.” Is anyone familiar with that term? Is that what this is?

    I have tried to bring up conversations of a sexual nature with him, usually via text message…well, actually, always via text message…and he’s never shied away from the conversations. I’ve just been too shy to take them any further than subtle references to the enormity of his penis, or his perfectly toned body, etc. I can’t bring myself to actually ask him about same sex intimacy.

    I know he is not homophobic, a very good mutual friend and brother of ours is homosexual. Still, I can’t seem to muster the courage to start any kind of conversation about this with him.

    It seems like a lot of people here pursue their “straight crushes” while in bed with them, just sleeping. I would think I could come up with something if I could get him in this situation, but such would be incredibly difficult since we live together…no way to justify him sleeping in my bed while his is across the hall, or vice versa. Having him spend the night at my GF’s after a threesome also isn’t feasible because her bed is barely big enough for the three of us to have sex in much less to sleep in.

    I don’t know what I’m feeling, and I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t want to ruin the amazing relationship we already have, but I would like to have some kind of intimacy with him. Even if its just touching his chest, or his arms–non sexual places. As the male in a straight relationship, it is always by job and my position to be the one doing the holding, but sometimes I feel like I just want to be held instead.

    • John says:

      I know how you feel I m straight at least I thought I was until met Dan we he is a crossdresser and looks great but the first we were he wasn’t dress he is 6.5 and thick I was his bitch day and loved now Im confused his cock tasted good too he was so good.
      take care.

  28. AG says:

    I did this. I didn’t get him drunk. He was so hammered already. He kept standing really close to me. Face to face. I made a joke about how hot he was and that I would totally suck hum off. He was like really and he started laughing. He went into my room after a while and I didn’t even notice. My roommate was drinking with us and had gone to bed just before. He yelled out hey what is this? So I went into my room to see what he was talking about and when I walked in he was laying naked on my bed. I freaked a little. I asked him what the hell he was doing. He said knock yourself out. I sucked him off, it was a one time thing. I know that I know he’s straight he never touched me and kept his head leaned back. We joked about it the next day but it never happened again. I know he’s straight and I was just a means to an end, so to speak, and I’m fine with it. Still it was fun.

  29. AG says:

    Oh and no one knows about this. NO ONE! Not even my best friend. He asked me not to tell anyone and I respect that.

  30. ibizacurious says:

    Well I’ve read all the stories on here and would like to add mine….I’m straight well ok you could say I’m curious….

    Quite a few years ago whilst out in a club in Ibiza I guy started speaking to me we had a laugh and and a joke…I’d got seperated from my friends in the club and he had from his too. He said he’d come on holiday with 4 girls and was sharing with them…I remember saying I bet that’s good…. he said I’m gay so it’s not as good as you think. I remember him looking me up and down, I also remember him wearing shiny pvc trousers…It turned out at the end of the night my friends had met his friends and we all went back to my friends hotel for a few drinks. I remember vividly how he was looking at me and really wish now I’d acted on it but I didn’t want my friends to know…. now the thought of a man in pvc trousers is an instant turn on and I long to be chatted up like that again…

  31. Just a guy says:

    I had to call animal control today and the guy who came was really cute.
    I want to do stuff and I’m really not sure of how I would do it. =T

    He might be interested but how can I find out for sure??
    How do I ask him to do that sort of stuff??

    I really like him.

    Please respond with some tips..

  32. Floyd says:

    Okay first I must say I am gay and I am str8 acting, and yes I seem to atract str8 guys for experiment and what not, but I had a crush on this total jock and wanted him very bad, but I am totally against coming on to str8 guys just not my style, but I had just came out and my friend she bought me my first gay porn as we gathered around to watch it, he knocked on the door and he also watched it and as everyone left he stuck around something he always do, but the porn was still going leaving us alone and question in the air I just plainly told him that he had to many question I could show him better than I could tell him and it went from there. So I believe guys if you really want to try this pursue a str8 guy this could be very dangerous and I say to all that does attempt this to be careful, but see how gay porn goes and see what question he throw ur way and go from their but be gentle oh yeah guys I have been in a relationship with a so call str8 guy which father is a big time celeb, name I will not mention but never say never and never give up on that dream guy that we have figured up in our head because when you least expect it he will come. My point is to go after a str8 guy will end in a few session of hot romance sometimes why not look for your dream guy.

  33. LJ says:

    Ok so I keep beating myself up on conflicting situations… I went to college as a confused teenager unsure of my sexuality… I was interested in girls but way more fascinated in boys on the count of i think i understand them better… I was almost certain i was a masculine bi male when all of a sudden at college preview, i saw this guy walk in. My heart shattered at how much i desired him yet i knew i would only see him briefly in such a huge college. well. i was wrong. during the preview, we got roomed together and i got to know him better to find out how similar we were. we loved sports and cars and both were aspiring to medical school eventually. At this point, i fell in love with this guy with an ultimate crush. I was happy with the crush since we never exchanged numbers so i would have lusted and never seen him again. I left for home sad and got prepared for college in the fall. I knew this was a fresh start for my life as a curious male. I came to my class on the first day and guess who sits next to me on the first day. My ultimate crush. We had all the same classes on accident. We exchanged numbers and did guy things together such as working out (i loved to touch his muscles), chilling, drinking, pool, whatever came up. I grew intensely in love with this kid and would do anything for him but i was never good at reading signs. he is older than me, 20 and is still a virgin which makes me wonder if he is straight since he had a GF and never tried anything at 20? he sounds like he could be curious to me. We both denouce gay things and acts but in my opinion, i believe the people who deny the most are more gay than anyone. I have never tried anything on him or have never shared any details with my sexual life with him since i am scared to freak him out. I am curious if i have a chance to experiment with this guy? he is even asking to get an apartment with me. He has no idea or hint that i am bi so this thoughts may change but otherwise i am deeply in love with this kid and was wondering on what you think. Lately he has keeps avoiding me. i haven’t come off strong. Anyone think he has a crush on me and is trying to kill it by avoiding me? we are starting classes in the fall shortly and we picked all the same classes to be with eachother as “bros” but i am looking for more. How can i make this lust go away? How am i sure what he feels? It is really tearing me apart cause i dont know my next move. we are close but are we that close? I can not sleep at night always thinking about him. I think i will give up and love him as a close friend and nothing more. my life sucks at this point so any advice and encouragement is greatly appreciated : )…

  34. Boomie says:

    so basically, ive been interested in this guy recently, he is straight as far as i know but we constantly talk about sex and sexual things and what we would like to do! however, he freaks out after just a little grope or if its just us 2, ill put some porn on and try to drop comments and he will play along until it comes down to touching… we even went in the shower, with shorts on and he got a huge hardon and wasnt embarressed by me being there, i wanted to do all sorts to him at that point but held back because im worried about his response and dont wanna reuin a great friendship.

    • Boomie says:

      please help! what should i do!?

    • maybebi says:

      Sounds like he’s comfortable talking openly about sex, he’s just not interested in “touching”. If you want to stay his friend, respect the limits of what he’s comfortable with. Maybe there’ll be a chance for something to happen, maybe not.

  35. Boomie says:

    thats the thing, i really do think there is a chance of something happening but he will send out all the right signs, flirt flirt flirt then freak out when we could actually do something :S!

  36. Billy1969 says:

    I have to tell you….straight-guy-sex is only good for short term. I lived with a straight guy for a year and it was really a confusing situation. We started out as friends and one night we got a little drunk together and went back to his apartment and ended up having a full sexual encounter. We went to his room while his then roommates were sleeping and he let me do him. He got into it too and even did a little oral on me. Afer that, he denied what happened as being anything but a one time thing. Later we moved in together and we had sex several times, but always “on his terms”. Afetr a while he got squeemish about it and we got into a physical fight over it because he couldn’t commit. I should have known better. but thought he was going to turn one day. IT was good while it lasted but I couldn’t get over him doing me one night and f****ing his girlfriend the next night.

  37. Fate's bitch says:

    Bisexual here. You know I’ve been centered in a funny story recently. A couple years ago, back in high school, I sat next to this guy in two of my classes for a year. By the end of it, I was having inappropriately sexual dreams about him. The one time I’d shown myself to him, a stolen hug, he reacted with cold disapproval. Never mentioned it again. We parted until recently, I decided to tell him about the hell I was going through over an other guy back then, my first love, just cause I remembered he was such an insightful individual, he deserved to know. Maybe one day he might turn his hand to helping another stupid love-stuck kid out of his hole[not that I ever found a way out of mine].
    He slipped up that day, making a throwaway comment about having seen my gay friend from my photo collection on a dating site. At this point I knew he was gay. I did a bit of digging and found his profile on Oh, how I cackled!
    Those inappropriate dreams? They were appropriate =D. I’m still perfect.
    Moral is, if you’re getting odd vibes off him, he may be keeping something from you. When we met up that time, after I told him I was bi his body language only got sweeter.
    But at the end of the day, he never actually told me he was gay. I think it’s cause he’s still closeted and hasn’t told barely anyone, which seems a bit sad, but I’m not getting any tail either and I’m alright so whatever.

    First love was something else. I’m sure there was some great godly reason behind it, but I couldn’t tell you what it was. Maybe a kid I could mould. Shape to be whatever I needed. That’s all I got.
    Well, anyway, whenever it became clear to me that he was not geared to love me anything like how I loved him, my heart cracked. In the end I think my greatest failing in that engagement was my lack of faith in fate’s impetus, this failing gave me the singular desire to run from that which was ordained in me. I could see no way to make him mine, as I wanted, and foresaw only more pain and stagnation. I still don’t see what I was supposed to do, and I suppose that’s what leads me here.
    When I had achieved a stable distance from him, the pain ceased entirely. Though I still dream about him from time to time, the images are no longer true to life. I suppose that’s good, I’m not chasing that old love, but a new one.

    • bi_guy22 says:

      with you on that dude. great story and yeah gotta believe in yourself and move on if they dont have the balls to show their real feelings. distance works wonders.

  38. Biguy says:

    So I have this friend. And we’ve been friends for about two years. He has a girlfriend but i’m still attracted to him. Now I don’t usually have him stay over but he always asks me to stay over. Sometimes randomly at 11 pm he’ll ask me if I want to stay over. He has a guest room but we always end up sleeping in his bed. He tells me everything and I know that he’s had a drunken escapade or two which resulted in him giving a guy a hand job and recieving a bj from a guy. By the way, we are seniors in high school. So in turn, I told him about my experiences while being drunk with guys. We always just wrestle around with each other and when we hang out and watch tv or movies we will just lay there, entangled, with our heads laying on each other. Idk. Sometimes I feel like he wants to go further. I mean he always tells me he’s horny. So I don’t know whether to act on it or not. I mean he ha a girlfriend and they’ve been dating for about 5 or 6 months. I’m the only person who knows about the things he’s done, an he’s actually gone farther with guys than girls, so what should I make of that? I’m really attracted to him but don’t know what to do. Any advice?

    • maybebi says:

      Sounds like a really great friendship! You know what he’s done with guys, he knokws what you’ve done with guys, clearly he’s still comfortable being close to you. If both of you were drunk when you did those things, maybe try getting drunk together. Or at least “drunk” enough to let that be an excuse.

  39. Greg says:

    Thanks very much for publishing this blog. I am a married man, 50, who has always been heterosexual. I was raised in a Midwestern Catholic environment, conditioned to be homophobic. It took my own experience in ordinary encounters with gay men and women to realize that what I had been taught as a child was simply wrong and mean. Beyond that, I never had any reaction to being with a man.

    But several years ago, something changed inside me. I am happily married, but my wife lost all interest in sex. I tried to suppress my needs and urges in the name of my marriage. But that is like trying to squeeze a balloon. It eventually led me to the Internet. And there, I saw gay sex for the first time. I should have been appalled. But instead, I became hopelessly aroused. And as I chatted with other men, my desire for an encounter, if not a relationship with a man has grown significantly.

    Maybe men are simply more accessible. Maybe it’s the power of a stiff penis that hypnotizes me. Maybe it’s the thrilling thought of smashing the glass wall that separates my straight life from a torrid and meaningful gay encounter. Now, I am hoping that I will be spotted and seduced, pulled into something for which I am ripe for the picking.

    That might sound cluelessly naive. Perhaps I’ve been a bisexual time bomb for years but simply never knew it. But I have opened a genie’s bottle. And there’s no going back. I hope that I can find someone who can gently channel my anxieties and coach me into a healthy relationship. At my age, I feel the clock is running. Younger men have many more options and years of time to experience and grow. By contrast, with each year, I become less desirable.

    I welcome your thoughts and perspective. Thanks very much for your excellent postings here!

    • Richie333 says:

      You’ve worked hard throughout your life (with great confidence), to get the things you wanted; a wife, nice home, family, etc..

      How very lucky you are at 50, to have the opportunity to explore another entirely new (and exciting) part of yourself. You sound well adjusted, and level headed, so carry on with the same confidence you’ve always had. This isn’t a dress rehearsal, after all. It’s the only life you get.

      Better to make a few mistakes and to really live, than to grow old harboring loads of regrets…

      • AP says:

        Dear Greg, you have so many things which other men haven’t been able to achieve. Do you really want to spoil it all by cheating with your wife? I suggest you talk openly to your wife about the lack of sex and go to couples’ therapy or something. Maybe you can get the sexual satisfaction, that you are seeking, from her.

        Good luck!

  40. Brad says:

    Is he gay/bi/straight/curious ? And is it fine to approach him without showing him my sexuality ?

    We both are of 25 yrs. Both good looking and decent, educated guys. I met him in a coaching class 2.5yrs ago. Since then we are quite good friends. I have been physical with few gay men, but not with a girl yet, so am not sure of my sexuality, but for the time being I consider myself as gay. He had a girlfriend, but he never had sex with her(Due to different morals of society in our part of world). We talk on everything, chicks, sex, movies, fun etc.

    But he probably doubts that I am gay as he had said things like I should go & check out some guys, and on which “POLE” am sitting on… lol.. etc. Once he even asked me (on phone) that whether am gay, which I ignored, as if I didnt hear that at all. Twice he has told me, on his own that he is of conservative thinking and wants to have sex only with girls and not with me ( thru text msg).

    We meet every sunday in his friends’ apartment for some studies, where we are alone and last Sunday while we were eating bananas, I said that these are of quite good taste and he said, that “Oh so you like BANANAS very much?” I again showed as if I didnt get his meaning.

    I dont know what to do. Am really attracted to him. But I dont want to lose him, as he is a very good guy & a good friend. But also want to seduce him …hehe !! Please gimme some decent help and seduction tactics…lol !! Thanks in advance !!

    • maybebi says:

      Sometimes I have no idea how to respond to questions like this, but this one seems pretty straightforward. You haven’t even confirmed that you’re into guys, but your friend has already spontaneously told you he doesn’t want to have sex with you or other guys. On the other hand, he hasn’t stopped being your friend based on what he (correctly) thinks about you. If you want to tell him that you’re gay, that’s fine. And I guess it’s possible that he is too, just deeply in denial about it. Whether he is or not, he’s not interested in doing it with you. If you push that, by trying to “seduce” him, he may decide the best way to say no to sex with you is to drop the friendship. I’d say leave him alone and just be a good friend.

      • Brad says:

        Thankx…this is what my mind says…but heart tries go the other way…Neways thanks again…I would try to control my heart…I have also decided that I would not do anything at the cost of our friendship and I would not be the first one to initiate that TOUCH..and would wait if he does so.

      • Chuck Long says:

        I agree Maybebi. Don’t push the issue.

  41. jackson says:

    Given the right time and place you can have any str8 guy you want.I have had many. Sometimes it takes a while to gain the trust. One of my stories: I don’t fall for guys totally over looks. Some many things come into play. I like manly men not girly…nothing wrong with them, just not fo me. My friend “T” was like that. One of the first things that turned me on to him was…he went swimming with just his underwear. He left his wet underwear in my car…I still have them. He would alway pass out when drinking, I would un zip him and have my fun. Then, we were camping and he changed his pants (to shorts) in front of me before we went to bed. We had only one blanket so that was the night I got it all so tp speak. He has since married divorced and had many girl friends. He stops by from time to time to have a drink and talk about old times. Before he leaves we always have great sex. No one would ever think he did such things and I certainly won’t tell. Now that is just one story. I have 2 other “old friends” that keep in touch with. Girls think they have their men under control…haha makes me laugh. they love sex and we are here to love them>!

  42. Chuck Long says:

    I agree with the above replies. Do not ATTEMPT TO SEDUCE A GUY IF HE SHOWS NO INTEREST. Value your friendship. If he wantss it, he will come around. Sooner or later, his curiousity will get the better of him if he’s into it.

    Visit me at I talk about all kinds of issues with gay and straight men.

  43. mr blue says:

    I have a question. Im a masculine bi guy and one of my supposedly straight friends acts just like a few of the gay ppl we kno. he doesnt kno about me but they do. when he talks he always plays and says miss ma’am, or bitch, or yesss!!!!! He tends to be very touchy when he is drunk such as hand massagin my shoulder in the club, hand on my waist in the crowd while drunk…..and we messed around alittle while drunk off our asses but he says he doesnt remember. I think ppl kno what they doin when they drunk especially when the finish and they say dont tell no one. another thing how many straight dudes do u kno that show there gay friends pictures of their dicks in their cellphone.

    • maybebi says:

      What’s your question? if he’s really straight or not? I’d kinda question it too, sounds like he’s very comfortable acting sexually with you. But if he doesn’t want to identify as anything except straight, I’d just let him be about it. Maybe he’ll eventually identify as bi, maybe he’ll stop doing stuff with you (or other buds), maybe he’ll keep on as he is. You’re not necessarily going to do him or your friendship any favors by pushing him too hard to change his label.

      • Chuck Long says:

        Sexuality can be a compelx issue. My partner is definitely bi-sexual as having been together fpr 21 years, I see him act on his bi-sexuality often, such as constantly reading girlie rags and constantly watching straight porn as opposed to gay porn.

        Many men claim to be bisexual, and use it as a ruse to actually exist in a semi state of denial about being gay. In one of the previous posts, the guy says that he has not had the same experiences with women as what he dreams of with men.

        My dilemma would be “With the way guys are socialized to be hetero at an early age, I simply find it impossible to believe that if he has feelings for females, that he would act on his feelings for males before intimacy with the female .Unless he is shy, or a solid introvert.

        Society alone would have conditioned him to have experiences with women at this stage. When younger, yes guys, often mess around with each other before having sex w/ females. Not at a later stage of maturity.

        I have never met a true bisexual male whose introduction to intimacy, was first through a male, although it’s highly possible.
        I’m not judging bi-sexuality, but often bi-sexuality is used as an excuse to ignore one’s true homosexual self. It’s convenient and carries less of a stigma.

        Yet, I definitely believe in bi-sexuality as I’ve had encounters and even some friends who are definitely bi-sexual. Just be certain that the label “bi-sexual” isn’t a cop-out. Heck, you may be a late blooming bi-sexual with confusing thoughts bugging you. Who knows? Anyway, have fun, love and enjoy whatever you do.

        • maybebi says:

          “I simply find it impossible to believe that if he has feelings for females, that he would act on his feelings for males before intimacy with the female .Unless he is shy, or a solid introvert.”

          I’m gonna skip over the whole “introverts can’t get laid” implication as irrelevant. Third possibility, which is (still) true in my case – he understands that sex is designed to form a permanent bond, so he’s waiting until he’s found the one woman he wants to settle down with before “intimacy with” women who might or might not turn out to be “the one”. (This can have a religious basis, doesn’t have to.) So he winds up “letting off steam” with male friends because he doesn’t consider it to be “sex before marriage”.

          As far as “bi-sexuality … carries less of a stigma” – Questionable. A bisexual guy is going to draw fire from everyone – “bi = gay”. He’s going to have a harder time being open about himself in a relationship (with a male or a female), because there’s an intrinsic “what, I’m not enough for you?!” response. (At least in a gay relationship, his partner would certainly know and accept that he’s gay, even if they’re both totally closeted to the rest of the world.) Bisexual women, of course, are seen as sexy rather than “confused”.

          Obviously there’s exceptions – it sounds like you and your partner are happy together despite his continuing interest in women.

    • Yourdude says:

      it may happen….some straight guys a proud of themselves especiall if he has a big dick….some dont mind getting undressed infront of his frind……and not all time somone gets drunk they remeber……most of the time they do…..

  44. Xander says:

    I’m a 40 year old attractive, intelligent gay man. However I’m not your typical “gay” guy. Other than the fact that I’m 40 and single, most people don’t figure me as gay. Often I have women telling me that I just haven’t met the right girl, etc; which I actually find insulting. That said, I get a lot of those ‘curious straight’ guys of all ages flirting with me. I can relate on some level to most of the stories posted here. The only thing I can say that I know for sure is that SEXUALITY IS COMPLICATED. It is not black & white. Large gray areas folks. It can be confusing and frustrating for me at times. In fact very often I wish I fit into the gay stereotype, because I feel it would be easier for me to meet people. I do believe that most everyone is bisexual to some extent. Our society readily accepts women who “experiment” with other women, but it’s not okay for a man to experiment? That’s too gay? In fact I really believe that homophobia in general is driven by women. Men aren’t allowed to express themselves for fear that a woman would think they were gay and judge them for that. Don’t get me wrong, I love women and have a few very close female friends. This is just a theory that I have recently realized.

  45. jack says:

    The overwhelming majority of Straight guys can be seduced. I think it’s close to 85%. Remembe the Kinsey Report in the 50’s and 60’s? A majority of Str8
    guys had reported at least one homosexual experience.

  46. Kevin says:

    Wtf every you can too change a straight guy gay I did it a lot Football players and wrestling players its so easy…. girls don’t get mad just because we do it better, we know what guys want.

    • maybebi says:

      Some would probably argue that they weren’t really “straight” in the first place, if they were eager for same-sex sex – just bi/gay guys who hadn’t had a chance to realize it before. “we know what guys want” – ok, yeah, but does it make a guy “gay” to let himself be pleasured by another guy? I dunno. And part of it comes down to what he did back, if anything, and how much he enjoyed that. But isn’t there a difference between “this guy got off when I went down on him” and “he liked going down on me so much he’s never going to get within a mile of a woman”? Sure, he may be back for another blowjob when he gets horny again, but I’m not sure it makes him “gay” anymore than jerking off when he’s horny again makes him “autosexual”. “Facultative bisexual”, yeah, but not strictly guys only.

  47. Sable says:

    I believe there’s something we’re born with that determines our “level of sexuality”. My theory is that we’re all born bisexual but to different extents. Some (what we call straight guys) are bi to an extremely small extent. Their homosexuality would be seen rarely, or never (but there’s never an impossibility).

    I like to see it as a percentage, someone who’s completely bisexual might have a 100%/100% attracted to males/females while me for instance would have a 70%/20% attraction to males/females, that’s why times I feel asexual (no attraction what-so-ever).

    Straight, bi, gay, asexual, they’re all labels, and none of them matter, they’re just used in society to “group eachother” so we’d be a little more aware of eachothers sexual preference, hence gay people won’t ask out straight people.

    If society broke all these labels ALOT of people would be experimenting with eachother and there’d be no discrimination – well, that’s my little theory 🙂

    So if you can find a straight guy that’s completely fine with homosexuality, doesn’t find you utterly disgusting, and likes to get his dick s*cked, you got a pretty good chance.

  48. Jacob says:

    So I am a straight guy, well I was a straight guy. I am accepting that i am more bi now.
    I remember a time when I was younger that I thought about guys for a few months but never tried anything. I would take quick glances here and there when I could. Then I got my first real girl friend and was with women since.
    I am now 34 and this is all changing for me so quick. My best friend for 3 years has always joked about being with a guy but never has. He always said he is straight and not gay. About a year ago he started grabbing and toughing saying it was funny to see the shock on my face. At first it freeked me out almost every time he did this. But last summer I noticed I really liked it when he played with me like this. I noticed that I started to think more and more about him in a sexual way. Last august I found myself jacking myself while thinking about him and wanted to have sex with him the ways I have heard guys having sex. I soon realized I was really falling for this guy yet I have never fell for a guy in my life.
    I finally sat down and talked to him last October and asked him if he was gay or bi. He said he wasent. I waited a week and asked him again telling him to be honest this time, he asked why and I told him how I felt. Told him how I dream of him and my feelings. He looked at me and told me he felt the same things but we can do that, we are not gay. He told me that guys can feel like this but we can not do anything about it.
    I have spent months trying to understand. I can look at guys and yes some turn me on, but nothing like him. I have not done anything with a guy yet, I know I could but there is a part of me that just wants him. We are still best buds, we both play grab ass now. we joke around a lot about who is going to do what and so on. I know as Christians him and I believe in the bible, and though we are told this is wrong I cant find where it says that except not to and anal. In the end I think we will just be the 2 lonely guys that never are always together but never do anything.
    I know I left a lot out of this and all and made it short. I just felt a need to share my story after reading the others that I found here.

    • maybebi says:

      Hi Jacob! Close friends like that are awesome, aren’t they? Although it sounds like you’ve wound up in a very frustrating place with him… not sure there’s any other way to handle that.

      Glad you found a place you could share it, the more guys who own up to this kind of unique “guy friend” relationship, the easier it gets for all of us! 🙂

    • Chuck Long says:

      Yes, yes, yes! It’s is a wonderful thing to have a male friend with whom you can share this so-called “off the wall” intimacy, It doesn’t make either of you gay, unless of course you are.

      Once again, society conditions guys to hide their expressions of friendship. Guys usually do it behind closed doors or places where they won’t be noticed.

      Males are physical and they also typically have a short fuse (Translate as “getting horny before they know it, then realizing that a guy is doing this to them”) , and can react in what might be termed “sexual” way with each other. Good for us.

      I’ve had this happen all ny life. Through high school and college, I had many ;
      recurrences of bantering and playful behavior with guys. Some of it happened so much, it became regular.

      I used to live with two identical blond male twins that were so g..damn good looking that it exuded from them in purely sexual tones. They were playful to begin with and added to their exuberance, the package was quite irresistible.

      I have stories about them, that will definitely make your dick stand up or at least fantasize about having something special like that happen to you. I would love for every guy to have this type of opportunity..It can be overwhelming to your psyche, but it happens all the time, in every household, in every apartment and in every situation where guys trust each other. In this case, we were roommates at Oho State living together in an apartment. I still live in this city of many memories and my life is no less replete with sexual diversions ,as it was then

      The twins names were Tim and Tom, no really…! Their dad owned a golf course in Southern Ohio. When I went to their home on weeknds away from college,the three of us would often find ourselves hunkered in under blankets watching TV in their finished basement, which often led to “male play”. The parents were upstairs or often asleep while we enjoyed the comeraderie of each other.


      I fell asleep on our living room couch one day and somewhere during the course of the night,I awakened to find one of the twins, Tim, standing right above me with his beautifully sculpted lean self, naked…and his huge soft cock just …. well, you get it! His brother Tom and my other roommate were in the bedrooms down the hall.

      (Changing the topic slightly here)

      By the way, this is the perfect opportunity to bring this up. I began a sex novel a couple of years back, wrote about seven chapters and put it away. I basically forgot about it and began concentrating on a mainstream novel which is now finished and also my two blogs, which are ongoing.

      I recently discovered it by mistake in my computer files. It’s only seven chapters so far, but it incorporates a lot of my actual experiences with guys, into it. Although it’s fiction, so much reality runs through it.

      If the author of “Guys Together” would like for me to post or make a chapter or two available to his readers, I would gladly do so. As I stated, there are presently only seven chapters written, But I’ve decided to continue writing the book. Reading it made me excruciatingly horny. If the guys on this site like it, as I write each chapter, I’ll make it available to the readers.

      Now, I’ll eventually attempt to either e- book it, or get it into mainstream porn mags or get it published like any other book. I don’t mind making it available to you guys as I’m certain that it will make your day. Also, I can get some early feedback.

      Maybebi, would you be interested in posting a chapter for your readers? If its too juicy, you can give out my e-mail and I;ll send it chapter by chapter( as I write it) to personal e-mails.

      I write in a very suggestive manner, which incorporates a lot of “visualization”. It’s as though you were actually at the scene.

      Any way, this has been a long worded response .I need to stop, Get back w/ me if you’re interested.


      • maybebi says:

        Chuck: I appreciate offers of “guest content”. I welcome your interest in sharing your personal history and experiences of masculinity and “guys together”.

        I think that stories primarily intended to arouse are out of place here. There are other websites you can post a chapter or two, or self-publish your entire novel. I’ve tried to keep this blog relatively short on actual erotic content, on purpose: I, and some of the readers, have had problems connecting to other males (in non-sexual ways) simply because it’s become so easy to make intimacy erotic. So, posting stories that emphasize the erotic is probably not very helpful.

  49. Harry says:

    I am not gay but the other day i was with an older friend, we drank a lot of beer and opened internet porn. We were very hot after half an hour so i just asked him after knowing each other for so many time (16 years)if he had a problem with me masturbating him. He said no at first and i respected it, but later he commented i was acting like a degenerate and i took like 15 minutes to explain to him i was not degenerate or gay for wanting to masturbate a little with him. We exchanged some points of view and after another round of beers we were closer to each other so i started to giving some massage to his back. He is a cancer, 52 years old and i am a scorpio 34 y/o, things got horny and i just unzipped him and started to suck his beautiful cock. Oh man it was greater than any sex i ever had with a whore. I still prefer women but i also like the way my friendship has turned, we will make it again. He is married, i am not and we like each other but we are not queers or gay, we are masculine men with a lot of affection for each other and just learnt to enjoy ourselves. Try it sometime with a really good or special friend.

    • Chuck Long says:

      Way to go. When two guys trust each other, it can be a secretive adventure.

      PS-By the way, the remark he made about you being a “Degenerate” and with him still being horny, that was just nervousness. Guys will do that to cover up what they really want. Its just a cover.I’m glad you were able to even go further. I love to jack off males. There’s something about them just laying there with their legs spread eagle and letting you do something very intimate with them.

      Good for you!!!

      • David says:

        idk what i sould do i told mad people in my school that i like this guy and yea …hes not happy about it.. what should i do, ill never give up, what can i do now to show him i woodnt tell everyone if we did sum thing?

        • maybebi says:

          Dude, relax and try to forget about him. You’ve already made him uncomfortable about changing in front of you (you said he’s doing it in the stall instead), and it sounds like everything you say or do pushes him farther away. So, quit trying to get him interested… he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want your attention. If he’s “that special” that you think about him all the time, then he’s “that special” enough to have a right to not worry you’re gonna be there drooling over his body every time he turns around.

          There will be other guys who are “that special”. And some of them will think you’re “that special” too, and be totally into you. Just be yourself, and let this guy now be himself.

  50. Robert says:

    I have been with straight guys. You don’t seduce a straight guys so he’ll like you. He never will because he’s straight. You have to seduce him with a female or get him horny or watch porn together it’s works all the time. You just get him horny and hell let you do whatever he needs and keep quite about it. Don’t start kissing and all that stuff. more about me at

  51. Andy H says:

    It is possible to seduce a straight guy, even if you’re a feminine fag. It all depends where you “hit” on him. Pick a liberal place, not some steroid heaven. A party where he doesn’t know anyone, a guy on vacation etc. I know because I was that straight guy. I had never even thought of being with another man. I was your typical liberal heterosexual. I was on vacation in Boston (I am from Canada). An old coworker had arranged an invite for me to an arts party in Boston (where I was vacationing). I didn’t know anyone at the party. A much older guy 65 came over and started talking to me. We chatted about Boston and he seemed pretty cool. We talked politics and social issues. He asked my opinion of gay marriage (legal in Canada). I was cool with it. We discussed Kinsey’s study on sexuality, specifically the part about bisexuality. I agreed that sexuality was a scale with a lot of bisexuality. I told the guy I didn’t know anyone in Boston. The guy invited me the next day to a local bar, after his work. We met around 6pm, we had a few drinks and then I started to get hungry. The guy told me he had to feed his cat and that he only lived two streets over. He said I could wait or come with him. I figured I would walk over with him. When we got there, he said he had some lasagna in the fridge if I was hungry. So we had dinner. After dinner he returned the conversation to politics which lead to gay marriage again and sex. I had a few drinks, and we smoked a joint. Then I tried something called poppers which didn’t impress me. He told me that poppers were much better with sex. He then asked me if I had ever had a blow job by a man. I told him no. He told me that men give the best blow jobs and asked me if I wanted one. I was shocked but a little buzzed. He reminded me that I was a foreign town and that no one would know. I was hesitant but I agreed. I sniffed the poppers and he sucked me. It was incredible by far the best blow job I ever had. He was wacking himself at the same time. He then came up and kissed me, again I was shocked but I figured I had come this far. His kiss blew my mind. It was the hottest kiss I ever had. I felt like I had discovered diamonds by accident. He worked me up till I was super horny, then he asked me to suck his cock or he wouldn’t finish me. I sniffed the poppers again and he put his cock in my mouth. This was the hardest part but the more I sniffed the poppers the more I wanted to suck his cock. I sucked him until he came, and he came in my mouth. Fuck, I hated to admit it but I liked it. Then he sucked me off, I came in his mouth and he kissed me with my own cum. When I was finished I knew that I had been converted. Two days before I hadn’t even thought of this. Now I knew I could never go back. I had to admit I liked a man better. We spend the next week sucking and finally he fucked me. I haven’t been with a women since.

  52. Nathan says:

    Hey, im 15

    i have this friend, hes so hot ive never felt like this but i think i love him. He stayed at mine last friday/saturday and we just stayed in my room all day and we were both on my bed and he would just wink at me and make sexual jokes and pretend to be gay and touch my ass when going down staairs. but this was like when my nephew was here too.

    But when he wasnt and i was on my own with him he would just ask me to stroke his arm and tickle his legs and stuff like that. reallyyyy confusing, i dont think he is gay or bi because he doesnt act it and on facebook its just full of sexy girls and stuff like that.

    I just need to know do i have a chance becuase its really killing me, if i carnt have him i dont want anyone and i dont want anyone to have him

    please help me

    Nath x

    • maybebi says:

      Nathan – it’s not clear whether your friend knows how you feel about him. (Is it just him or are you interested in guys generally?) If it were me in that situation, I might try saying something like this: “I really like you as a friend but I’m really attracted to you, too. If you don’t feel the same that’s totally fine, but touching each other so casually gets me turned on. So if you keep doing that at least let me jerk off while I’m tickling your feet as you grab my ass.”

  53. make_a_move says:

    Hello everybody. Ummm, I wanna know how I can get this guy I really like. I’m 18 and he’s 16, but we’re both of the same build and have the same interests. He seems bi-curious to me, ‘cause he makes jokes and says he sometimes thinks about messing around with a guy. He has a girlfriend, but he goes through them all the time and I wonder why that is. What tips do you guys have for me on how to spark his interest? I know the basics like being open to talking about sex, being his best friend first, a little drinking to test him, touching, etc. What can I do to make him look at me in a new way? I don’t want just sex, even though it’s great to have it. I need more after a while, but I can be patient if he requires me to be.
    Your advice would me much appreciated,

  54. Brendon says:

    Mike, I would love to seduce you. I would love to suck your cock until you moan loud and shoot your hot cum on my chest.

    • jeremy says:

      Ive been in love with my best friend for like 6 months and i really want to have a sexual relationship with him. We both have girl friends and he knows I’m bisexual and he even has told me he is. We are always very close to each other and sleep with each other but it has never gone further than just cuddling and the occasional kiss. i have brought up going further but all he says is that it would be cheating. He never says he doesn’t want to do it. I’m afraid to be too pushy about it but i really want him sexually and i think i could convince him but I’m not sure how. Any advice?

      • maybebi says:

        Kill her.


        He’s made a commitment to be faithful to her, and that’s pretty cool. And if you’re really his friend, why not respect that choice and support him in it? You don’t give your age or how long you’ve been going out with these girls, maybe it’ll last and maybe it won’t. Don’t screw up your friendship now by thinking with your dick. You can love someone without getting naked together.

  55. anonymous says:

    i have this friend who came over one day last summer and we got into groping and basic dry humping, he said he was my “girlfriend” and i had to feel him up, we still go to school together and when i touch his ass he doesn’t really mind unless its in more of a public scene or i keep my hand there for awhile, we have even compared boners in class since i told him i had one and he sprung one too a few minutes later and he pushed it up against his pants so i could see and i did the same to return the favor. i definitely this he has some gay in him because he wanted me to do all the touching and also because he even told me that he hates the girls in our town its probably nothing but still hes basically saying i want you but if i try to get too close he pushes away unless theres no one around then he is a little more open i think its some sort of double personality thing since he acts really different with “the boys” and he knows he doesnt have to act like an idiot to get me to laugh, i want to have the same thing happen again (mainly because of that nice round ass!! XD) but i dont exactly know how to begin it again and i dont know how far to take it if it happens again because i dont want to push him away


    • maybebi says:

      You don’t mention how old you guys are – you sound pretty young. Why rush into trying too hard to figure out the best label for him – or you?

      Sounds like he’s definitely interested in trying stuff at some point, but not interested in being too public about it, and maybe he’s not sure just what he wants to do. If you relax and just hang out with him, he’ll probably work through that and make a move (if he wants). Why not arrange some time for the two of you to just hang out together and really be yourselves? – maybe a camping trip or something this summer, just you guys together. Pack some hand lotion. 😉

  56. Ellis says:

    Bascally I’m 15 im bi and I really like this boy, we used to be best mates and are still close mates, I think he is bi but Im not sure, about a year ago we got really drunk an fell asleep huggin each other and when we woke up he didn’t react badly, now he knows I’m bi and his okay with it, we have jokes about it,, a few weeks ago he told ms he was Horney on msn and askedme to give him head but I didn’t know if he was being serous so I sed no,,, theres alot of confusen going on an I just don’t know what to do.

    What should I do!! :\

    • maybebi says:

      I’d say tell him how you feel – tell him that you’re attracted to him. He might just be curious about whether you being bi “automatically” means you’re interested in him, or maybe he’s interested back. But either way it’ll help him to know how you feel.

  57. bicomfortable says:

    I met this guy in school we were instantly attracted to each other. Attraction that strong gets confusing especially when you’re still a teenager. We were attached at the hip.

    Sometimes trying to verbally analyze something like that completely spoils it.

    The sexual tension grew almost out of control with him maintaining he was straight, and me not wanting to violate that boundary.

    Then it finally happened. Guess how? The subject of sex was always in our conversation and so if I was expecting him to go outside of his boundaries, I decided to go outside of my own.

    We brought a girl into the situation. My first experience ever with a girl was with him as well.

    It blew my mind. Not that the girl was real hot or anything, but it made him comfortable enough where we had a profound sexual experience together.

    I started thinking differently about everything after that. What are the differences between “lifestyle”, and “subculture”. Why are people so desperate to identify with a lifestyle or subculture?

    Open yourself to the experience. What’s the worst that can happen? If you wind up more comfortable one way or the other then stay where you like it.

    I found comfort in the closeness of brotherhood. I like men because I am one. I get along well with men, I understand them. I like women because they’re different. However there’s not that comfort level because sometimes I can’t understand most women’s behavior, so the sexual attraction is not as strong, I share not affinity with them.

    All of you can live your lives how you see fit, this is just how I live mine. And I’m very happy I let myself become this way. It’s more satisfying than maintaining a straight or gay “attitude”.

    It doesn’t threaten me to have sex with guys who don’t identify as gay. Its almost a relief. Once it becomes so important to identify yourself based on your sexual preference, something special gets lost.

    • Chuck Long says:

      Now, that’s what I like to hear! I’ve been with so many guys over the years that didn’t identify as gay and I can surely tell you that I’ve had a blast!
      Enjoy your happiness and the sexuality that evolves without stress!

  58. DJRocket says:

    I stumbled across this blog while trying to research my own problem. I’m in my 30’s and married, I come from a very dysfuntional background, my father was never the fatherly type, pretty much a sperm donor really. i have 2 older brothers with whom i have no relationship. growing up i had many best buddies but usually they fell to the wayside through relationships with girls who wanted them to themselves, you probably know the type. i dont have any contact with family these days. i consider myself straight although lately i have really started to pine for male affection, not sex or anything but i suppose a strong male bond with some1. maybe some1 to talk about certain things with and that. i’m not really sure how to articulate it but i suppose i feel i have been negatively effected by having no strong male role models in my life. i envy men who have a real best friend the type you know would do anything for their friend. i have a really good mate who lives some distance away if we get together for a session we usually book a hotel in the city as its cheaper than trying to get home. on our last session we had a double and single in the room. we both crashed in the double, i was starkers, he had boxers on. nothing happened although i dont think i would have wanted anything to but i did get a really good if unusual feeling about being so close nad intimate with another man. (if that makes sence) i’ve thought really hard about whether or not i would be open to something happening between us, a small part of me thinks i would for the experience and probably more importantly to feel loved by a man, but another part of me feels disgusted by it. i reckon a lot of this comes from a childhood without hugs or affection and i know i am a good person who deserves it. i’m happily married, ups and downs but pretty normal. does anyone have any similar stories they could share so i know i am not alone here?

    • maybebi says:

      I think it makes total sense – there’s something very powerful in a friendship strong enough to be naked together, or nearly naked.

      And I’m with you on the need for “brothers”! Missing mine pretty bad these days.

      • btown1981 says:

        you two should become ‘brothers’!! 🙂 I myself have had an experience with a ‘best friend’. Him(straight) and I(at the time curious but said I was straight) met about 6 years ago and from the moment we met we just clicked. I remember us just hangin out and drinkin everyday and we would finish each others sentences and we were the best of friends.

        He was 19 at the time and I was 23 when we met. He seemed very sincere that he was straight and he talked about girls and their ‘titties, pussy, etc.’ all the time. And had numerous short relationships with girls. I remember not too long after spending alot of time with each other he told me I was a very good looking guy and if he was gay he would ‘go for me’. I really didnt think much of it at this time because he was still considered just a good acquaintance. Then we were road tripping to a friends house one night he was driving and i was the passenger and all of a sudden he turned to me and kissed me. It was just a short sweet kiss but it was so hot. I remember asking him later that night what that kiss was about he was like ‘nothing i just wanted to kiss you’.

        So time passes on and in the meantime we become the best of friends and just like brothers. Long story short, I knew his mom before i met him and he lived with his mom still and I would spend a lot of time over at their house hangin out. then I ended up moving in with them because of some financial issues and stuff and they were already like second family to me anyway. He and I drank a lot together and it seemed when he would get drunk he would tell me he loves me and how sexy I am and even went as far as to tell me his relationship with his current girlfriend at the time wasnt as special as ‘me and him’ and he just liked her to get laid. So Im getting really confused as to what his motives are for me because I always knew I was gay but at this time in my life I wasnt open about it and here is this straight guy that I love so much saying stuff like this to me, it was so confusing. UGH!

        I asked him a few times what he means by all this and he would always say its nothing and to quit ‘buggin’ him about it. Then our friendship moved to a level of me sleeping next to him at night sometimes and we would give each other massages and stuff. I was always to afraid of rejection to put any moves on him. We kissed and flirted alot when we were drinking tho. So this went on for like a year or two and at the same time whenever he got a new girlfriend we would quit talking because bottom line I was jealous of that. Im a Leo so I run and hide from stuff like that with a smile on my face(acting like i dont care but really i do). But everytime him and his new girlfriend wouldnt work out he would call me and tell me he misses hangin out with me and he loves me and stuff like that. I had my own place to live at this point btw. And I loved him alot too and at this point just wanted his friendship over anything because I know for a fact he likes girls and it would never work out between me and him as more than friends.

        Then we would start hangin out again and the same stuff would start happening again. We would kiss(usually when he was drunk), he would always flirt with me while sober too and people actually told me that we acted just like a couple. My own mom thought he was my boyfriend. He would confuse the hell outta me and still tell me he is straight as an arrow. He would tell me all about his sex life and what he did to his girlfriend and I would tell him stuff that I had done with people. So now I had known him for like 3 years and started really falling in love with him and he seemed to love me alot too. There were times when I thought he loved me as much as i love him and then times when I wasnt so sure. Nothing ever really happened between us except for kissing and lot of flirting and we had a threesome with a girl a couple of times too.

        Then one day I had gotten a good job offer 60 miles away and was planning on moving soon. He and I hadnt talked in a few weeks cuz we were kinda just doin our own thing and he was seeing another girl. Then one day I got a call from his mom and she said “He got married today”. This was like a Tuesday and I seriously felt sick to my stomach. She then explained to me that he had married this girl he just met a few weeks before in a courthouse that day. Him mom was super surprised about it and I about shit my pants. He married this girl out of the blue and quit talking to me and his mom. In the meantime his mom and I moved to the town I got my new job in and we never really heard from him except for quick phone calls here and there. I remember his new wife was really into going to church and he would call me once in a while and tell me that Im a sinner and evil because Im gay and bla bla bla. So then I just quit talking to him at all. I was really hurt that he erased me AND HIS MOM(more importantly) from his life.

        Can you tell I really care for this guy or what? Couple more years passed and I heard that his marriage was in shambles from other people. They ended up getting a divorce like 2 years after they married. In the meantime Ive had a couple relationships with guys that didnt work out either. I recently moved back to my old town where he lives and his mom and i went our seperate ways but stayed friends. I turn 29 next week and he is 25 now.

        Just recently hes gotten ahold of me again and actually just hung out with him the other day. Guess what? He is flirting with me and same type of shit as before. Dont get me wrong, when I look in his eyes I know he really cares about me and I still care about him. Its easier to be buddies than anything else at this point I think. He wants to hang out with me again more and more. Whats up with him? What am I doing wrong? Should I just stay away or what?

  59. DJRocket says:

    p.s. my father passed a number of years back. i suppose i was racked with guilt at the time. i felt there must have been someway i could have made things better between us, maybe i coulda tried harder or tried being a better son.

  60. Chuck Long says:

    I have been very fortunate in my life to have male friendships which strengthened me and never left me lacking. I seem to have a way with straight males that is both playful and built upon trust- (interpret this, It means exactly as it reads).

    Your desire for closeness with a male is real and not unusual. Society teaches males to keep their distance, that’s why we are so confused. A relationship with a close friend or even an intimacy built upon trust is a beautiful thing, not to be denied.

    It makes total sense to need the affection of a male regardless of your sexuality.Women have it and so should men.Don’t question your need but respond to it in a natural way.and don’t be repulsed by what might emerge as a consequence.If you’re a bi or straight man you have the right to feel this way.

    Don’t break down sexuality into this type of vacuum.Let your feelings flow, even if unheard and kept silent, They are healthy and will support you in a life of happiness for years to come.

  61. btown1981 says:

    I myself have had an experience with a ‘best friend’. Him(straight) and I(at the time curious but said I was straight) met about 6 years ago and from the moment we met we just clicked. I remember us just hangin out and drinkin everyday and we would finish each others sentences and we were the best of friends.

    He was 19 at the time and I was 23 when we met. He seemed very sincere that he was straight and he talked about girls and their ‘titties, pussy, etc.’ all the time. And had numerous short relationships with girls. I remember not too long after spending alot of time with each other he told me I was a very good looking guy and if he was gay he would ‘go for me’. I really didnt think much of it at this time because he was still considered just a good acquaintance. Then we were road tripping to a friends house one night he was driving and i was the passenger and all of a sudden he turned to me and kissed me. It was just a short sweet kiss but it was so hot. I remember asking him later that night what that kiss was about he was like ‘nothing i just wanted to kiss you’.

    So time passes on and in the meantime we become the best of friends and just like brothers. Long story short, I knew his mom before i met him and he lived with his mom still and I would spend a lot of time over at their house hangin out. then I ended up moving in with them because of some financial issues and stuff and they were already like second family to me anyway. He and I drank a lot together and it seemed when he would get drunk he would tell me he loves me and how sexy I am and even went as far as to tell me his relationship with his current girlfriend at the time wasnt as special as ‘me and him’ and he just liked her to get laid. So Im getting really confused as to what his motives are for me because I always knew I was gay but at this time in my life I wasnt open about it and here is this straight guy that I love so much saying stuff like this to me, it was so confusing. UGH!

    I asked him a few times what he means by all this and he would always say its nothing and to quit ‘buggin’ him about it. Then our friendship moved to a level of me sleeping next to him at night sometimes and we would give each other massages and stuff. I was always to afraid of rejection to put any moves on him. We kissed and flirted alot when we were drinking tho. So this went on for like a year or two and at the same time whenever he got a new girlfriend we would quit talking because bottom line I was jealous of that. Im a Leo so I run and hide from stuff like that with a smile on my face(acting like i dont care but really i do). But everytime him and his new girlfriend wouldnt work out he would call me and tell me he misses hangin out with me and he loves me and stuff like that. I had my own place to live at this point btw. And I loved him alot too and at this point just wanted his friendship over anything because I know for a fact he likes girls and it would never work out between me and him as more than friends.

    Then we would start hangin out again and the same stuff would start happening again. We would kiss(usually when he was drunk), he would always flirt with me while sober too and people actually told me that we acted just like a couple. My own mom thought he was my boyfriend. He would confuse the hell outta me and still tell me he is straight as an arrow. He would tell me all about his sex life and what he did to his girlfriend and I would tell him stuff that I had done with people. So now I had known him for like 3 years and started really falling in love with him and he seemed to love me alot too. There were times when I thought he loved me as much as i love him and then times when I wasnt so sure. Nothing ever really happened between us except for kissing and lot of flirting and we had a threesome with a girl a couple of times too.

    Then one day I had gotten a good job offer 60 miles away and was planning on moving soon. He and I hadnt talked in a few weeks cuz we were kinda just doin our own thing and he was seeing another girl. Then one day I got a call from his mom and she said “He got married today”. This was like a Tuesday and I seriously felt sick to my stomach. She then explained to me that he had married this girl he just met a few weeks before in a courthouse that day. Him mom was super surprised about it and I about shit my pants. He married this girl out of the blue and quit talking to me and his mom. In the meantime his mom and I moved to the town I got my new job in and we never really heard from him except for quick phone calls here and there. I remember his new wife was really into going to church and he would call me once in a while and tell me that Im a sinner and evil because Im gay and bla bla bla. So then I just quit talking to him at all. I was really hurt that he erased me AND HIS MOM(more importantly) from his life.

    Can you tell I really care for this guy or what? Couple more years passed and I heard that his marriage was in shambles from other people. They ended up getting a divorce like 2 years after they married. In the meantime Ive had a couple relationships with guys that didnt work out either. I recently moved back to my old town where he lives and his mom and i went our seperate ways but stayed friends. I turn 29 next week and he is 25 now.

    Just recently hes gotten ahold of me again and actually just hung out with him the other day. Guess what? He is flirting with me and same type of shit as before. Dont get me wrong, when I look in his eyes I know he really cares about me and I still care about him. Its easier to be buddies than anything else at this point I think. He wants to hang out with me again more and more. Whats up with him? What am I doing wrong? Should I just stay away or what?

    • maybebi says:

      Should you just stay away? Depends on whether you feel like getting jerked around again. If he’s worked through his confusion and can handle a relationship with you (either as buddies or more), then it’s great that you guys are in touch again. If he’s still going to get tripped up by attraction to you and hesitation about what that “means”… maybe it’s not going to help either of you to get really close again.

      Just my two cents. I sure don’t have my own act together, and I’m more in his position than yours I think.

      • btown1981 says:

        Update: So I decided to keep hangin out with him…We just have that best friend/bromance bond that I can’t ignore. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t gay because I wouldnt be ‘in love’ with him as opposed to ‘love’ him. I asked him yesterday if he wished I was straight rather than gay and he said he likes me just the way I am. Every guy I date doesnt match up to our bond, its crazy. So we’ve been hangin out every weekend lately cuz he works out of town during the week. So I’ve been trying so hard to just be platonic with him and everytime I act like that it seems like he is hungry for more attention from me. Like he will play with me alot(playful hitting and stuff) and I usually will do it back. But when I dont it looks like he is about to cry, its so cute. I know if things were to get sexual it would probably ruin us.

        is this a sign he may want me to make a move on him: The other night he asked me to smell his breath…lol i know gross…he opened his mouth and said smell it…and i did and that was it..did he want me to kiss him??

        So im happy with myself on how Im going about things now. Its so confusing because I could really be overthinking things too. I overthink things waaaaaaaaaaaay too much when it comes to him and he has even told me that too. But bottom line is that I know he loves me and I love him and we have a great time hangin out. Its just that he always is so flirtatious with me and i catch him staring at me alot too.

        Oh Oh and I also have to tell you, a few weeks ago we were watching movies and he told me that I bring out his ‘gay’ side. WTF?? he bi??? or what?? he acts so straight around straight people but when hes around me he acts so flamboyant sometimes. We go out to eat and people seriously think we are a gay couple.

        i know for a fact that he let a gay guy suck his dick one time a long time ago and also when he was 15 he had anal sex once with another ‘straight’ guy.

        Anyway I need your thoughts again Maybebi…you mentioned that you are more like him in this sutuation. Do you hide ur feelings from your friend sometimes like my friend might do? Is he scared to act on gay feelings for me?

        PS :This is the best website Ive found on this! Thank you

        • btown1981 says:

          Maybebi: Also keep in mind I could be alot like your brother. I dunno, I rarely show ‘my brother’ my true feelings for him. I spilt all my feelings into a letter i wrote him a few years ago and i noticed he kept that letter with his personal stuff for a long time and may still have it. He opens up to me when he is drinking mostly and when we are hangin out sober which is most of the time, he acts nervous around me sometimes. Like hes trying to impress me and act good or somethin. I hope the best for you and your brother, I can relate to you guys in so many ways.

        • maybebi says:

          I wrote him a couple long letters… haven’t mailed any of them though. Sometimes I think I’m more “gay” for him than he is for me… which is okay I guess. He’s totally awesome, after all 🙂

        • maybebi says:

          That does sound complicated, btown. For me and my “brother”, it boiled down to this: We agreed once, a long time ago, that we were “brothers” (not “boyfriends”, whatever might happen). That’s worked out pretty well. Since then – well, part of me kinda wishes we were “partners”, because he just gets me so well and it’s so easy being around each other. At the same time, there’s some problems with that… I want a wife and kids, and we’re not likely to find jobs anywhere close to each other. (Although I keep nudging him to look for stuff near me.) So there’s sort of a “I wish we could…” feel to it, sometimes. Sounds like maybe he feels something similar for you, but doesn’t know how to say it without maybe changing your bond as brothers.

          So yeah, he could be feeling stuff he’s scared to act on, either because of what it’d mean about him, or do to your friendship, or ’cause maybe he’d like it too much.

  62. HSguy says:

    so im in highschool and theres a guy tht i reeally like. i made it clear to him that i was intrested in a relationship to which he respnded, “im straight”
    despite that, i still catch him looking at me during class… what should i do

    • maybebi says:

      You don’t say *how* he was looking at you. If he doesn’t want a relationship, then don’t push it. Respect his boundaries just like you want people to respect yours.

  63. HSguy says:

    im not pushing it, i havent really talked to him in a while, but he looks at me like he wants me to talk to him. idk how to explain it but its not a disgusted look or anything hostile at all.

  64. mike says:

    This is a wonderful site. I am a gay man and has had the luxury of having 4 MSB’s as I like to call them (My Straight Boyfriends). All of them have told me that if they were gay that they would go for a guy like me. I take this a compliment. Yeah we do kiss on cheeks, cuddle, be touchy-feely and playful and it is strictly plutonic. I did yearn to wish it could be taken too the next level but I don’t want to ruin what I have going on right now. The three previous MSb’s I have met through various stages of my life. (37 yO am I).
    I’m not a feminine guy and many have indicated I am a good looking guy, these MSB’s tell me that my qualities I have and the love and respect I carry they seek and cannot get complete in their females they date. My other gay friends ask what I do to attract these straight men. I’m just loyal and they respect me as I respect them. Each of them has told me that they love me and I love them.
    The fourth MSB, the current one-I have known for 6 months. he is 24 yo and like all the other MSB’s are hot and is dating like 3 woman at the same time-
    Well we have been getting really close and we see each other about 3 times a week either going out or watching sporting events on TV. Well this last week we went out and the dinner was no different either him or I would take of the bill- it was his turn so he paid the bill. Well I drove and we were getting ready to drive off and he says hey lets stay here in the car and just talk for a bit. We did. He talked about how he was thrilled to find a guy like me and that he loved me and then all of the sudden turned to me and looked me in my eye and said ” if you were a female, I would be f*****g you right now”. Note–we have not been drinking. None of my other MSB’s has ever said that and was shocked…and excited lol..I just laughed it off. Well we went out tonight and he said it again and said you know what, I’m going to send you a picture of me tonight, and I was like ok. He’s seen that I was taken back by the comment he had made, and said you’ll like it and it is something you’ll need. I’m like o.k. arriving home and i receive a text message with his naked pic full face and body with a message: “You need this to Jo to and said you know I’m straight and care deeply for you and this is what I can give to you.”
    I’m speechless but extremely moved. I am wondering how many straight men would do that for a gay man. Confused in texas…..

    • maybebi says:

      Glad you like the site. There’s a lot of ways that guys can love each other, and they aren’t all romantic or sexual. Sounds like you’ve got some real good buds… hang onto them 🙂

  65. Dennis says:

    I wanted to seduce my homophobic best friend, so I made up this plan. I had him over for a beer and some dinner. I put two benadryl pills in his first beer, and two more benadryl and a viagra in his next one. He passed out in a half hour or so from the meds and alcohol, then I got to work.I dragged him to my room and undressed him and then put him in my bed. I jacked off into a condom and threw it in the sheets. I then sucked him off and crawled into the bed, naked. He woke up in the morning with both of us naked and me in his arms.He asked what happened, so I told him he got drunk and came onto me. He was freaked and left. We’ve fooled around three times since then and he broke up with his girlfriend.

    • maybebi says:

      This would be a good example of how NOT to do it. Sounds like it “worked”, in that you’ve gotten what you want out of him. It’s a pretty shitty thing to do to your best “friend” though.

  66. Mike. says:

    I’m a high school guy and I am mainly going through some hormonal things. I know I am gay, and I don’t want sex with straight guys. There are only about 2 or 3 guys at my school that I would like to “play with” though. Maybe seduce them into getting a blowjob? But that’s mainly what I am trying to figure out. I know one of them has done it before, I’m just not sure if he is too afraid to let someone do it to him again

  67. tj says:

    damn, i feel like i’m late to the game…but since this post was written by a straight guy and got some pretty good comments i could relate too, i figured i’d just put it out there my situation that is confusing me….although I think I enjoy confusion.

    so a couple years back i was showering in the stall next to my straight best friend and we were just talking, shooting the shit etc….and i said something (i don’t remember) to which his reply was “don’t make me come in there” with a giggle attached….and i was kinda shocked cause neither of us were out and i just couldn’t believe that someone who i saw as straight was saying that? so i kinda freaked out and changed the subject quickly.

    years later we’re still friends…i’ve had deep relationships with a couple of our other mutual friends….but this first instance of “queerness” added to the numerous questions over the years along the lines of “do you think “straight best friend” is gay??”; he also woke up from a nap one day and the first thing he said was “i need red balls” apparently he meant to say “i need red bull” and just little things like that…
    a couple times when we’ve been drunk together he’s grabbed my shoulder and turned me to him and just stared at me right in the eyes with a gleam in his smile…again, i kinda freak out cause i thought i was the gay one, not him! so i just shrug it off and change the subject.
    he also mentions each time a gay dude tries to pick him up…almost randomly he’ll be like “yeah today, this guy tried to pick up and i was like “Nah man.” it’s happened at least five times. i think it’s a tad…”queer.”

    he claims he’s not gay. he surely gets with a lot of women (but i’m gay and i do too), he says it’s weird when he’s around gay guys cause he thinks they’re picturing him naked etc…..

    lately i’ve been fantasizing about this dude…so much i think about acting on it just seeing what the hell is up, but of course don’t want to mess up a friendship (personally i feel that if there’s any type of sexual attraction, sex will make the friendship better…or at least more exciting) with pervasive advances….so yes i’m reaching out to you all.

    thank you for your comments already. the insight is appreciated and i only hope i can gain some more. 🙂


    • maybebi says:

      Sounds like he’s either really comfortable with his sexuality, and yours… or he’s not sure which team he wants to bat for. (He knows you’re gay, right?) Either way, it could be weird if you start coming onto him and he’s not into it after all. (I think maybe it’s easier for a straight guy to flirt with gay guys than for them to be flirted with… if they initiate, they’re “in control” and they can shut it down more easily if it goes too far.)

      If you’re attracted to him, maybe there’s a mature level-headed way to let him know that. If you don’t put any pressure into it (“… so you gotta have sex with me, dude!”), sounds like he’s open-minded enough to at least be happy about the compliment. And then he definitely knows who he can call if he ever does feel like experimenting.

  68. mike says:

    I am a straight guy who gets aroused by pictures of the male body, and even fantasize about having sex with a man. What keeps me from going there is that I am not attracted to men in person at all. In fact, even a pic that includes a face is not so appealing, and the male bodies that turn me on are those without body hair (perhaps because they are more like women). I guess all that makes me “curious”, but only somewhat.

  69. Jazz says:

    I’m from the UK
    I’ve been looking all over the internet for someone who can help me with my problem, then I found this.
    Please help.

    the problem:
    I am in a boarding school, so there are dorms and such.
    I met this guy when he joined the school about a year ago.
    hes a tad older than me, Im 15, he’s 18…
    he is my best friend. We share common interests, music etc. and i think he cares about me, he is a genuinely nice guy, he is perfect.
    I am in love with him.
    I really really am, and I cant imagine my life without him.
    I know that sounds like a lot, but all I really want is one experience.
    Im not “out” yet, although I expect some people can assume that I’m gay…
    he is here for another year, and then he is gone…and i never want to lose him as a friend, but I feel that if I never get to be intimate with him, i will never be satisfied…and it’s so difficult.

    what can I do?

    please help.

    • maybebi says:

      Hi, Jazz –
      One thing really jumped out at me from your comment – you’re 15. Your whole future is filled with stuff you literally can’t imagine yet – not because you’re stupid or anything, but just because life turns out to be so much more awesome and wonderful (and sometimes painful and sad) than we can expect.

      You really like this friend of yours, and that’s great. But he’s going to be gone from school in another year, and then what? It’ll be hard to say goodbye even if you’re still “just good friends” then. It’s much harder to say goodbye to a friend you’ve let yourself be in love with. It’s harder still when you’ve also had sex with him… trust me, I know from experience.

      My advice? Realize that what you’ve probably got is just a crush. Sounds girly? Nope, guys do it all the time, even on other guys. It doesn’t necessarily mean sexual desire, it doesn’t mean anyone’s gay, it doesn’t mean he’d make a good boyfriend. (First boyfriend, I’m guessing?)

      Figure out why you like this guy so much. Sounds like you really look up to him. Work on being like him, if you want. But don’t worry about getting into his pants… even if it’s frustrating… don’t make things harder on yourself by making the eventual separation that much more painful. Focus on knowing who you are and what you want. You’ll be that much more ready for a real relationship when the right person (guy or girl) comes along.

      Think about it… right now, you’re just going to miss seeing him and hearing him and being around him. If you try to get him into bed, and you succeed, you’ll wind up missing his touch and the feel of him in your arms and the way his body feels on yours. If you try to get him into bed, and FAIL – it’ll be awkward, even if he doesn’t get mad about it.

      • Jazz says:

        Thank you so much- This has helped alot 🙂

      • Andres Pruneda says:

        Wow!, that also helps me… I like the way this guy looked at me, but eventually I feel like if he gets to know me better or gets more involve with me. I’m going to miss him really bad. Mostly because I am not OUT and do not plan to do that… If I can get him into bed… I will also have to get him in my life, friends and family of which he’s not part of and my sexual situation.

        Trouble: how to FORGET? and still being in contact, though gone to another department in same company, how can I counteract this feelings that sabotage the intent on leaving it behind and move on?

  70. Tj says:

    Thanks for the response to my last question, it def quelled a lot of my wonder and decided unless clearly in lust to not go there with this bro of a friend.

    I’m of course interested in another straight guy or more just bewildered by…he came by the other day to meet my son and hang with my babymama when i went to go grab beers for us he followed me into the kitchen and said ‘so you’re home a lot now?’ (staying at home with the baby) and I said that yes to which his reply was ‘well I’m free most Friday afternoons’ and of course before he left he made sure to get my number. This dude is more on the avquaintence side of friendship and is more acquainted with babymama. Babymama says she’s always thought of this guy as gay and that at gay fairs he will walk around with his shirt off just so the other men will fawn all over him….and I’m sure they do. We’ve smoked together a few times, gone to q few parties with groups of people bit we are not best bids by any means which makes his actions only slightly less complicated than my last straight boy infatuation. It seemed kind of random and I felt I was being really intuitively keen on reading his words and body language. I never know with straight guys!! Babymama thinks I should just give him a call over one day and just put my head in his crotch and see what happens. While he was over he kept making eye contact with me as we talked which was just unusual cause like I said hes more a friend of my babymama……the whole interaction was kinda hot and his subtleties def. turn me on.
    Thank you again I appreciate your hetero insight and i wish i wasn’t surrounded by so many sexy ambiguous straight guys…kind of.

  71. Marc says:

    Hey guys, wow! I love the answers to these questions an they have really helped me! Im bi and in high school and theres this guy who I am so attracted to. Not in a dating way but I…to be honest, want into his pants. He has a swimmers body, crystal blue eyes, tan-ish skin and a great smile. This is off topic, but anything helps right? We had a school trip to quebec a while ago and in the room, him an dhis friend had a masturbation race under the covers TOGETHER! I didnt think know much about my sexual attractions back then to care, but now I am attracted to both of them. One of them is gone now and he was also very good looking! But the one left, that “race” looks like an indication of sexual experiences with another guy. And apparently they did that twice. Who knows what else they did together! Id love to know :p Anyways, if hes done it before, hed probably want to do it again right? We have been in the same class together for 8 years so we know eachother well enough. I dont talk to him much but I wish I did. It would be great to get closer. But its my dream to give him a BJ and I wouldnt mind trying this method CAUTIOUSLY! We still have another year together before grad. My questions are generally how to go about my first steps in attracting him. Im not narcassistic but I can say that I am pretty attractoive. Ive been told by many people and I think I look pretty good too. And how do ypou know if someone is Horny? Is there any kind of indication? I only see him 6 hours a day at school, we dont hang out often.Once a year we get together at my friends house but thats about it. Im not sure if hes bi or straight because he has dated 3 girls and is in a relationship right now. But I personally think hes bi. Anyways to the point! I just need your help! Thanks! 🙂

    • maybebi says:

      You don’t say how well you know this guy – “same class for 8 years” but you “dont hang out often” and get together “once a year”. So I’m thinking that you’re not good enough friends for something to just happen spontaneously because you hang out so much. Clearly you want to spend more time with him – or do you just want to get into his pants? You said you don’t want to date him, but there’s still friendship. So you’ve basically got three questions to figure out: (1) How do you become better friends with this guy you (barely) know; (2) After you’re friends, how do you let a friend know you’re interested in doing “sexy stuff” with him (without getting your ass kicked); or (3) how do you charm the pants off a guy without really knowing him.

      To be better friends – figure out what he likes to do and see if there’s stuff that overlaps… talk about that around him, make sure he knows about it too. Act like (or just BE) a person he wants to get to know and he’ll do the rest.

      To let him know you wanna mess around (after you’re friends): First, accept that that MIGHT happen again, and it MIGHT have just been a wild experiment with one of his best buds that he’ll never repeat. Second, set up opportunities for it to happen. Make sure he knows you’ve got a healthy sex drive and aren’t obsessed with hiding it from your buds. Make sure he knows you can keep a secret, too.

      As far as just getting into his pants – can’t help you there too much, that’s never been my interest as much.

      One more thing – as far as you “personally think hes bi”: Is that just because you heard he jerked off with his best friend twice? That’s pretty shaky evidence. Has he ever shown any sign of interest in other guys? Sometimes there’s stuff that best buds can get into that would be unacceptable (or at least uninteresting) with other guys. That doesn’t mean you’re bi, just that you’re really good friends. So don’t read too much into that, and don’t rely on it as a guarantee of future interest in you!! 🙂

  72. Korre says:

    Hey, nice stories… Well, I very often offer blowjobs to my teen cousin. He is str8 and very hot and after a long time of contact (e.g. massage) I “offered” myself to give him a blowjob, he accepted it (i am his first) and since then I suck him when the conditions are fine (noone in house etc etc).

  73. Ben says:

    Ive had MASSIVE amounts of experience with straight guys. And no not the “presumably straight” ones….actual straight ones. They are usually friends of mine I meet through girls I know. I have lots of parties and invite tons of my girl friends which obviously make the guys want to come. All I have to do is elaborate on how tequila makes me horny and how I never remember anything after Ive had too much tequila. The guy who gives me my first shot of tequila, is horny. I get “drunk” and before you know it he is fucking me. It has never failed. The next day, act normal and pretend nothing happened…ever…and it will probably happen with him again. The thing is, they feel safe thinking you wont turn them down and wont remember. It really works.

    • maybebi says:

      Yeah, lying and emphasizing your slutty side are often good ways to get people into bed (guys or girls). Still kinda douchey though.

    • Mark says:

      I like that it Ben – hot damn your good boi! Sounds like a technique I am going to implement next time I’m around straight guys…

  74. jdhollist says:

    Well, in my experience I’ve messed around with three straight guy friends. first one wanted to know what it was like to give head, so that was easy.
    Second one lost a bet, but he wanted me to wait until he was “asleep” to blow him, so that was also easy.
    Third one took a little more. He had a gf and we always hung out together alot. One day I told him i wanted to see what his cock looked like, since i knew he was a bit of a voyuer. his gf suck him to get him hard and then he wanted to see mine to which he was seriously impressed. Went home after that.
    After that we did the same thing like two more times then one night he was at my house with his gf and she passed out in the living room so i asked him if he wanted to go watch porn in my room. we went in i turned on some straight porn. He whipped his dick out and asked if i was going to do the same, so of course I obliged. After a few minutes, I asked him if he wanted to get his dick sucked and he said “I dont know man” and i told himthat i could do it alot better than his gf and he didnt know what he was missing so he thought about it for like a minute as he continued to jerk off. then he said “you cant tell anyone!” and i said ofcourse not and then I got down and sucked him off.

  75. josephvasan says:

    Hi, I need suggestion. I used to suck my best friend cock for the past 4 years while he is sleeping, some times sperm also came. i dont know whether, he knew this or not. Because he is not at all asking me directly, to do it! One more things is he slept suddenly after went for sleep. May be that is the reason he dont know anything? is it so? i was really confused. He seems to be sleep at any cost, while i am sucking cock(it was eract, too big). Pls tel whether he knew that i am sucking him?

    • maybebi says:

      Either he knows and he’s okay with it, or he’s the un-observant guy ever. I’m guessing the first one. I’d also guess that “i’ll pretend to be asleep while you suck me off cause it feels really awesome” is as far as he wants to go. You could maybe get him to do stuff back, if you “wake him up”. Or you could make him embarassed, angry and upset by suddenly pushing him out of what he’s willing to do. Personally, I wouldn’t ask too many questions about how “asleep” he really is.

      • Yourdude says:

        I have done that with many of my friends and always wondered if they knew …..only once though that one of my friends actually climaxed…for some reason they never wake up or at least never showed signs that they are awake….as a matter of fact it happen last night with one of my friends friend that was bunking at my house ……lol…i know if i am sleeping and someone was to suck my dick i will know… has happend to me when i was in a relationshp and i will wake up…..

  76. KindaCurious says:

    I am 15 years old and I recently started fantisizing about this 17 year old. He has a girlfriend and is very commited. I don’t know what exactly made me first start to like him. He is like my older brother and we just seem to have common interests. I sometimes dream about him and I going at it just once, so I could know what it feels like… I thought he had nothing to hide until I was at my friend’s house. He and his younger brother (14) wanted to stay home for the day. Their mother said no, and I immediately became a little curious. (basically were he and his bro doing something naughty?)… HOWEVER, I also really like this girl who I know likes me back. Her and I also have common interests. I feel really comfortable around both of them, and the girl I like has nothing against gays… but I dunno how the rest of my friends (and family) would react. I like boobs and often “accidentally” touch them, but with this guy, I wrestle (not naked or for dominance, just your average horseplay) with him but I get a feeling that I can’t explain. He makes me happy, but since I’m a Catholic, we’re not suppose to be gays… or even bi for that matter. How do I come to compromise with this? Today I was at a pool party and saw him shirtless with his hot abs and pecs… dammit this is just too confusing for me. Can someone lend me some advice please?

    • KindaCurious says:

      I think I might give up on him and just consider him a crush instead. I feel like that would be the best thing to do… thoughts?

  77. Jay says:

    Okay so I need help. I have this really cute neighbor. Its true he made out with this other gay guy Enrique AND HE WASN’T DRUNK! everytime we are alone he is a cool person but when we are around other people he acts like a douch. I dont understand. So onetime I told him that another guy likes me to see what he would say and I asked him what should I do and he asked me if I wanted him to beat the guy up. I was like noo. The old guy was my crush(rumurs of him being gay too) but I never got across to him. But anyway he tries to wrestle with me…fake .sleep on top of me…and wants me to call him daddie but he’s always talking about getting pussy although he’s a virgin and about what girl is hot or not. But when I’m with him and he’s not talking about that we have the best times!

  78. OK, I’ve scanned this two year list of entries and it appears all these people have missed the real definition of straight, gay and bi. (If I missed it in my scan, sorry, and please don’t be too hard on me.)

    Sexual activity or attraction is not the definition of gay, bi or straight. The definitions of gay, bi and straight are truly about affectional orientation, even though it has been miss named sexual orientation. For men, far more than women, sex is a mechanical act, the purpose of which is to orgasm. The true measure of orientation is with whom one has the real possibility of forming deep loving relationships in which sexual expression is part of the expression of love within the relationship.

    Now there are love relationships, plutonic, which can be extremely deep, but sexual expression is impossible, even if attempted. Completely opposite of that is anonymous sex, where the act has no love and is simply a method to achieve pleasure and possible orgasm.

    Although my first “gay” experiences were anonymous sex, the moment I realized that the only gender with which I could form a meaningful intimate relationship was when I truly understood that I was gay. When that, “penny dropped,” it was crystal clear how I was different from the great majority of the people with whom I interacted every day.

    The proof of this has always been sex within prison or the military (although the military is far less true with sexual integration of the armed forces) between men. Deprived of their normal sexual outlets, men will seek sexual outlet with other men. This is not, “homosexual conversion,” as it was once discussed, but is now recognized for what it is, simple seeking of an outlet for sexual release. Yes, this release seeking may lead a man, who never having been placed into the gender segregated situation would never have been introduced to this possibility, to find that they enjoy intimacy with another man and can form a multi-dimension intimate affectional relationship with someone of the same gender.

    So, the sections of entries I read where there is a description or suggestion that getting the straight guy sexually aroused (horny) is the first step in seducing him certainly fits with the realities of the concept of individuals who are aroused seeking sexual release with the available outlets at the time of arousal. And, I would suggest that the higher the level of arousal the better the chance of the need overwhelming any inhibitions of the aroused individual (hence the suggestion that use of inhibition lowering devices increasing the opportunity for success making a certain amount of sense).

    The true test of all of this would be to take a self identified straight man, arouse him significant, put him in a room with a male/female couple, where the man was gay, the woman straight and man far more attractive than the woman and see what happens. My guess is that the attractive gay man would be left without any fun.

    The second part would be to take a self identified gay man and arouse him significantly and present him with a couple where the woman was extremely attract and the man was far less attractive. Again, I believe the woman would be left without any fun.

    So, lets stop worrying about seducing straight men. Its pretty straight forward, and has been going on for a very long time, probably more than 100,000 years. Deprive a straight man of an outlet for release, horn him up, the more the better and make an alterative (male) opportunity for release available and better chances than not, it will happen, even if the next day the straight men my have a very convenient case of amnesia about the previous evening. He’s not gay and not bi, he just was pushed into a corner until his hormone levels went back to normal.

    Of course, if you want to approach a guy in a straight bar with plenty of women available and grab his crotch while you stick your tongue in his ear, I hope your medical insurance has great benefits and your premium was paid in a timely manner.

  79. hurtme says:

    this whole thing is a crock of shit

  80. Bay says:

    me and my friend have been friends for 4 years now.We met at work. I value our friendship we are good friends but sometimes i feel I wanna do something sexual with him but i fear that by doin dat i will ruin our friendship. I do like him but i dont know if he also feels dis way about me. I am bi and he is straight he doesnt know about me. we go to clubs and drink and get drunk. we often mess around wit each other talking about gay things (not with each other) but never do anything. hes even told me how big his penis is and i have told him dat as well. he doesnt seem to mind wen i put my hand behind his back wen we talk at the clubs acting like i am drunk. lol. lately we have been sleeping in the car after we go to a club, we never done dat before, it was always to the club den bak home. by the way he always drives. he didnt seem to mind wen i touch his chest. he just laughed. i dunno wat to do, he sends mix signals i think. What should i do???

  81. bruin8788 says:

    So i’m living with a subleter right now. Im 22, hes like 27/28. Hes cute and straight. I really like him. At first we didnt talk that much and after a few days of him moving in we started talking a lot. We hang out half the day when hes not in class. I would really like do something with him but dont know if he is interested or anything. When we’re talking we always lock eyes for long moments before one of us turns away and always smile. I don’t know if im reading too much into it, but I feel like we could be flirting. He has mentioned an ex-gf and occasionally brings up the topic of he needs a girl who can cook and stuff like that. When we’re watching tv he sometimes comments on the girls on tv such as “she’s hot” and I usually reply with “ehhh, shes ok” or when he makes comments such as a girl having a big but or tits I usually sawy “ehh” and usually give a disgusting face as if not for me. I’m not out so its not like he knows I’m gay or anything. I started wearing a bracelet on my right hand cuz I was raised with the idea that only gay guys wear things on the right hand or ear and stuff like that. I don’t know if its necessarily true, but I started wearing it to see if he would notice. I’m not sure if he has. I started getting closer to him and sometimes touch his shoulder slightly to see if he flinches or moves away, but he doesn’t. He sometimes grabs his crotch and pulls it for a few seconds knowing that I’m looking at it. We always seem to just stare into each others eyes and laugh or start up a conversation. I don’t know if hes interested or what?? hate not knowing, should i hint something such as i think a guy is cute or something and see how he reacts? someone give me advice.

  82. Nick says:

    Do you find out you are gay or are you made gay through rape? I orgasmed.I know that can be just physiological,but it wasn’t just that.I hated the rape but I then started eying guys off in more than just the casual sideways comparison look in the toilets.I thought I was hetro and now I am not.It is normal because I know no different than what I am,but still,is it normal?or common?Please just don’t say I was a frustrated gay/bi guy because I really wasn’t.I am not saying it wasn’t really confusing it still is.I might say against these posts that I was made gay I suppose….that doesn’t seem right though.

  83. junior says:

    Well I know my story does not have anything to do with seducing a “straight guy” but anyways I am in a four year university and a year ago I joined a Fraternity. It feels pretty cool to be part of this fraternity because i consider them like my second family. Anyways sometimes we have parties and or events that we all crash in one single house. I know most of my frat brothers know that I am bi or gay and only a few have confront me and asked me about it. Of course i deny everything because i wouldn’t want them to stop being as cool as they are. Well there is one guy who i have gotten so closed with, we always go out to eat or simply hang out in school. So when we’ve had events and crashed in the same place he always brings up the idea of staying next to me. The owner of the house has a sofa that converts into a bed. So every time we spend the night he always tells me to stay next to him or to share the bed. I get super confused because he always talks about girls and how cute and sexy they are. Sometimes i am laying on the sofa and he comes and lays on top of me like if nothing is wrong with that. Since i am on the DL with all of them I always try to act as straight as possible so in this case I always push him when he does that. I tell him that it looks wrong and just laughs. He also likes to grave me and of course i always block my self. Lately i been having these feeling towards him that have been getting stronger and stronger. I don’t if he’s gay or curious or simply does it on purpose to see my reactions. I am really scared to one day make a move on him and obtain a lot of rejections and possibly a fight. Also one day we were having finals and i was with him, two girl friends, and another frat brother in a study room(rooms design for the purpose to study as one group). Anyways i was so stressed out that i laid on the corner and decided to sleep..first thin i knew he was next to me with his arm across me…. I don’t know if he’s bi curious or attracted to me and I am asking for your opinion. Also he can be really sensitive at times.

  84. Andy says:

    Get the guy your into drunk, then slowly talk him into it, make him feel good about himself, like lots and lots of compliments haha… then kinda ease into it, i personally use the how big is ur **** tactic, which goes like this:
    How big is ur dick, pause, lemme see for myself…. if he says no, be like nobody will know blah blah blah and eventually if he lets you see it dont like attack his weiner just slowly touch it, ask him if its okay to go further and bam! you seduced your first straight guy 🙂

  85. Jono says:

    OK, theres this guy that i really like and i wanna suck his dick but he seems to run away when i talk about normal things but his so nice and he treats me like im his son what can i do to achieve what i want please help?

  86. E_boy says:

    im really happy that i found this
    well to start of theres this really cute boy that i am friends with & that i like , i am 17 & he is 18 we live in the same building & we have been friends for about 7 years. as we grew up we were always together & on day when i was 16 we went to the park & itold him that i was gay. he respected me & didnt say anything mean. but as time went by we became really close we would go play soccer & do stuff like any other kid our age would do & at the same time we would play around & he would slap my butt & sometimes i would touch him . then after so many times he had slept over my house & had shared the same bed one day he came really closed to me & hugged me from behind & as he did i felt his huge cock up my ass even though it wasnt inside. he then kissed me in te cheeck & rubbed my ass. after a while he started to dry hump me & i have to admit i really liked it & it seemed that he was enjoying it ass well. he then was on his boxers at the time & so was i. after that everytime he slept over my house we would lay down together & he would do the same thing. there was times that he would just come over during the day & he would sit & let me sit on top of him. he always told me that he was straight & i always respected that. he would always come to my house atleast 3 times a week & sleep over on friday & saturday & we would repeat evreything all over. until one day came & stopped becuase he was starting to get new friends . but when i saw him he always asked me if i missed him & my responce would be YES 🙂 & he would then say the same thing back when he said that i got really happy & he would smile at me. & even now that sometimes that i go to his house he tells me if i would suck him off & i wouldnt respond then he gets naked & the times he comes over he shows me his dick & then gets on his boxers & gets on top of me & we bothe smile but not i want to get in to his pants but idont know how to get there
    Please Help Me !

  87. Ethan says:

    Hey guys!

    I know I’m late to this but, I hope some of you reply to me, as I really want to know your opinions.
    See, when I was thirteen I liked to look at pictures of hot young guys. I never thought of having sex with them, it was more like an admiration thing. See I never felt too attractive so I dreamed of being those guys, and having such perfect bodies and faces.
    I even started thinking that I was gay because I started masturbating to those pictures, but the entire time I was imagining myself having sex with girls but in those fantasies, my appearance was that of the guy I was looking at in the magazine. Or sometimes, just by imagining that I was those guys it would be enough to arouse me. Yeah I know, weird.
    Fun thing is, whenever I had actual sexual fantasies or sexual dreams, it was always with women.

    Now, right now I am 22 so its been quite a long time since then, BUT, I am probably even more confused than I was before. I consider myself straight, but I still feel a strong attraction to pictures of attractive guys, and I also enjoy talking to gay or bisexual guys online. I have went as far as to roleplay and have sexual phone chats with some of them.
    Now if I was gay or bisexual I would be ok with it, but the problem is, I don´t feel quite like that. For starters, I don´t like dicks- I hate to look at them, let alone have one in my. I don´t like looking at completely naked guys, it turns me off. I just dont like it. Also, even tho roleplaying and chatting online is fine, I would probably not do anything with a guy in real life. Some time ago a guy from a class I was in tried to seduce me- asking me if I had a girlfriend OR boyfriend, and touching my hair a lot- and it really freaked me out. I felt very uncomfortable. Also, my sexual dreams are still about women, and I can´t imagine myself having an emotional relationship except with a girl.

    So, at the end of the day, I just don´t know what the fuck is happening with me. Am I straight, and curious, or bi, or maybe I just never got over my low self esteem issues and that’s why I still keep looking at hot guys and imagining I am them?

    Plz help! This is driving me insane!

    • maybebi says:

      I see a lot of myself in that, Ethan. I was a chubby kid, I always wanted to look like those underwear models with their smooth ripped chests and abs. And yeah, I jerked off imagining I really looked like that. You’ve got a big advantage over where I was at 22, though – you know you’re definitely straight. (If you’re not attracted to guys in person – even guys who look like those pictures – then it really doesn’t sound like you’re bi.)

      Sounds like you want a way to get past that attraction to (pictures of) guys. One rule that I’ve found really really clear about a guy’s sexual appetite: Getting off to something is a powerful way to reward yourself for going there. If you want to get past being attracted to pics of attractive guys, don’t jerk off to it, it’ll reinforce that attraction.

      You say you’re attracted to girls, but you don’t mention a girlfriend. Can I suggest looking? (Yeah, the thought probably crossed your mind already.) The other thing is if you’re still working on self esteem stuff – well, so am I. Work out to stay fit, but don’t compare yourself to the “hot young guys” as the standard to reach. They get their pictures made ’cause they’re in the top little slice of what people consider attractive. It’s like saying “if I can’t drive like Dale Earnhardt, I’m just gonna stay out of cars entirely!” (I moved to the South a couple years ago, my analogies are starting to show it.) There’s a lot more to a man than his body, I’m sure you’ve got a good chance at finding the right woman… I did! 😀

      • Ethan says:

        Thanks man for the quick reply!

        Yeah, I don´t mention a girlfriend because I don´t have one- of course I think about it, quite a lot recently, but thing is, my low self esteem won´t let me go out and just ask a girl out- I always feel that they will not like me, or won´t find me attractive. Guess I have to like myself first! Haha.

        But thanks a lot for your advice- its a lot like you say; I am not attracted to guys in person. I guess Im just dragging self esteem issues since I was thirteen. How sad is that… but, well, nothing I can´t fix. :>

    • Brad says:

      So I have been reading all of the comments and honestly wish that this was around years ago when I was in my early 20’s im 29 now. I have had three guys in different parts “walks” of my life. One used to flirt back n forth (im bi BTW),i was never “out” with the first two. #1 came onto me while he as dating my cousin and we were vacationing together in FL. He lifted me on top of him while I was sleeping I woke up to him holding me ubove him and lowering me ontop of him. I was shocked n just laid there we did that and cuddled all week, once we got home it was over but opened my eyes to bi thoughts that I had never acted on. Tho we were both hard it was just the bonding that made it so great. Until then I never got THAT close with a guy before (i did have a mmf threesome before this bit another HOT 😉 story for another time)
      Anyway #2 I met at work, we became close quick (we he kinda latched onto me) I am the masc straight type comfortable with my self enough to fit in anywhere. He told me often when we first met that people always make fun of him and call him gay (he was cute) I wanted to protect him he became like a little bro. We were inseperable for almost 2/3 years. One night at a bar these two HOTTT chicks talk us into kissing, we did. I have to say it was my first mm kiss (but I suspect not his) and the bi thoughts came storming back in.I bgan to fall for him (NEVER EVER HAD I EVER FELL FOR A DUDE EVER BEFORE) completely uncharted here. We went on a couple vacations together, were togwther everyday. Nothing sexual except hugging a kiss (once we made out after the bar and after that first time it was really amazing I have to say wven tho that sounds so freakin gay lol) we were like brothers this was a “bromance” I think. I loved him like a brother and maybe a little more, I knew by looking at him or the little things r comments that he felt the same way. When we vacationed we had same room seperate beds, he would ALWAYS get up and run into the bathroom to.piss (and hide the morning wood) but immediately come back and sit on the edge of my bed lining up his ass with my morning wood (ya he wanted it, he actually told me that he knew my estimated size causw he looked when we were pissing or at the gym) & alwaystalked about penis.size. Ffw a couple weeks

  88. Jason Braxwell says:

    Hello gents,
    To anyone who could possibly help me out with the situation i have currently gotten myself into. We’re both nineteen and are los angeles natives… so were a little bit more reckless and on the wild side than most of our peers.
    Over last summer, about a year ago we started hanging out, I was the party and he had the drugs ;). (mainly 420 and alc), anyway we lost contact over our first year at college and then at the start of tis summer we randomly started hanging out.. The weird thing is, that last summer we just partied together, and this summer, literally for the past 3 months we have been non-stop hanging out.. we’d stay at his house or at mine and usually wind up sleeping in the same bed. I don’t want to sounds cocky, but we both live in overly large sized houses so there is always optional sleeping quarters.
    Recently things began to get heated whenever we house-sat for my friend while she was in europe with her family for three weeks. We hung-out every single day and night, and cooked for each other. We cuddled one of the first nights there for a good 4 hours. Watching lame ass television movies such as “halloween” i decided after carefully doing my research and talking to a few close friends about the situation i decided to take the initiative and move towards him. There were TWO couches, a love seat and the other being a much larger sofa. He insisted on sitting on the love seat with me, which happened to gravitate us closer together. I laid my head on his stomach which is pretty sketch with a “so-called-straight”. neither of us claim or ever have claimed to be gay, i don’t know about him but im just down for the hookup scene and it just so happens i think him and i have a slight connection?

    The only reason I think he might be gay/ bi or just wanting to try it is because ive over analyzed every situation and everything that has gone on between us that would be questionably gay.


    He gets extremely defensive whenever i jokingly make rude or snide gay comments. and when i asked him if he was gay after he just so casually flashes me his ass, claiming “he was just joking and wanting to see if I was paying attention or not.” But from what i’ve read and have been told most men who claim or appear to be homophobic and make ridiculous and absurd gay remarks generally wind up being gay. I’m not sure if thats entirely true but it makes a lot of sense. Because the one thing that gets me is he is always telling me how he gets hit on by other gay dudes, and has had gay friends in the past and even asked me if i were gay and i of course denied it.. but i simply replied that i dont know very many homophobic guys who are friends with gays.. Thus being said, if he really was as homophobic as he claims to be, and if he thought i was gay, then why would he hangout with me so much?

    – We also make a ton of eye contact, and its very intense and usually lasts for more than 30 seconds to a minute.

    – We also touch each other a lot, so if he didn’t like the way it felt whenever i touch him, then why would he put up with it?

    – He also said if i may quote him “bro im so straight, i would kiss a gay dude just to make him feel better because im that nice of guy.”

    – We shower in front of each other, have seen each other nude, and definitely flirt a lot!!

    – whenever were walking to his car or somewhere we bump into each other like its a game for who can stand their ground.. but ive seen the way he interacts with his other friends and how he acts around me.. completely different. We have a lot in common and neither of our dads are really that good of father figures.

    – We were wrestling the other night and there was just something very off by the way he was holding me and touching me.

    – hes dated really ugly chicks in the past and has horrible taste in women..

    could it just be another bromance or is it a some sort of lust romance?

  89. LonelyGayMan says:

    I am a 58 year old gay man. A year ago I lost my partner of 23 years. A few months after his passing a co worker invited me to party. He thought I needed a friend. He was correct. Over the year we have become very close. He’s told me I am his best friend and he’s definately my best friend. He’s a year younger than my son. He has been a true blessing to me. He is married. I believe he is totally straight. I have never had a “straight” guy as a friend. We spend a lot of time together and are constantly texting. We are now workout partners. He’s got me in to gaming. So we are pretty involved with one another. I beleive that I am in love with him. I have never attempted any kind of sexual advances. If I lost him as a friend I would be absolutely devasted. Here’s the problem I am totally obessed with him now. All I can think about is being with him, seeing him, talking to him. I am totally jealous if he spends time with anyone else. What I need to know is should I back off. He seems to like the time we spend together. I truly beleive he is my friend. I am afraid that with my state of mind (being recently widowed) that I may do/say something that I will regret for the rest of my life. Can this friendship last and continue to grow.

  90. Aerokid says:

    Okay so a few months back, i stayed at a friends house, i’m bi curious, and hes completley straight, he always tells me how he hates gays/fags, and so im always afraid he will find out, anyways, i was at his house and after he fell asleep (both of us only in his boxers, in the same bed), i stayed up and watched TV, i glanced over at him and i noticed he had an erection,, i got so hard thinking about it, and got really horny, so i started playing with it, i played with it for a good hour before i fell asleep too, in the morning i woke up very early, and noticed he still had a hard on, so i continued from lastnight without him waking up, well about a half hour after I was playing with it, he started to wake up, and im pretty sure he knew, we both jumped and i pretended i just bumped it, we never spoke about it, about a month later he stayed at my place, and he cracked a joke, “when i fall asleep you better not take advantage of me” and i kinda froze, and got nervous I replied with “haha what?’ he said, “dont be playin with my dick man!” and laughed, i dont know if he wants me to, or not, im scared if he catches me again, he wont accept me as his friend again. /:

  91. yoen says:

    (forgive my english, im not good at it)
    im 20 and im still figthing my thoughts about me being gay… i do not want to be a gay, but i beenn struggling since i was in my elementary days. my classmates used to call me gay, but i always say “im not” until slowly, those gay thing they’d been putting on my mind made me think that maybe i am really a gay, until i fantazied boys… i got maltreated by my grandpa and till now im scared of him.. and i think it has a big factor on what i am going through now..
    then i got so attached to some of my neighbors who are guy around my age (like 9) and gave him (my kind of bestfriend) and he liked it, years after that, like 4 years, it happened again and again, and he said to me one time when we were like 16 that he doesnt want to do it again, that only gay guys do it.. we dont see each other anymore.. and i also have this friend, not really close who sucked me too.. and we shared sex together so many times but no feelings attached.. it became like a hobby…. but right now, im still confused, a lot of this are clouding up my mind.. i watch gay porn and i find it hard to watch straight vids… i love girls, and i am still getting attracted by them, it’s just that, when it comes to sex, i prefer thinking about having it with men… seems like im longing for an affection.. honestly, i dont wanna have sex, it’s just the closeness, and love that i am looking…. i have straight friends whom i am starting to build up a good relationship, i love them so much, and i know they love me too, we love each other.. and they are all good guys, going to church, seeing each other every week.. it’s just that sometimes, i feel i love some of them, esp the 2 of them more than friends.. but i know i am just having a hard time making my self believe that i love them a a friend …. im longing for someting i dunno if i can find..

  92. Okay, I have read all the comments and posts. I have to say I thought I was the only bisexual man experiencing this sort of thing.
    My story goes as this. I have a friend who has known that I was bisexual since the beginning of our friendship. I will call him “Tank”. I have always had an attraction to Tank, he was nice looking, very good body, athletic and just an all around mans man. One night when I was living with a family member, Tank came over one late nite. We sat and drank and watched porn and talked like we normally do as “homies” friends. Eventually some how while watching the porno during the oral sex scene, female on male. I ended up blurting out that she didn’t know what she was doing. And that she should take classes from me. He laughed and payed me no mind. Again we are friends and I can be very candid around him. The way “straight” men will talk amongst each other about sexual endeavors with women. I can do this with him and be referring to men. Anyway, we eventually started talking about how we like our dicks sucked and the liquor was getting to him. He stood up and blurted out that he want to F@#K my throat. He began to reach for his belt and the look of contemplation and willingness was written all over his face. I reached for his pants and even managed to trace his my mouth over his bulging erection. He suddenly pulled away and darted out the front door saying ” man I can’t do this shit”. I was left horny, hurt and confused. He came over the next morning and apologized for leading me on. I accepted and there wasn’t nothing said about that again.
    Now move on a year later. Tank came across some problems with the mother of his 2 children. He needed a place to stay. I have my own apt now, and so I allowed him to come. I was not in anyway anticipating anything romantic or sexual between us. I had honestly thought he was “straight”…As I type he has just walked in the house. Obviously inebriated, and lays down on my shoulder. I had to hurry and switch tabs…LMAO! He is nosey he always look at my phone to see who’s calling or texting me. Ok. Now a few days ago once again he was drunk but not as drunk as he has been. And we were laying in my bed as we do quite often on several occasions he has spent the night and slept in my bed next to me. On this particular night he asked ” if i ask you to do something, do you promise not to tell anybody”. I immediately blurted out “what suck your dick”. He said ” No, rub my nipples, and not too hard”. I was like okay. After about 10 minutes of me rubbing and pinching his nipples I decided to suck on them a little. He didn’t move but I could tell he was feeling good and he knew what I was doing. 10 more minutes into this I decided to go even further. I reached in and pulled his semi hard erection out his ball shorts. I began to perform oral on him and even getting to his sack. I just continued to do me while he lay there “sleeping” now apparently. I gave him a foot massage and then went back to performing oral on him. I eventually stopped without bringing him to climax after about 35 min altogether. Then next morning he made mention how drunk he was and that he didn’t remember anything after asking me to rub his nipples. He claimed he went straight to sleep from how good it felt. This sent a shock of confusion through my mind. Did he not remember all that had happened. Did I “rape” this man?
    Eventually a few days later we were talking about how drunk he was and I blurted out that I sucked his dick and gave him a foot massage on “that” night. He looked funny but not angry. He laughed it off and said ” yeah right, stop playing man. That ain’t funny” I was like okay I’m sorry. But I kept on saying it in a jokingly way. He eventually said damn man. I can’t get drunk and sleep in your bed no more. And walked out the room. We haven’t said anything about it again. But we are still the same far as how we act and how we normally handle each other.
    Other facts: he allows me to feed him off my fork. He drinks from my cup. He has no problem touching my (non sexual). He has no problem with me calling him daddy.
    The problem is that he denies being gay, bi, or even curious and always state he would never have sex with a man. It isn’t his thing. He does chase females daily. And I know he is very much into women.
    Am I reading too much into something, and did I over step his boundaries on ” that” night?

  93. Owlexo says:

    Hey everyone I was wanting to know if you have any suggestions for what I need to do with this guy. Hes my best friend(though it doesn’t seem like I’m his :/ ) and we’ve known each other for a little over two years now( I am now 19 and he is 23).We’ll call him B. Now, I’ve always been more of a cold and seemingly detached person as I’ve never “liked” anyone but I have these really strong feelings for him that I guess you would call love. We live in bible-belt georgia and homophobia is pretty much indoctrinated into everyone here from birth. He is one of those that has a super-christian families that do indoctrinate their kids and was himself raised in this manner. As a matter of fact before we first met one of our mutual friends had “warned” him I was bi and when we met face to face he asked me I guess to check his sources and when I said yes he said “Thats cool. But I’ll let you know right now if you ever hit on me I’ll knock your ass out.” I knew who he was before we met and I felt attracted to him which I found really weird because like I said I’ve never really felt anything for anyone before. Thing is though, he always does all these unnecessary favors for me when we’re hanging out like one time when I mentioned how I hate being shorter than the people we were hanging out with and he came over and halfway squatted down so I was taller than him and asked me if I felt better with the most gorgeous crooked smile Ive ever seen him give. Then one night him, my brother (who is gay) and I were hanging out and he started to change into his pajama pants. He told my brother not to look but not me and when I gave him a puzzled look as to why he didnt tell me that too then he just smiled and winked at me. Then sometime in February I was hanging out with him and a few of my other friends at this place we call the Blue hole which is this small lake mostly surrounded by cliffs which we jump off of. It was my first time being there with him and also the first time I actually jumped (from his persuasion lol) and he jumped right after me to help me climb the cliffs since I was a little to short to grab the rock to lift myself out. Shortly after we reached the top of the cliff one of my other friends said he wanted to be naked and B said why dont we all get naked, all the while smiling at me(weird right?). Now I wouldn’t have made any thought about this but everyone there was guys o.O (again, weird) and needless to say we threw a “naked party” as we later called it and when we were standing next to the campfire he came and stood beside me even though there was room for everyone to stand all around it. Then few months ago before all those tornadoes tore thought AL and GA when I was drunk I told a couple of my other friends that I liked him. On the day of the tornadoes (Dont ask how I remember)I was pissed of at my mother because she basically said I was the root of all her problems and I went to hang out with him and my other friends I said I wish she would drop dead and he got really pissed and cussed me out about it. After he did I went to the golf course that was close by and started to cry because of all that he called me (something along the lines of “You shouldn’t say that about your mom you stupid faggot bastard”). After a couple of hours I went back and just kind of sat there with them all listening to them talk about the tornadoes that were headed our way that started coming out of nowhere while I was gone and when it was just me, him and one of our other friends he looked at me and started apologizing left and right, saying that he overreacted and shouldn’t have called me those names. Yeah, its something most anyone would do but he looked SAD while he was saying it.(extra emphasis on SAD) About a month or so later my brother told me that while I was gone that day one of my friends(not sure which though) spilled the beans about me having feelings for him partially by saying “Aw, you broke his heart”and he said “So fucking what” but it made me think back to how genuinely sad he looked when he apologized to me and it just left me confused. We still hang out and all but not so much since he got a new job that takes him 2 or more hours away for days at a time. Part of what I want to know though is whether or not I should tell him about my feelings myself or just let him go off what the others told him( which I have a feeling was grossly misconstrued).

  94. straight&confused says:

    Hey there.. dude, really liked most comments over here. I’m a straight, married (2 kids) lad, 32 yo here and never thought of having any sexual play with another guy before but then a couple of months ago, a good straight friend who i’ve met for about 3 year made a move on me. it was on
    a friday night and he invited me and a couple of mates to his place to helphim out with some gadgets he’d bought in HK and we started drinking some beer/vodka. The guys left to party, and while i installd apps and configured his new laptop both got really pissed. it got late, my wife said it was ok to sleep over and eventually i sort of passed out in the living-room couch..i could barely move so drunk i was and that’s when I caught him sucking my dick, like that was surreal.. i just freaked out and kicked him out away from me.
    man, i got really mad and i guess i’d have killed the bastard, i would listen to a word he said and got my stuff and got a taxi to drive me home. He called me the day after but i just couldn’t think right, there were shitload things going through my head and made it clear that i wanted the perv away from me and my family, and we haven’t met since then.
    I’ve thought over and over about what happened that night. like he’s always been kind of a nutter, however i couldn’t see how fucked up in the head he was. I got told by other mates that he’s been down in the dumps and to make things worse i gotsome stuff on my mind, as well.
    I’ve always been quite sure about my sexuality and man, a luv pussy but now I’ve fantasized fucking that mouth hard and rubbin my cock onto his face, making him swallow my load and so on.. wtf is happening to me?? does it mean i’m gay or bi or what!?! i can’t get that shit out of my mind and it’s driving me insane.. i’ve thought of getting to blow my cock and finish that up for real but just can’t possibly do that.. really, really confused. Any help??

    • maybebi says:

      OK, you’ve had some time to react to all this. He might’ve needed some reaction time too. Sounds like you haven’t totally ruined your friendship with the guy, so there’s that.

      If you’re really curious about what ti’d be like… and you want a repeat… he’s not gonna want to take that chance again unless he’s damn sure you mean it, that you’re really okay with the whole thing and that you’ll keep your mouth shut. Sounds like you havent’ told anyone about that night, so maybe he’ll believe that it’s not just a setup to kick his ass. (I don’t think it means that you’re gay, or even bi, it means that you’re male and your hormones function!)

      If you’re NOT damn sure that you’re okay with it, and that you want to give it a try… if there’s any doubt that you’d freak out like that again… then absolutely don’t bring it up ever again. It’s not fair to him. He took a chance, you reacted badly, he’s not gonna make the same mistake twice unless he knows you can be sure. DO make sure he knows you don’t hate him, that you’ll keep the secret, and that you want to hang out again, get things back to where you were.

      (If you just wanna try getting it sucked by a guy… I can vouch for it being better… but don’t pick him unless you know you can handle him doing it.)

  95. george says:

    is it ok if u like girls but like mucking around with a guy. i’m a guy

  96. Brenden says:


    I’m having the same kind of problems, but i ain’t sure what i can or should do about it. I’m only sixteen and me and this kid used to be the best friends until not to long ago. I’d always be over at his house and even since we first began to be friends he’d keep almost begging me to “sleep” with him and id always be all like, “Ummm, Nawwhhh im fine on the ground…” but hed keep coming up with more excuses until id actually sleep in the same bed as him. I didn’t feel any sort of attraction towards him at the time and always thought he was a little queer but I didn’t actually think he was bi or anything yet. This started happening every night though and even at school we started flirting with eachother, just it wasn’t so obvious. We’d always make sex jokes at eachother and sometimes act like a couple, (Haha :P) and it wasn’t til a while after that that i sort of thought i was becoming attracted to the kid. I’ve been scared to say anything even though I’m sure he feels the same way. Ever since he got a girlfriend, though, we’ve kind of seperated from eachother and barely got to talk to eachother. Now we’re not even friends because i got into a fight with him recently since he started saying all these things behind my back that i found out about through other friends. I really regret even saying anything, and i miss the kid, but also dont want to look desperate trying to go back to the kid after what he did. I’m really confused on what to do at all now so if anyone can help with any of this that’d be awesome and i’d really appreciate it!

    • maybebi says:

      Leave sex and attraction out of it. Someone who used to be a buddy has been talking trash about you, you’re no longer friends, you regret that. (Probably has to do more with his reaction to how he’d been feeling than anything you said or did, if that helps. It can be a tough thing to realize you’re attracted to someone of the same sex, especially if you’ve always “felt straight”!) Go to him and see if you can make things right with him – say that you miss being buds, you understand he doesn’t have as much time to hang out now that he’s got a gf, but you’d like to at least clear the air and be OK again. Be direct – you know he’s been saying stuff about you, you want him to know you know, and you want it to stop. Don’t get all sappy and girly about it; this is a manly thing to do.

      Even if you guys wind up being buds again, probably won’t be the way it was, with the “no homo… or is it?” type stuff. That’s okay. You’re 16; life is long, there’ll be other buds to be close with.

      • Brenden says:

        Thanks! That actually does help! He came up to me just last week and pretty much just straight up said what was on his mind. He ended up admitting that hes missed having me as a friend and yeah. Were friends again… just not as good as it was because he’s just kindah awkward now and doesnt really talk to me much in person. I’m hoping that it’ll change but I’m not sure how to make it any better.

  97. scarecrowx says:

    Let me start by saying, I’m pretty much bi. Lately Ive been hanging out with some old friends, and I started to “notice” a guy that I only met a few days ago. All of us try to creep each other out, and it usually ends up being a gay situation, getting uncomfortably close or what not. But the other day I sat next to the guy I kind of like and put my hand on his knee. He let it sit there for a second and moved his hand to mine to, what seemed like, move it away. But he didn’t. He started to link his fingers in mine. We finally took both our hands away after not more than two or three seconds. Instead of laughing awkwardly or making it obvious to anyone else in the room, we just sat there quietly. Also, he seems a little different when I come into the house. Our friends will notice he’s talking less than normal. I’ve given him a ride home a few times, and when we are riding he’ll have more to say. When he talks about women its usually something that would be quite obvious for a straight guy to say. Back onto the hand thing though, I just stay hung onto that. If someone doesn’t mind helping me out. How should I approach this situation and him?

    • maybebi says:

      Sounds like he’s definitely into the possibility. You could let him know that you’re more than just playing “gay chicken” – maybe when he talks about women “straight guy style”, you could say something like “sometimes, I just wish there were a way to have sex without needing a woman at all… know what I mean?” If he doesn’t get the hint, you could cover your ass by claiming you meant jacking off.

      Good luck!

      • scarecrowx says:

        Thanks. I went to a party with him and the same friends last night. I was the dd so I didn’t drink. He got a little drunk and played some things on piano for me and eventually beat around the bush and got me to tell him he could stay at my house. Unfortunately though, he got even more drunk and didn’t want to go anywhere so he just stayed the night at the house we were at. But, I do think things are looking up. Thanks again for your help.

  98. confused says:

    So I’m “straighs” as far as my friends know but my best friend is probably one of the most attractive people I have ever met and and has a HUGE dick. I’ve wanted him since the second I met him, infact that’s why I became his friend. He is not gay at all but sometimes I wonder if he would experiment I’m moving to europe in two months and all I want is to be his little whore and suck him off a few times before I leave. I love him as a friend and would be devistated if he ended our friendship and I’m terrified of being denied, should I just let this go or what? Please help.

    • maybebi says:

      Usually I advise guys NOT to make a move on their best friends. To me, the possible cost of losing that friendship would trump the possible gain of turning him into a “buddy with benefits”. In your case…. you already know that things are going to be very different for your friendship when you move. It’s tough to stay in touch. So the worst that can happen with him, if you do make a move, is that you end that friendship a little early. Right? Except – what if he doesn’t just turn you down, he spreads the word that you’re into guys? You could find yourself outed, and not necessarily in a way that you’d choose. The cost of that is up to you. Overall, I’d say go for it, assuming that you can handle it if everyone finds out.

  99. Kevin says:

    I recently met a str8 guy at a bar through an ad online. He was very attractive, but he told me right away that he’s not attracted to me. One hour later, after paying for my beer, we’re at his apartment making out and more (no penetration, although he said that he wishes he could be trained to try it sometime with lube). He’s the one who initiated the kiss with me despite his initial claim that he didn’t feel an attraction. He even said he wishes that I could go down on him all day. Maybe the attraction only started sparking during our lengthy conversation at the bar. Or was it just the beers speaking? Either way, it was a fun time for both of us. Just not sure how/when to communicate with him now that I have his #.

  100. chez says:

    i’m single and currently in a long term relationship with a girl, so i have this best friend who is married with children and is very masculin (like me), we pretty much hang out all the time and do pretty much everything together, drink, party, work, play hockey (yes i see him naked all the time in the dressing room), hangout with his family and him with mine, etc……

    i cant stop thinking about him sexually even though i dont want to I do! i had a dream or 2 about me and him, he has thrown many different signals my way, which can be inturpreted in many different ways, he constantly is playing with his junk and always puts his hands down his pants infront of me, he has passed out at my place and ive woken up with him in my bed (nothing happened that i know of), he always tries to “bag” me (grabbing my dick through clothes), went over to his place last week (he knew i was on my way over) he got up off the couch and had a boner under his jeans and stretched right in front of me (like he was trying to get me to notice), ive “bagged” him before and got a mitt full for a second or two and he just laughed, i catch him looking at my dick in the locker room showers and at other guys as well, he stands infront of me naked (2 feet apart) in the shower room drying himself off and strikes up a 10 min conversation, i always catch him looking at my buldge in my jeans/sweats….etc…..

    the other day he asked me if i knew a guy by the name of ****** and i said “no why” and he said ill tell you later (i assume the wife was around) so when i stopped by the other day he tells me… this guy he was asking about sent him an email saying “we met once or twice before and i got your email off of facebook, i am married as well and just wondering if your interested in fooloing around ive never done this with a guy before and would be interested in watching some porn with you and see where it goes” kind of thing…
    so he tells me this and talked about it for an hour or so… i didnt really know what to say but it was almost like he was looking to see what i thought of it….. and he said don’t tell the wife….

    what should i think of this whole situation, is he bi, am i bi, what would you do????????????

  101. chez says:

    Opening line should say am single and was recently in a long term relationship with a girl

  102. nickf says:

    Lots of guys appear ‘straight’ but most guys would like to try it at least once.Some guys might never look back,others might go back to their girlfriends,I know that when I was passed out drunk and woke up to a guy(best friend)up my arse,girls just never again turned me on.

  103. John says:

    I had a situation about a month ago I went a friends house to chat his is also a TV so we were talking then all of a sudden he was on me my pants were down and the rest is histroy I ‘ve been with never guys OMG he did me I was basically seduced I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.Im striaght what should I do

  104. William says:

    Straight guys that are “ok” with sex with another guy (be it “active” or “passive”) means they’re in reality “Bisexual” and not straight.

    A REAL straight guy would consider the thought of being in bed with another guy completely disgusting. The feeling is kind of like thinking about french kissing your sister or something like that. It just feels wrong and kind of gross. It doesn’t mean you’re a homophobe ….. it just means you wouldn’t enjoy it because in your mind it just GROSS!. You can’t really blame them for feeling that way if they have a healthy mind. How would a gay guy feel if some slut followed him everywere to get in his pants? …. kinda weird.

    I’m totally gay, but I have LOADS of male friends that are straight. It’s really interesting when we talk about the differences between gay and straight because straight guys are just the same ….. except they hate fashion, like sports, eat like pigs and love *ussy. But other than that …. pretty much the same.


  105. Josh Repstein says:

    I’ve been bestfriends with “m” for at least ten years. we are both 15. we hang out at our friend “s” every weekend. we are all straight. but I am curious and I believe that M is curious too. Me and M always sleep in the same bed. but for the past year or so we have done more than just spoon. for example I have reached down his pants and jerked him off but never enough for him to come. he has also grabbed me. all of this has happened while we were both “asleep” us three make sexual jokes constantly while we are together but me and M take them to extremes. We wrestle around often and I have felt his dick hard on my back and ass a lot. we all three grope eachothers dicks and balls and try to stick our fingers also we have slept in nothing but boxers in the same bed a couple times. sometimes we lay our heads on eachother and get very close. we are both in serious relationships with girls. I can’t figure out if he is asleep or awake when I am jerking him off and touching him? or if he is straight or not??

  106. nick says:

    All guys can be seduced by a girl or a guy.I had a crush on a guy and as another guy I played my cards right and got to sleep/have sex with him

  107. nick says:

    If you love him,let him be whatever he wants.I had crushes,but if the guy is not ‘gay’ then he just isn’t.There is someone out there who is gay.We keep being told that sex is so important,but it really isn’t.Waking up each day and feeling happy that you even woke up.Luther put it neatly:just do what feels right.

  108. Ryan says:

    First off, I’m so glad to have found this site. Good to know others are in similar situations.

    Anyway, my situation with this other guy is driving me insane. Any advice would be really appreciated.

    I’m a freshman in college and the guy next door to me in the dorms and I have become pretty close friends. We spend a lot of time together just talking or whatever. Recently, I’ve been having such strong feelings for him. I’m not gay but I am sexually attracted to him. I’ve never had such a close connection with someone like this before and I really do like him. We go out to eat all the time just the two of us, we watch movies together, or just do our work in the same room in each other’s company for hours.

    I can’t tell if he would be interested in taking our relationship to the next level. I’m too reserved to act on my feelings because of fear of rejection, or loss of friendship. Sometimes I think he is interested but then I just assume it’s wishful thinking. For example, he sometimes makes jokes that we were having sex when we come back to the dorms just the two of us from going to eat or hanging out, and someone asks where we were. He asked me to massage his back, which I did, and he did to me. His exact words were ” this is so gay but I don’t care”. Also, he came to my house over break and slept on the floor right next to my bed. We always lay in each others bed while in each other’s rooms, but never together (at least not yet). He also, as a joke to one of his girl friends, pretended to be gay for two months.

    He’s a pretty mellow guy, as am I and I really want a physical component to our relationship. What can I do to subtly drop a hint?

    • Pete says:

      The question for you is why arent you investing all this friendship tiime with a woman? Perhaps you would fall in love wiitth someone else you got to know deeply. There is mental love and physical attraction. Mental love and separately attraction are also not neccesarily related to who we allow access to our bodies for stimulation.

  109. Adoga cyril says:

    i was able to turn this guy gay but when i tried to penetrat him it was painful and now he is afraid of coming close to me. What can i do i really need him.

  110. alex says:

    i just f#cked a straight guy last night.. it was pretty damn sweet.

    • John says:


  111. ANDRE says:

    I have a straight friend who likes and respects me and feels comfortable with me though I have never seen him with a girl nor we discussing anything of that sort…. I dn’t know if he is gay, but am deeply in love with him. Please I need help

  112. alan hatch says:

    My experiences with a straight guy go like this, I have never been the one to initiate anything they were. I simply told them that I like them. Next thing I know we are in the bed and doing the nasty. Guess who the one getting f#cked is? yup the straight boy ! The only thing I don’t get straight guys love to be f$cked but they don’t like to kiss hmmm interesting.

  113. that is such crap! First of all, I have got ZERO sympathy for gay guys who get the crap beat out of them for hitting on straight guys. None at all. There is no such thing as a ‘straight’ guy who has sex with men, doesn’t exist get it out of your heads.

    Guys who have sex with men are not in the true sense of the word HETEROSEXUAL. They may not even be Bi-sexual or gay but they are not straight. I’m not a label person, so just freakin’ be – but for fuck sake, straight guys are STRAIGHT. And even if you do eventually coerce/convince a straight guy to do you – what does that say about YOU?

    I’m gay. Not stereotypically gay but gay. I’m masculine and outdoorsy and I like my guys to be that way too – but I sure as hell love myself enough to know that I am not going to make myself emotionally available to a guy that will never be able to reciprocate no matter how horny he or I maybe at that moment.

    I’m also South African, which despite our constitution is still an inherently conservative country – gay folk get killed here and it’s exactly because of this kind of crap that it happens.

    It’s not bad enough that virtually all gay guys have to tarred and feathered with the same brush because of the often disgusting fucking behaviour of some gay guys, we have to deal with the whole ‘covert’ thing too. I treasure my friendships with my straight friends and I would never even think of crossing that line with them, they’re like brothers to me. You guys that get off on this type of thing – do what you must do but remember this: your bed will be cold come morning and one day, you’re going to hit on the wrong fucking guy.


    • C. says:

      hooooold on a minute! Violence is kinda bad you know? I agree straight men never have sex with other men, and some men dont believe that, but vioelnce is wrong.

      And love yourself? IT doesnt sound like you do at all. The shite you’ve typed shames our fellow gays.

  114. hector says:

    Hi everybody. I was reading you and the very different tips on how to seduce a straight guy, but in my personal opinion If any of you want to seduce a man who we know is straight, it is to be yourself. Let him know you like men, be sure of yourself, let him know you are interested on him, listen to him, give him advice, suggestions, let him know he is great, he is fantastic.Those things straight guys like to hear, I mean they like to be admired, they like to feel like superman, not The superman, but the man who knows what he wants and the one who wants to be have a sense of admintation.
    good luck everybody.

  115. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know whether it easy to seduce a straight guy, wether one should do it or not or the precise “how to”, but the following is the experience that i have had.

    Here, in the East, it is easy to hold hands with one’s straight friends, to hug and to lie together on the same bed. I was 19 and closeted when this happened to me. I was in bed with a straight friend. (Doing nothing i must add) While my friend blabbered on about which girls he found hot in college and what he wanted to do to them, i was just trying be agreeable. Suddenly my friend turned on the bed and his crotch was pressed against my knee. He had a huge, warm, throbbing erection. I said oh my, thats huge, and rubbed him ever so slightly with my knee. Feeling him i immediately got an erection. When i commented on his size he felt me up. When he saw that I was hard too, he undid my fly and gave me head until i came. Then i did the same to him. Later he continued to talk about girls. That was confusing.

    All this happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think of what was happening. We never spoke of what had happened later. He never asked me about my orientation neither did i about his. Later whenever he would feel horny he would come to me. Now i live in a different city but whenever we meet up he gives me head and i do the same to him. Nothing more.

    I don’t know if he is one horny guy and get off at every opportunity. Wether he is gay or bi. I never really asked. The closeness men share in the East can be confusing for gay men here.

  116. nathan says:

    Well i have this one friend his name is Gavin “Fake name” Well he has been super down in the dumps about women, he has had a few terrible relationships with them and recently one was a super cunt with him and is clearly trying to fuck with his head, He talks about sex with women all the time and how he wants to hook up with them, And a few times he has wanted to hook up with them while im sleeping over but he never ends up doing ti just a little fingering, One night when the one chick was made he came out of the room so we could get high and he lifted up his shirt looked me in the eye and showed me his nipple ring and said “does this turn you on” I was so shocked i didnt know how to responde so it was awkward for a few seconds then we laughed it off, he is always starring at me and sometimes when we are baked we just gaze off into each other eyes, anywho i dont know if he is confuzed or what but can you give me some insight i really do liek the guy and we have been friends for abotu 4 years, also he always wants to hangout and he never asks people to hang out but he always calls me and is like “Just want to know when the next time we will hang out” also love the sight

  117. 3nriqu3 says:

    I’m 20, gay. I work at a coffee shop in the mall. There is a guard I watch all the time. And he probably noticed it. I’m not sure what am I supposed to do to get closer to him. I can’t really talk to him.. I’m at work. I saw him once with a girl, but she didn’t seem to be a girlfriend. He looks like he’s 29-30. I don’t want to sleep with him. I want a relationship. How do I know if he’s not straigt and if he is straight should I give it up. I’m so inlove with him 😦

    • 3nriqu3 says:

      P.S. I’m not feminine at all. I used to date girls, have relationship with girls and have sex with them… but I like /hetero/boys better than girls.

    • Dark knight says:

      Just start a conversation with him, that’s the only way. Otherwise you won’t even know if he’s gay, let alone if he’s up for a serious relationship.

  118. mike says:

    I FOUND THE ANSWER!!!!!!!! I did it!!! I asked him if he ever thought about doing it with a guy just to try it. Of corse he said no, but i had been friends with him 4 a few years and he said he would try it. We touch each other alot as a joke but he never thought of sex. I started to touch his leg and he let me. I offered him a blowjob and i took it out 4 him and started to suck. The key is to be suttle. Make sure he is comforable with it, and u pleasure HIM.

  119. Tristan says:

    “maybebi,” I’m specifically asking you since you seem to give great advice. Although, anyone who has a suggestion, please reply. A little background: I am 19 and I go to college in the south (SEC); I’ve never been with a man, only women.
    Okay, so, I identify as straight, I find women attractive and not men. However, every time the thought of being seduced by a man comes to mind, it really turns me on and get’s my cock hard. I like the idea of being the submissive one, and that does not work well with women. Does this make me gay or Bi? Because I really don’t find men attractive but I do really want to be seduced. I’m also not grossed out by the thought of sucking his dick or him sucking mine. I actually really want to try it. I’m not too fond of the idea of anal sex, although I was fingered in the ass by an ex-girlfriend in high school and it was pleasant at times.
    I’m not necessarily struggling with the idea of whether to allow myself to be seduced, but rather if it makes me gay that I genuinely want a man to show interest in me and have him take me home and, well, “experiment.” There is no particular guy I am interested in, mainly because I do not see them as “hott,” my attraction to males is more friendly than anything. Meaning, I would really like to experiment with a friend than some stranger. But I do not have a friend like that, and I am in a fraternity, so naturally the guys I am around are completely against the idea of even talking about sexuality. And all I want is a male friend who relates to me in this way so I can talk about these feelings I’m having. But I don’t so here I am writing this and hoping someone responds.
    So basically I want help with a few things:
    1) Does my feeling of arousal at the thought of a man seducing me make me gay?
    2) Should I pursue my curious feelings? If so, how do I go about doing that?
    3) What do all these feelings mean???

    • Dark knight says:

      No one can put a label on you, and no one can know if you’re gay, straight or bi. Apparently you don’t even know that yourself. Until you explore your feelings you won’t know if your gay or not. Even if you do feel attracted to guys, that doesn’t mean you are gay – it’s entirely up to you. You should do whatever you think makes you happy the most – if that means having a relationship with a guy then go for it. People who suppress their feelings usually end up miserable and alone so I would suggest you find out what you want as soon as possible.

  120. Charlie says:

    I’m a college student, I consider myself sexual with no specific labels because I happen to like females and males and if asked which sex I like most I wouldn’t be able to answer or say “that depends.” Roughly two years ago in my elective drawing class at the beginning of the semester, I was sitting in the class circle with a few friends (girls) that I know drawing in the class when a young 19 year old guy (now my good friend ) asks my friends if they could please move to give him room to get into the class circle, at first, I thought “who the hell is this guy wanting to sit right next to me when this area is obviously full and there’s of room and empty spaces all around the room,” but this handsome young man immediately proceeded to jokingly flirt with me, we quickly developed a friendship and constantly play flirted with each other (he almost always initiated the flirting) and we even wrestled a lil’ (he and I were both wrestlers); it got to the point where a lot of people in the class thought there was something between us. He is very masculine though and always maintained his assertion that he’s straight. We decided to continue taking classes together for three more semesters, the third semester he finally found out about my open sexuality and even found out I work(ed) in gay porn and as a dancer at a gay nightclub, but never said anything bad about it and even though he also makes jokes to his friends about being faggots and expressed disgust about gay sex, he told me he wasn’t ashamed of me of loved me no matter what, and also said I’m the only person that doesn’t define myself as “staright” that he’s comfortable with. I really enjoy his company and by the third semester I had developed strong feelings for him, I never directly told him I like him but would flirt with him more aggressively and buy him gifts of things I knew he really liked and spent time with him going to the movies, going hiking, drinking, overnight laser tag etc. However, in the third semester he became really jealous of this gorgeous girl I met in class, I’m not gonna lie I liked her too, she’s an awesome person and has an even more awesome body. Anyway, us three sat next to each other ( I was i the middle), he began being excessively mean to her and would even interrupt her and talk over her to get my attention, he even flat out said once “Don’t talk to that bitch, you’re MY boy,” I was upset that he was mean to her but in a way liked it because I kinda felt like he has a strong attraction to me. I have never been sure if I should make a move because I’m afraid that it’ll ruin our friendship. He has had a few girlfriends but they literally only lasted days.

    We continued being ourselves with each other except when we went out he always brought someone with him- so we had lil’ time to ourselves (This confused me). We started becoming more distant the fourth semester because I became really busy and he missed class a lot. He always expressed he loved me though, and when he was in class it was always like nothing had changed, Teachers hated our unity LOL. When he saw me at school with my female friend he would quickly race over for my attention and I noticed he tried to make her feel unwanted. I also noticed he started copying me by getting piercings and even a few tattoos. Then towards the end of the semester he started hugging me a lil’ more affectionately and would even surprise me from behind with a huge bearhug and pressed his body against mine. I really wanted to tell him I have strong feelings for him but I notice he maintains his affirmation that he’s only straight and I’m not sure if he’s just being more touchy with me because he felt even more comfortable now, or if it was just his wrestler side coming out more ( us wrestlers always played with each other and hugged and played gay chicken all the time).

    This is the first semester in two years we did not take classes together because I had to take different classes and am busy with work traveling sometimes. I kinda dropped contact with him for a about two months, but during the last month he has tried to hang out with me. He sends me text messages at around midnight on Saturday nights asking what I’m doing, and even messaged me on facebook that he missed me and wants to go out. I’ve been afraid of getting together with him because I’m afraid of my feelings taking a chance and doing something stupid that will ruin the friendship. I really like him and enjoy spending time with him and dickin’ around with him, we have the same sense of humor and all. He messaged me again this past week on 03/10/12 saying it’s been too long and that we need to hang or talk. I can’t believe I developed such strong feeling towards him. His mixed signals have me confused. What should I do next? Should I attempt anything? Or should I just leave it alone? I’ve caught myself fantasizing about him sexually lately, and even thought about how much I would like to have him as a secret BF and let him maintain his discreetness… I’m not sure what I should do, or how to further test the waters without ruining the connection we have.

    I’m sorry about my novel, I just felt I had to explain this so that you guys understood the situation.

    • Brad says:

      You should continue the friendship. Are you dating this girl now? So your bi? I had someone get jelous of my gf before turned out he was into me. A little beer and a porn that accidentaly played on my pc (BI Porn) next thing you know hismouth was on my dick. It was hot we dated for a yr after, then his parents said something unaccepting about him being gay/bi … Well next thing you know he turns it all on me and says im causing problems he up until that point 22yo never had sex with a girl. He n I went our seperate ways cause of his rents. F’n mama’s boy lol anyway I was crushed (i never had a heartbreak like that EVER)
      Anyway you only live once, follow and trust instinks. I think judging by the jealously he was showing hes into you. Beer porn n be yourself DONT PRESSURE OR THROW YOURSELF AT HIM.
      GOOD LUCK keep me posted im curious wat happens

  121. jesse metcalfe says:

    Thank Jesus I found this site, I’m gay,Irish and 28 and I’m really attracted to this guy in work(think jesse metcalfe with a bubble butt 29)We’ve known each other for 3 years.We’re not very close but we meet about once a week through work and alot at social things because we have the same friends.Hes been single now for bout 9 months(after dating a girl for 7 years) and knows that I’m gay.Since hes broken up with his girlfriend weve become alot more friendly.
    We were really drunk one night at a party in my house a few months back and he was kissing my female friend. I was standing beside them and we got talking she asked him “what are you anyway gay bi or straight” He looked at me and said he wasnt sure under his breath.Then when they were leaving to go back to their house he said he didn’t mind who came back me or my female friend.I kinda laughed it off coz it was so unexpected. We were all very very very drunk and she ended up going back.I didn’t any more attention to it because there was never any reason to think he wanted to experiment with a guy…

    2 weeks ago we were out and he starts telling me about how he loves girls licking his balls and sucking his cock.Then he runs his hand down my back and grabs my butt cheek before walking away…again were really drunk.On the way home a girl in the taxi asks him if hes gay bi or str8 and again he looks back at me and says “I dunno”.We ended up having an after party in his house and I pretended to fall asleep on his couch so that we could be alone.So everyone left and it was just him and I there but he turned off the lights and went to bed completely ignoring me….but he couldv just thought i was asleep.
    One week ago we were out and he was getting a taxi home early from the pub so I decided to leave with him so we could be alone together.I started telling him how frustrated sexually I was coz there are no gays where we live(tiny village in Ireland)He then says “well my cock is always hard”Our legs are touching in the back seat of the taxi and I start to feel his calf as he says this.He pulls away his leg and stops talking completely with nothing between us but an awkward silence all the rest of the way home(he lives a few doors down from me)The next day we were completely fine and talked away normally.
    Were becoming much better friends recently and talk about sex alot.I’m so confused now.I’m not a sleazy guy and I’m not gonna drug him or get him really drunk and jump on him(sounds too much like rape for me…)But he’s had chances to be with me and he must know I like him…is he too shy to explore….unsure that I want to do stuff with him…..To be honest hes so sexy I’m too shy to be too forward and flirtatious with him,i get intimadated..I couldv got this all completely wrong…not only is he incredibly hot but also a really nice guy too whos very affectioante with everybody so maybe hes just being nice to me too and letting me know I can talk about gay stuff with him….I’m pretty sure I’m falling more in love with him every day…I can’t stop thinking about him, ca’t even sleep sometimes and it’s wrecking my head….what should I do!!

    • Brad says:

      How are your oral.skills? If good then tell him you are orally talented … Or so you have been told. Maybe he will let you prove it 🙂 flirt but dont touch him let him touch you if the other way doesnt work

  122. redfaced says:

    hi guys

    it is such a bless for me that i somehow stumble on this blog and commenting its post even after like four years it was posted

    well i am an asian and have a very good bestfriend and just like what’ve mostly been shared here, i am in love with him, we’ve been bestfriend for 5 to 6 years now. and we live in such a strict place where being gay considered taboo and sinful, and there’s no drinking culture stuff really happening between us, so it’s either we sleep or awake, but not awake and no seducing thingy using drinks and stuff

    he is such a nice person, we met at our first year in college, it wasn’t exactly love at the first sight, i always have some sort of dislikeness over bad ass guys or to those who look like them, he is not a bad ass one, but when i saw him first time i thought he was a bad person, cocky and all. so one day we rode motorbike home together (he drove) and it was raining really bad, and i was trembling because of cold, he somehow knew it, asked me am i cold or not, and told me to hug him if i were cold! that is the original mixed signal i’ve received in our friendship it that thing goes off and on for years and recently things are getting even more complicated

    we share bed a lot, mostly it is him crashing in the weekend, we even had shared home for a month, that time though we didn’t share bed, more like sharing responsibilities for my home, my parents wasn’t around that time, so it was like a one month of emotional bonding between us.

    but this thing that i wanna tell you guys, started since a month ago, he crashed and we shared bed, as usual, and i hugged him (this is also usual thing, i hugged him a lot when we’re sleeping together, more like cuddling, i guess, i hugged him from behind). and i (accidently of on purpose, i am not sure myself), slipped my thigh on his genital area in the middle of the night and i can feel his organ sort of..beeping down there, everytime i made a slightest change on my body position, i can feel it beeping again and again. also i had my right arm slipped through his chest and he was hugging it like it was a pillow and i can feel his heart beating hard and he breathed hard. i assume those symptoms are happening because he probably expects something even more than that, waiting for my move (again this is my assumption, i need your thought here please, thanks). but i didn’t make any further move, was so nervous and affraid to do that, because of my moral judgements, and thoughts that we are bestfriend and what if my assumptions were all wrong and he got mad and hated me because of the event. then i really changed my body position away from him, and it was as if he too released from such a deal-or-no-deal situation and changed his sleeping position face down, as if he wanted to protect whatever he need to protect that time. and not long, since it is morning already, we woke up and talked as if nothing ever happened. i didn’t sleep almost all night, i don’t know about him, but i think there’s a chance that he didn’t sleep much too, and pretty much realized the thigh-on-crotch situation. we even hang out for coffee with friends and at the end he needed to get home earlier and told us that he hang out already with me before we met our friends since 6 am! the thigh thing happened intensely started from 6 to 7 am, he realized that!

    i thought thunder will not strike same place twice, but it did, even thrice. a week after he crashed again, we shared bed again and that time i really doing what i have done in previous week intendedly, and again he is oke and just fine with that. and even if there was a rejection, it was so insignificant, and i don’t know..was he surrender himself to me or what? the third time was three or four days ago, he stayed in home again. this time he said he wanted to sleep on the floor. prior to the event he told me he was so exhausted by all of his activities and i think it is reasonable for him to have a well sleep without me messing around. but around five a crawled down from my bed to the floor, and cuddling him again, and thigh on crotch situation is happening again, this time we even consciously talked about some matters once in a while, till morning came with as if a same condition: what happen in bedroom stays in bedroom.

    he is in a relationship with a girl for year and half now and looking fine, he considers homosexuality is wrong and forbidden by religion and sinful, yet pretty acceptable towards some openly gays that happen to be our friends. me in the other hand, remained closeted, confused, and tortured with my guilty feelings and in same time craving for some more good times. googling stuff to learn about this situation, starting from bromance, and this how to seduce a guy stuff and stumbled on this blog, again..i feel so blessed. i am actually really in love with him, but too affraid to tell him that, since i don’t to lose him as bestfriend if he rejects me. or even hated me because of that, it is just too scary to imagine

    thanks a lot guys!

  123. lanemercer says:

    Hey, it’s the opposite for me (unfortunately). . . It’s the straight guys that try and come onto me and I would get messages from straight guys saying things like, ‘I’m straight but your hot’, ‘I’m straight but I find myself attracted to you, wanna hook up?’ . . . Of course I dont find it such a bad thing, I like the flirting aspect of it all but I just don’t find myself attracted to straight men, obviously there are a few who I wouldn’t mind sleeping with but I’m not into sleeping around. . . If they are truly straight then why would they find themselves attracted to me, maybe they are bisexual and in the closet. . . Nice topic by the way.

  124. Jack says:

    I have had an experience where one of my closest friends started touching my privates and until that point I thought he was straight. He knew I liked it do he carried on but I never made any kind of move on him. It’s been quite some time since then and he has just come out of a relationship with this girl. Is it too late to try and make a move? If not how should i go about it ? :/

  125. beentheredonethat says:

    It all depends on what you mean by seduce. If you mean convert a person from straight to gay, then it is impossible by definition, unless the person is merely in the closet and waiting for help to open the door. If however you mean enticing them into allowing you to provide him with oral service, that’s a possibility. Some people want to believe that no straight man would ever allow a gay man to touch him. Well that’s a load. A stiff one has no conscience and as long as the guy is certain no one will ever know and if he is secure in his own sexuality then a warm, wet mouth can do the job gender notwithstanding. Ask any guy who has been in situations where no women were available, but a willing gay guy was. Prisons, all male prep schools, remote military assignments all are hotbeds for straight/gay encounters. In many cases a guy being horny and striking out on a weekend night is enough to make him appreciate a gay man on his knees.

  126. Ray says:

    I can’t say that I’ve read every single post on this blog. I will introduce myself: I am 37, gay, masculine (straight acting is still an act – be who you are.. don’t act), from Texas, USA, and I have been in a domestic partnership for over 9 years with another man. I live in what is called the “bible belt” where homosexuality is still frowned on. My partner and I are both openly gay at work, personal lives, and everywhere. We are both masculine and work jobs that most people in our area would not think a gay man would work. We can drink it up at a straight bar or a gay bar and never have any problems from anyone. I am writing my story about my experiences with one straight guy.

    About 5 years ago, I met a new friend. I was completely attracted to him from the start and I didn’t hide that at all from him. He was rather homophobic. Being around me and my partner, his homphobia passed somewhat. He was still uncomfortable around feminine gay guys, but he would go out to the gay clubs with me. I worked part time with him for a while, so we got to know each other very well. As time and many drunken nights passed, I took several opportunities to really flirt with him and be aggressive about it. A lot of times he was flirting right back. I kept forcing things to the next level. It wasn’t long before we were regularly spending a lot of time together. We had talked many times about how far he would go with a guy (no where because he is straight), but we progressed to a point where we regularly kissed, went to the bathroom together, changed clothes in front of each other, and we even went on a short vacation together. During that vacation we were just hanging in the hotel room. I layed beside him and snuggled up to him, which wasn’t anything I hadn’t done before. Before long we were kissing and things were progressing. I was totally turned on and as I made my way down his chest with my mouth toward his jeans, I stopped. I don’t think he would have stopped me at that point, but I stopped myself. I started questioning if I was forcing this on him. Sure a horny guy is going to follow through to a point, but did I really want to go in that direction afters years of growing so close and attached to my friend who accepted me totally as I am. No I couldn’t do it. I crawled back up beside him and laid there just holding him and him holding me. After a while, he got up and went downstairs. We didn’t talk about it. Later that night, we went out to a gay club with some friends, and it turned out to be an interesting night. We held hands at the club, drank a lot, had pictures made together; it was a good night. Both of us drunk, we went back to the hotel room. I massaged almost every inch of his body that night and again I believe that I could have gone farther if I had pushed a little, but I wouldn’t. I decided that anything further would be on his terms not mine. He knew how I felt, and what I wanted.

    He was straight and always dated girls. He asked if he could bring a girl over some night to swim in my pool. I didn’t mind at all. I knew the girl. This happened several times. He always texted and let me know they were there, and I gave him his privacy. One night he didn’t text. I had gone out to clear the leaves from the pool, and there they were. Both naked. I found it very hard to walk away from. I can say that after that night, there isn’t an inch of his body that I haven’t seen and touched.

    He eventually moved away. We stayed in touch. We were always very close. My partner and I had a rough patch in our relationship. So, I went to visit my friend. He and I stayed the weekend in a motel. I went there for two reasons, either tell him goodbye for good, or stay and make a life with him. I went home heart broken. After all that he and I had been through and even that we both openly loved each other, there was no relationship between us that would allow him to live his life with another man instead of a woman.

    We had a fight over the phone after I got back home and didn’t talk for a long time after that. We started talking again, and I had to realise that a lot of what happened between us was my fault for trying to push him so far. He may have been willing to a point, but that’s just not who he is.

    He moved back recently. I’m glad he did. I’ve missed him quite a bit. For lack of a better or more accurate term, we are now brothers. We can still love each other and be the best of friends, but we are both considerate of each others needs. He needs women, I don’t.

    This is not the first time I’ve been with a straight guy, just the one time that hurt the most. The lesson I’ve had to learn is this. When it comes to straight guys, some may be willing and wanting, but you should always consider the consequences to yourself in the end. I’ve had sex with many straight guys, curious guys, married men, bisexual guys, and in the end, all that ever made me was easy. I alone have to live with the past I created by being with straight and married men. I don’t really regret it, but in hindsight, I probably would not repeat some of what I had done in the past. By my actions I’ve demolished hetero relationships, caused one married couple with children to get divorced, turned some curious straight guys totally homophobic, brought one “straight” guy flaming and screaming out of the closet.

    My advice to anyone who is attracted to a straight guy, tell him the truth up front if you’re willing to risk being outted or already out. Let him know that you’re attracted sexually to him, but let him come to you after that. It doesn’t hurt to present a situation now and then, such as have a few drinks with him in a quiet setting where you can talk, or let him catch you in a towel after a shower. If he likes what is coming from you he will act on it, but pushing too hard will push him away. If he’s sending mixed signals, that’s probably because he doesn’t really know how to act around a gay friend or some other guy that he may be attracted to but unsure of his own sexual orientation. You open the door, but let him walk through it.

    • dave says:

      Is it normal for a guy to like sucking his friends dick. Just asking… My girlfriend has a friend an she has a boyfriend. We went fishing together yesterday an well got a little drunk ended up sucking each other off an ended up with a mouth full of cum. What the Hell is this ok or just something new.

    • Franco Rodriguez says:

      ^ Thaat was very interesting , and helpful. Thaank yoouuu ! :*

    • Gary says:

      Times are changing, and it seems to me that more and more “straight” men are interested in experiementing. It doesn’t make them gay, they are either just outright curious, not getting satisfied at home, lonely and want some sexual attention with no strings attached, or a variety of reasons.

      I’ve been with several straight guys who wanted to try male sex, in different degrees. I don’t put them down for wanting to try, I enjoy showing them sex from a different vantage point.

      usually these men contact me on the internet, and we pretty much know what’s going to happen before we meet. That is, if they don’t get cold feet, or shoot all over their keyboard just thinking about the possibility.

      Most of them have enjoyed it and returned at least once. I do my best to assure them that they are not gay, just trying something new.

      If I meet a man and am really interested in him, I try to become friendly with him. I am not the type of gay man that is obvious so sometimes yes it is a bit of a covert thing. The things I can tell you that has seemed to up the percentage of ending up naked with these men are:

      1. Provide a secure location where they are pretty sure they won’t get caught.
      2. Show them that I am an upstanding person and will keep whatever happens between us to myself.
      3. Is a bit of a stretch of the truth, but I usually let these guys think that I’m bi. I used to get a lot of pussy before totally coming out. The fact that I like pussy too, seems to put them a bit more at ease that I have something in common with them and that this is a bit of a stretch for me too.

      Good luck, only play safe, and be careful!

  127. Anton Pace says:

    Ray, Thank you for your candour and honesty. You experiences and their consequences, must be difficult to share, so a heartfelt thanks once again. I have read most of the entries on this page and thank everyone for their points of view – I have learnt from all of you.

    Just a question Ray: Are you more cautious about getting involved with Str8 men, married or otherwise taking into account the experiences you have shared?

    All the best – Anton P

  128. Brian says:

    Hi. Im in love with my best friend. I want to have a sexual relationship with him. Im gay. I think he is bi, We only go as far as the occasional kiss and sometimes we like to rub each other and shower together. Ive seen him jerk off once in front of me. We have only slept together once, I snuggled with him and we kissed. I was turned on, but I dont know if he likes me or what his true sexuality is. (He has a girlfriend) Please Help!

  129. Confusedwhattodo?? says:

    i really like these two boys. i am 15 and currently doing work experience. i really like this boy that i have never spoken to before untill yesterday and today and when he talks to me i go all red and i managed to get in a convosation about gay people and he looked really serious and like as if he was thinking when he said to me about people keeping it hidden. and this other boy i have liked him for ages but he never showed any interests he knows i like him (unlike the other boy) and he jokes about saying that if he was to turn gay he would have a boyfriend straight away (me) and saying that i think of him in a sexual way (which i do) but the other week i was texting him and he said he had a dream about me and him and in his dream he gave me head and he said that he wants to try giving a boy head and having a boy give him head but the next night i miss interpreted what he was saying and it sounded like i was having ago at him. and it has been two weeks and he wont talk to me and i dunno what to do shall i be honest with boy number one and what shall i do about guy number two

  130. Joseph says:

    Hi! I’m a bi guy who’s short, cute, smart, loves to bake and plays the piano, I also train in Taekwondo and read books as my pastime. I have this tendency to attract the guys that are usually ugly and not my type. I’m looking for a bi guy like me, but a more masculine one, a man who can give me direction and who has initiative (good looks wouldn’t hurt either) :”>

    I’ve always wanted to have a relationship with a guy, but a more emotional one, not sexual. You know, the type where I bake him cookies and make him sandwiches everyday, or help him in his homework or give him a nice back rub when his stressed, watch him play his sport while I cheer him on. (You know that sort of stuff that a girl would do).

    But trust me I’m not super feminine, I still act like you’re average guy but just more soft spoken and sensitive (mind you I trained in martial arts and I can kick any guy’s ass twice my size). You see I’m more of the bottom guy, and I’m after guys who can give me love and respect and a meaningful relationship, not just relationship full of blowjobs and anals 😛 (Actually if I had it my way, there would be no sex in the first place) But if he proves his love for me then I might just give my all.

    So here’s my problem: I have this crush on this guy for a long time now, but I haven’t had the courage to even muster a simple “Hi” to him. It’s just that every time I get close to him, my cheeks blush red and I start hyperventilating as if I just ran a marathon! I really really want to get to know him and find out if he’s interested in me. So guys please help me get the man of my dreams! :))

    I’ll really appreciate the help, so thanks in advance!!!! 😀

  131. nobody says:

    well sorry to comment here & sorry english is not my mother language… I just have a big problem with my classmated who’s also my friend I know I’m bi but I’m never fall in love with anybody besides him.. and the reason is because of him too! First when I met him he’s like the most popular guy in school I just disinterested and wondered what so great about him but he ask me too sit with him on the same table cuz he didn’t have much friend in our class but I rejected the offer so he sit in the back of me… once in a while I caught him staring at me and always look away when he realizes I notice and I caught him staring at me when at our P.E class once in the while too. At first it’s freak m out but after that I’m slowly start to fall for him… he always do unimaginable things like mad when one of my weird friend slap my butt or tell me MY FACE look’s like a girl. one time when I got teased by our friend because I’ sit too close with my best girl friend I blush hard enough I look like a tomato and he instantly say “if you being paired with me will you blush like this?” and I was left speechless…. oh god the next, week he told me he have a crush on some girl… oh sure I was heartbroken so I just write something *mostly poem cuz I have assignment that time* he sit beside me and look much too happy! I mean I can’t bring my self to smile at that time. He always want to go to my house and when I told him to go home he whined that he didn’t want to. so we run in this circle until we graduated. At the prom night I met him and he’s like just pinched my cheeks and then move away. I move to another town and then few months later I call him to ask one of my boy friend number and he’s like “okay I will send it to you in fact I already typing!” but the message never came so the next day I confronted him about it he’s just like ” okay okay I just forgot geez why do you want his number anyway” and after that he always reply to anybody text except me like he mad at me or something. is he straight or bi? cuz he have the name of the girl he’s like in his book or his facebook wall *wrote in some kind of weird code*

  132. Mark says:

    Been there and done this and for some reason, more straight guys are sexually interested in my than gay guys by far and I am not fem or butch. I’m on the small side, boyish type. Most of my dates have been with straight guys who had never done anything with another male before and ended up breaking my heart because they are not gay and will end up with a female.

    Having gay sex is one thing but that does not make a guy gay any more than a gay guy having straight sex can make him straight.

    My first love was a straight guy and he thought he was in love with me but it was only a crush and a year. It was great while it lasted but my heart forever broken but never angry with him because it is human nature.

    Sexuality and sex is one thing. We are all sexual creatures but each person has one of three born sexual orientations that can never be changed. MOST straight guys fool around with another guy at least as teens but that is normal and does not make males gay. Older guys over 22 who happen to be straight and are not satisfied with a wife and know that gay guys give better oral often seek that out for the obvious reason but that is all there would be to it. Hook ups for that but remember, he is married and that is cheating and you would be part of that so don’t do that.

    Straight guys tend to think gay guys are into anal when truth is most gays are oral and that is the big fear with straight guys being on receiving end of something that even most gays don’t do. More straight guys do that with women than gays do with each other believe it or not which is science fact. This also means a straight guy might be interested in doing that to another guy but most like oral and males do not have the gap reflex like women thus; is the reason gays are better at it than women. Men love oral believe me. Straight guys love it so if you are simply looking for sex then that is your option but if you are looking for friendship with a straight guy, let him bring it up not you or leave it alone. He will make hints if he wants something. If you want love and long term relationship then you must go with how you were created which is your normal sexual orientation; straight, bi or gay. Everything else is sexual attraction not orientation and no one is born with sexual attraction. We learn that our first ten years of life.

    I love straight men but not for sex. To admire their bodies with clothes on and how they can protect me since I am little. Most seem to like to do that with me when they know I am gay. I have never had a straight guy be mean to me so I know things happen but I think it is the media making it look worse which is not good for straight guys imo. They have enough problems finding work, providing for a family and other things than to worry about being accused of a hate crime. Only barbaric people gay or straight do violence and straight guys are protected under sexual orientation hate crime bills and do not even know it because of the media. Gay guys don’t need more problems either so best to let things happen or not naturally without trying tricks or making plans for provoking sex with anyone.
    The opinion of a former model,

  133. James says:

    i am 16, i will be 17 in January. i have led what i would guess to be a sheltered life, i wish that i had had some of the encounters that most of you had, btw i am bi curious, i have moved around alot in my life, right before the last time that i moved i came out of the closet to 2 of my good friends. they never told anyone, but they completely rejected my advances. i am wondering if maybe i should try and come out to some1 in my new town and see if they reject me as well. but i am scared of being socially rejected… if some1 could give me some advice it would be extremely helpful.

  134. Funandbold says:

    As a gay man who didn’t totally come out until late in life, I have a bit of experience at this. The straight guys I had some fun with were normally acquantances, guys I didn’t know very well, not a best friend type thing.

    First off the writer is correct, most straight men are truly turned off my nelly guys. It seems to make it more acceptable if they view the guy who wants them to be “normal”.

    Plant a few clues that you might be interested, either verbally or by an off handed touch or look. When it comes down to it, it seems most straight buys are less threatened if they know (or think) you are into pussy too. So leaning toward the bi thing seems to help.

    Most importantly is they have to know that no one will ever find out and that you are looking at this as a “one time” thing.

    Most guys are always wanting a good blow job, especially if they are not seeing a woman, or are not satisfied with the sex they are now having) but they are not willing to change their life or have to worry about their reputation over some great head.

    If it happens and all goes well, let them know it’s available again if they want it, but more important than anything, NEVER tell anyone else about it or if around other people, don’t ever give anyone even the slightest clue!

  135. Nolan C. says:

    The most important thing in approaching a straight guy for sex is HONESTY. Don’t try the old games of talking about sex, pretending that you are straight, etc. When you find someone that likes you as a person and a friend and you are attracted to him, let him know that you would be interested in some kind of sexual activity with him.
    I agree with the statement to open the door, but be honest about everything. Some straight guys will let you suck their dicks, some will let you fondle and caress their nude bodies, some will fuck you, and some may even get into some passionate kissing. But not if you lie and try the old seductive tricks used on women. My experience has been that about 50% of the straight guys will let you suck them off under the right conditions, not all the time. They may get out of their clothes while you do this, but usually the only contact they want with you is your mouth on their cock. And if their orientation is definitely hetero, it will probably be only a one-time deal. But they may enjoy it, feel comfortable with it and want to explore some more things with you.

  136. Paulie says:

    I’m a gay guy who has the hots for my trainer. He says he’s straight but I don’t believe it. I know gay guys think everyone is gay. I actually believe there’s a scale with a Charles Nelson Reily on one end of it a Mike Tyson on the other. I think everyone is somewhere on the the scale. I also believe most guys, straight or gay get stirred up at the thought of getting a blow job. I think that would propbably hitch you a breeder who’s just a little curious more likely with a blow job than trying to have anal sex . That’s how I finally saw the light. Too bad I had to wait 13 years for it to happen. I’ll never forget it. I became a changed man. Sex with a gay guy automatically means fucking in the ass to a straight guy. I also think there’s a scale of what someone thinks is sex. For me, I can be perfectly content with a guy throwing me on the floor, ripping my clothes off, licking me everywhere, giving me a blow job and making me have an orgasm. I’ve also had two bad experiences getting too ruffed up which freaked me out a little. Gay guys: If you want to get a hot straight guy in bed, ask him when his last blow job was. It might make him a little hungry. Good luck!

    • John says:

      Hi I have been seduced and it changed my life it was wondeful Im married and love my wife I have a hard time having sex with her I think about guys everytime and being a bottom

  137. nathan jacob says:

    I seduced a straight guy by playing football w/ him,and when I tackled him i’d make sure my hard on rubs against him, n hour later we were in bed together!

  138. Jim T. says:

    Wow! There is so much info here I couldn’t read it all! Thanks to everyone who has left comments.

    I came here today looking for advice on getting my friend into bed with me tonight. My wife will be out of town, and I already know he wants it, but it is always difficult to combine the right amount of alcohol with the proper timing to be able to hook up. We’ve almost been busted a couple of times, and he is now really paranoid. I, on the other hand, would be willing to play when I am completely sober. I’m simply more comfortable with by bisexuality than he is.

    It started as a drunken threesome between my fiance, myself, and him. We had a wild night together a few years back. It was mostly about us pleasuring her, but there was also some man on man action, which she enjoyed and even helped with.

    Since then, the three of us haven’t had a chance to hook up again, mostly because of timing. Either kids or work or his own spouse always seem to get in the way. However, there have been a few times when he and I had spontaneous fun. The last two times, we almost got caught, and now he is paranoid.

    I’ve told him on several occasions, always when drinking, that I would be willing to do it anytime without alcohol, as safety and discretion are more important to me than the extra fun and lowered inhibitions of alcohol. He has always agreed, and promised to work at being more comfortable with the idea, even when sober. It hasn’t happened, and I doubt that it ever will.

    Sometimes we’ve jacked off together, or given each other head – whatever. There was one time when we chanced into an entire night together. We stroked, sucked, and fucked each other silly! Unfortunately, the alcohol was flowing so freely that neither of us was able to cum. We woke up in the morning, my still hard cock snuggled comfortably between his cheeks, when the dog started barking. His year old son had decided to make a rare visit! I still don’t know if the kid suspected what was going on. I just know that our faces were red as we scrambled to make up a story of why our drunken asses had fallen asleep in the basement rec room.

    I guess the moral of my story is that we are each are own person. No matter how bad we want something/someone, there is no way to “make it happen”. Just be honest with your target. If he is into it, it will happen. If not, move on.

    I wish I had time right now to give you more of the juicy details,; give you some good masturbation material, but I have to get my work done. Going to the liquor store soon and crossing my fingers for tonight! Wish me luck, and the same to all of you!

  139. ali says:

    my story is very different we are best friend from last 7 years but when our friendship start i was not in intention to make a sex with him but after some time i start loving him ,,, we s pended time each other and wen v sit together i play with him like touching his tummy and face i some time feel that he is rubbing some thing on my back but wen i try to touch that hard thing he neglect allot of time it happen …then he got married ..have a child but still we sit together and lyesterday he was laying in room i came there i sit very near to him then he woke up and say hi i felt his things is hard i try to b more near to him he dint denied then 2, 3 to three time time he ran rub slowly that i could nt understand but i got then 2 cousin came and he stoped …..but alot of time that thing happen but when i try to attemp he neglect what to do ………………….give me review on

  140. Visu says:

    I am 34, married, spending my life happily with family and friends. I have lots of good friends but didn’t even have any ‘other’ relations with them. I never try my close friends for sex, so still I have been keeping a nice relation with them. But, two years back a new guy joined in our office, and we met through some common friends. First impression was very bad, he seemed to be rude and stupid. He spoke as if he knows everything and I couldn’t even find a bit of respect to anybody in his comments about seniors and superior officers. I generally do not like such arrogant stupids so intentionally kept some distance from him. But my friend used to call him for lunch and dinner so we meet daily. After 2 months my friend got transferred, then this new guy came with us for food. Even my friends also didn’t like him but because of my old friend I was adjusting this guy some how. Later he used to call me for everything like shopping, canteen, outing etc. Even though I go with him I know that he is rude and selfish, later he himself told that he is selfish and never worry about others. I totally hated him after that. But still we go to shops/ canteen together. He is talkative like me , and later I find some interesting features on him. He is 8 years younger than me but seems to be secular, non-political, independent and he argues any time with anybody. He is rude to everybody except me, and never says any bad comments in front of me. I don’t know when I started to like him but for the last 9 more months we are in very good, close relation. Since I like him it was very difficult for me to tolerate some of his attitudes and he is always in a don’t mind attitude. We fought for silly reasons and I told him that I can’t be friendly with such a selfish guy, but again we patched up.

    In between I went to another city, and thought not to make any relation with this guy since I started to love him but he doesn’t have any such consideration. Then he used to call me and told to come back since he feels very lonely and didn’t even go for outing or movies after I left. I said No. Then he forced me for a weekend trip but even though I liked to go and meet him I refused all those. I didn’t want to go back and join with him.

    Unfortunately after 6 months I got transferred to the same place but in another branch. He was so happy. So for the last three months we are together, in the sense staying in adjacent places, meet on sat & sundays. Every week go for outing, and this time he shows much closeness than me. Now when we go out I used to caress his neck, cheeks etc but he doesn’t even hesitated. We used to walk by holding each others hand but in roads we behave normally. He only started to hold my hands. Now I feel a rare warmth and glow in his eyes. So I was also super excited. Three weeks back he went for a get together and after that one of his friend’s fiend used to call him. He had told me that she is a brain less girl and even though he doesn’t like since she calls he never says no. I teased him a lot, and we used to make funny comments about that girl. But after one week I came to know that daily she calls at night and they talk for hours but he is hiding that from me. I felt very sad, he only said bad about that girl but now she entertains/ encourages/ flirts her but hide such things from me. He got to know this and I keep distance from him after this. Earlier I thought that he is a straight guy but now I suspect him as a bi because of his affection towards me like that. Both of us are hiding the bi-nature and behave normally, but know that we care a lot each other.

    Now I am totally confused. Since I am married and I don’ want to make any problem to family life some how I am managing my feelings to this guy in mind. I feel totally gone becoz of his secret affair and this is the first time in my life I love a guy. So I can’t even think to leave him in the midst, but how I will continue my relation with him if he likes to flirt a girl secretly? I can’t disclose my feelings to him, it looks so awkward 4 me. I am in an agitated, frustrated mood for the last two weeks. Don’t know what to do, and can’t even discuss with any body. Now I am in official tour and will meet him back next week. We daily calls and talks but still my pain is like that. Really in a mess. I don’t know why at this age I fell in such relation. i don’t like to be a crying baby, instead accepts facts in positive way and live according to that. Wanna take a decision soon……..

  141. Salmane says:

    I’m in love with a guy currently. I just hide the fact that I love him so fucking much with a little game. I play a game where we try to creep out each other. And he starts hitting on me in order to creep me out and win. I win because he doesn’t mean what he says and I do. He’s so special to me but he’s not gay. It pisses me off. I just want him to hold me. I’ve missed someone’s touch for a long time. I just mastribate when I see him (not in front of him but like in a bathroom) see, if he kissed me, I would be happy, although I might just tie him up and fuck myself senceless. Anyways. I’m bored, any gay boys wanna email me, and your like 16, email me at

  142. Dare 2 Try says:

    So in need of some advice. Something has been driving me crazy for months. A friend of mine, of now 2 years, which we met in Greece, is now in my country for work and business reasons. He called me up to meet and go out. I really really like him as a person, a fiend, but I also feel a huge attraction towards him. I am gay, he is straight, he’s got a girlfriend for about 6 months. But I feel like he is sending me signals sometimes, that he is interested, or curious to try something with me. He knows I am gay. He is really nice to me through text messages, always throwing smiles at me in the club. And last night for the first time, I decided to express my self a little more, and I mentioned to him that “if he ever wants to try something new, and have a new experience to call me…” and then I laughed it off, and he said “well don’t laugh, u never know how ones mind changes, or what someone might be feeling tomorrow…”. And he also mentioned that while he is here on work, and staying on a ship, he is allowed to sleep out and at someones house.
    Do you think I should make a move?.Is there something there? Or am I just seeing what I want to?????
    Thank u!

  143. Roger says:

    Massage did it for me. I am straight. I thought my friend was too but later found out he was gay. It took over a year but it started with an innocent neck and shoulder massage which ultimately over time progressed to a full body oil massage. After a couple full body massages things progressed further and we shared some very nice experiences together. That was a long time ago, but I retain fond memories.

    • maybebi says:

      I’d be sorry that it “did it for you”, which might normally suggest that it complicated things in a beautiful friendship. Sounds like the two of you avoided that, at least, so I’m glad.

  144. deane says:

    16 year old gay guy here. I’ve always wanted a boy best friend (nothing more) but straight guys just avoid me, like they’re just disgusted! What can I do?

    • maybebi says:

      Relax and wait a few years. It’s not the end of your life if you don’t have a boyfriend at age 16. Relax, enjoy life, wait for the right guy to come along.

  145. Cloud says:

    Well my best friend and I have been friends since Gr5. And we are now 25 and 24…

    He is a straight guy, and I’m bi… Must admit I’m deeply inlove with him and have been since I met him.

    But yeah I was bout 20 and he 19 when things started getting sexual.

    In a way its awesome that I get to be intimate with the guy I love, but there is a big huge downfall…

    He will never be inlove with me. And its hard on a night out seeing him pick up girls and knowing he will sleep with them.

    Lol so my best advice is to not go there with your straight guy. Its a double edged sword.

    • maybebi says:

      Amen. And (from the “bi perspective” with a gay best friend) – it’s hard, too, for a bi guy to accept that his gay BF might have urges that involve a lot more than just a “buddy thing” between two guys… or, maybe, for a gay guy to see that same way about a bi guy, that he’ll never be 100% satisfied loving a guy.

      Better, probably, to accept everyone’s sexuality at “face value”… to not worry about “seducing” or “converting”, or to dream of what “could be if only he’d….”

  146. Emm Rollins says:

    I am in a similar situation, My best friend Jones knows very well that am gay. But he is doing everything possible to make me stop. He says it is evil.

    But I keep on wondering if this guy really understand my feelings. I have done everything possible to seduce him to sex but fail. I love him desperately and it is really hurting my feelings.

    We do business and everything together. Jones is just my perfect kind of guy. Please do help me out of how I can win him.

    • maybebi says:

      Feelings. There’s no guide that’s less reliable.

      You “love” “Jones”, you’ve tried to seduce him. You understand that he’s not interested in guys, right? I imagine that you had some clue as to that even before you did “everything possible to seduce him”, but you kept on going. “Hey, here’s a friend who I find VERY attractive, he thinks he’s not interested in guys, but I know better, I know that he should be with ME!” “Hey, here’s a friend who I care about, he thinks he’s not interested in women, but I know better!” Do you see any similarity between the two statements?

      If you love him, then let him go. Or at least, accept that he’s never going to be your sexual play-toy. And accept, if you can, that he does care for you (in a different, and more real way than you care for him), and cherish him as a friend. A different and “more real way”? Yes, because he sees that (in his view) your life would be better if you weren’t gay. You see that your life would be better if he were. You’re determined to “turn him”, to “seduce him to sex”. Not because you want the best for him, but because you’ve got a crush on him.

      Grow up, get over your friend (that way) and appreciate his concern for you… and respect his sexuality as you WANT HIM to respect yours.

  147. Mark says:

    My problem is odd. I want a LTR that’s romantic, honest and no cheating but most gay guys don’t seem interested other than butch ones 4 sex and I don’t do 1 night stands while most straight guys look at me, turn heads to see me and if alone follow me around in a store and I fear it would end as just sex then he leaves me 4 female. I’m not fem, not butch at all but very boyish looks yet am older than I look.

    I just want one Mr. Right but am frustrated. Any real non mean suggestions?

    Desperate for true love in TN willing to relocate north.


    • maybebi says:

      That doesn’t seem very odd. You want a long term relationship. Gay guys see you as a sexual plaything. So do straight guys, if in a different way. You need to keep your standards high and hold out for the right one, accepting that (possibly) it could be years before you find him. And that’s true no matter where you live (TN or “north” – I’ve lived in both). Maybe a big city would be better? Some of it is just an age/maturity thing. You don’t mention your age, but guys are semi-notoriously slower to mature than women.

  148. thebinotepad says:

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    Take your time reading the comments on this post

  149. Proper says:

    Hello, I’m caught in a touch spot here.
    I’m straight or I believe I am, I’ve always like females, I’ve had sex with over a dozen women in my lifetime and whenever I think of the future I see myself with a wife and kids. However I’ve been finding myself getting these feelings about my Fraternity Brothers, especially my Big Brother, the other day I was looking at his history on his computer and I notice that he visited a Gay Male porn site, does this mean he’s gay or might be bi-sexually. He’s sometimes emotional more than a regular guy would be. I’m afraid to act on these feelings especially the ones with my Big Brother. 1) what’s wrong with me and 2) is my Big Brother Bi-sexual or might be a little in the clouds himself?

  150. daylan says:

    guys i have a best friend he’s straight . i love him. he knows my secret that i am Bi because last night i kiss him when he was asleep. after days he still sleep to my house. in spite of this. do you think if i will sex with him he will not reject me?

  151. Isaiah says:

    So there’s this guy who lives about 5-6 houses down from me and I am extremely attracted to him. Hes one of the popular guys in the school who can get pretty much any girl he wants. He doesn’t act or say anything in particular to make him seem like a homophobe but i’m not completely sure….( His name is Ja**b but ill call him Josh but anyways) He plays basketball and he dribbles around our neighborhood all the time and to get off of our street he has to go past my house and my bedroom is on the front so i can easily look out my front window and see him walking past. well one day he was dribbling by and i had my blinds open and i was writing an essay for school and i heard him bouncing the ball so i got up and looked out the window and he saw me and waved at me. So the next day at the bus stop he kept looking at me until we got on the bus and went our separate ways ( I sit in the middle and he sits in the back). Well around the end of the school year we started talking more and became friends and a few of his other friends were going to the pool later that day and he invited me to come. so they went to play basketball first and i wasnt aware so i went with them and played in my socks. well i ended up getting an erection……while wearing swimming trunks…. I faked like i hurt my foot and sat out until it went away. well we were walking home from the pool ( the others had gone another way but again we live on the same street) and he says “Im not stupid” and we walk in silence until i get to my house.

    Then theres guy #2 who I’ve known since early elementary school and felt weird around him but i was little and foreign to the concept of bi. but anyways i dated alot of girls in elementary school but some people thought i was gay because i was really comfortable around girls because my mom had cancer and my dad was pretty abusive so we didn’t live with him and my mom’s girl-friends took care of her most of the time and i just learned how to be comfortable around girls. Well guy #2 (his name is Qu**cy but ill cann him Quinn) hung out with the “cool” guys and when they made fun of me because of my friends that were girls he stood up for me and we ended up getting really close and in 5th grade he went to the bathroom and put at note on my desk telling me to come in a minute. well i did what he said and he tried to kiss me…….in that stanky, raunchy, rachet bathroom. well i pulled away ( he was very smart and i was a rather “slow” kid and i was still oblivious to gay and bi people) well i walked back to the class and when the teacher asked is Quinn ok i said “yea, he has some bad tummy bubbles” . He recently moved into my neighborhood and we hadn’t talked in years and i was the only person he knew at the bus stop. so i like to sit in the exact same seat every day cuz I’m the first stop. Quinn gets on in front of me and sits in my seat, so i sit beside him and the seat is TINY! so were squished in the seat together and we make small talk and i get the same feeling i did in elementary school and started shifting in the seat. well he glances at me and keeps brushing his hand against mine and looking at me but quickly turning away when i look at him.

    So guy #3 is named Ka**ron but ill call him Kam… we were in the same class for a year and got really close and i didnt know it but he was in an off/on relationship with my best friend (who is a girl) and we had this joke about this guy i beat up and we would make faces at each other like winking, kissing,and flirtatiously waving. well long after the joke was over he started doing it again and i was completely lost. well due to his relationship with my best friend we drifted apart and out of nowhere he started smiling at me, glancing at me and quickly turning away, and inviting me to go EVERYWHERE!! with him and his twin brother, sometimes just him. my best friend and kam broke up for about a year (wont get into it because its an even longer story) and she went over his house last night at friggin 1:58 in the morning to talk to him and he kisses her and she leaves.

    I sorta, well really need advice on how to move forward because i feel like i’m in a stalemate position…please help.

    • maybebi says:

      None of those guys will be your “special someone”. You need to move on. Treasure what each of them has meant to you. None of us (gay, straight, bi) has ever been with 100% of the people that he’s had an interest in.

  152. Tom says:

    I’ve been the straight guy to be seduced, by a roommate.

    We were dorm mates freshman year of university and we were (what I thought to be) good friends, and get along well, so second year we rented a small house together.

    He never told me he was gay, and I never noticed he didn’t do the talk about girls.

    We had separate bedrooms across from each other, and a bathroom at the end of the hall. I’m a fit guy who doesn’t mind doing things in my boxer-briefs or even naked. So, he’d see me either nude or in underwear throughout the day. But, I never really realized him ever checking me out.

    We were both fortunate enough to have good summer jobs, and din’t have to work when in college, and still pay all bills, etc.

    What I now realize is he began treating me like his partner. I came home from class at 5 Monday – Wednesday and he always had dinner ready, got me something to drink and handed me the remote. Thursday and Friday were my days off, and he got home around 6, so I did the same for him, thinking I was just returning the favor.

    in the second semester of that year, my girlfriend (who attended a different university, other side of the state) left me for someone else. I was very upset about it, we were together since 10th grade in high school, and managed one school year without any issues.

    I became the depressed guy, and my roommate (for privacy sake, we’ll call him Trent), did a lot for me. He picked up my slack in cleaning, he did my laundry, and he did a lot things for me. About 2 weeks later, I pulled myself together, and things got back to normal. At the end of April, classes ended for us, and I transferred within the company to where I was living for school, and got Trent a job there as well. We were to start on June 15th, so we had the last few days of April, all of May, and a couple weeks in June to just do whatever, basically.

    A couple weeks go by. I went for a long run in just shorts, boxer-briefs and socks/shoes. When I got back, checking to make sure all the shades were down I completely undressed in the living room, and headed for my room to grab clean clothes, and sadly I didn’t have any underwear, so I went to ask Trent if I could borrow a clean pair, and when I went in his room, he was sleeping, so to fuck with him, I got in his bed next to him, anticipating he’d freak out once realizing I was nude. I blew in his ear, and he quickly woke up, and I was laying there, on my side left leg propped up so he could see that I was nude, I said, “Hey sexy.” Much to my surprise he didn’t freak out. He dove right in for a kiss, and put his hand on my manhood before I could even pull away from him.

    When I did, I didn’t know what to do, so I cupped myself and went into my room and put on some shorts without underwear (obviously) and in Trent came.

    After some back and forth confused statements and explanations, he entirely confessed he fell in love with me a long time ago, and acted like we were dating. And that I needed to notice that we basically were without sexual interactions. I couldn’t handle the mass amount of emotions so I went to shower, I came out of the shower and he was in the living room, picking up my clothes and putting them in a basket with my other dirty clothes (mostly underwear), tossed me a pair of his boxers and said he would move, if that made me comfortable. I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything. I went in my room, and sat there nude for a while thinking about what Trent had said.

    I was thinking that it made sense. Dinner, clean house, a beer, laundry done, ESPN. Repeat. I slid on his underwear, grabbed a pair of dress socks, put on some dress pants, undershirt and a nice button-up. Cleaned up really nice, I went to find Trent. He was in his room, and had obviously been upset. He looked at me quit confused. I sat on the bed next to him and said, “Would you do me the honor of dinner?”

    Long story short, I made dinner, did his laundry, talked about a lot of things in regards to us, and then we went in my room and got into my bed. We both were under the covers undressed completely, and I kissed him… very awkwardly because it felt so different.Before I know it, he was kissing all the way down and did a very pleasing job. He had to coach me on how to return the favor, but I managed.

    Trent and I are in our very last semester of our 4th year, in the same house. We share a room, clothes, everything.

    We are a one-in-a-million couple. I still am attracted to females, and could fall in love with one if I wasn’t forever committed already. I don’t want to/couldn’t be with anyone else. It’s not about seduction outright, it’s about feeling the grounds, finding how to treat someone, and seeing if there’s something there that clicks.

    Who knows, maybe we’re not designed to find love in the opposite gender. Maybe we’re all designed to go either way.

    This scenario would probably not work for anyone else in the world, really. But, I’m glad I could develop feeling for my best friend with the same interests. Sports, cars, nice clothes… it’s amazing. He is amazing.

  153. Calvzcalvz says:

    He was 34 when I was 45 he invited me for a drink and seduced me to gay sex. He is married with two kids…

  154. Dan says:

    I’m 42, and although I’m married have been bi for at least the last 5 years. Started a new job about a year ago, and really like this other guy there, he’s 36 and also married, but as far as I know he’s totally straight.
    Chat together all the time, about all sorts of things, and when we started chatting about sex one day, I thought the time was right to mention that I’m Bi, but I also told him that it’s not something I scream about and only a handful of people know. I asked him to respect that and not to mention it to anyone at work, which he said of course he wouldn’t. He asked quite a lot of questions, and I replied to them. He said it fascinated him to hear my stories and adventures, especially as most of the guys I met up with were also Bi/straight/married etc. and that he didn’t mind listening to my tales, as he has a very open mind.
    About 2 weeks ago we went for a drink after work, (first time) and we were starting to get on the road to drunksville, so I said (we were again chatting about my adventures) so I said, I’d love you to experience a man on man experience, but didn’t stop to hear his answer, as I had not asked it as a question, nor did I want him to feel uncomfortable, but I was sort of testing the water, as such, just basically to see what his reaction would be. Anyway, left it there and we went our own ways home.
    Since then have chatted a few more times about it, and again, he said, it fascinated him, and how open minded he is about it all. He’s a very quiet, low key type of guy,(a bit bullied by wifey at home) I hear all his tales of woe, and how their marriage isn’t going too well. Anyway, some guy asked me to send him a pic of my butt, so I took a snap of it on my phone and sent it. Later that day I said to my friend, look what someone asked me to send them, and I showed him the pic. He said he could never do that because his wife always checks his phone. Once or twice we’ve talked about losing weight, and he undone his shirt and showed me his upper body. God it was so nice. Hairy chest, hairy stomach, hairy pits………I was going crazy. He said he needed to lose weight from his belly, and his “bitch tits” (as he called them)
    I’m just wondering, is this guy Bi curious? do you think it’ll go anywhere if I pursue it? Not after a relationship or anything like that. Would just like to blow him, and see what happens thereafter, as in, maybe do it now and then.

  155. mat says:

    If a guy let’s u use his boxers to wipe ur hands while he has them on and I accidently touch his pens

  156. Ken says:

    I’m a gay guy but very “straight” acting. Nobody ever guesses that I’m gay and when they find out, they are pretty shocked. I work in construction so I’m always around straight guys and most are cool laid back dudes who don’t care if someone’s openly gay. We recently hired a subcontractor to do some cable pulls at one of our medical offices and the lead guy is really good looking and has a fantastic personality. He’s getting divorced but has a girlfriend. We work alone together with me supervising his work at night when the office isn’t occupied. So we’re talking it up and enjoying our time as much as we can when we enter an exam room to evaluate the network infrastructure there. He’s writing down info while give him data location info.

    So he’s writing down stuff and I have to get down near where he’s standing to look at a data location and I accidentally rubbed up against his butt with my hard hat. I apologized and he’s just still writing stuff down. I was kinda perplexed by his non-reaction to me hitting his very nice butt with my head and I notice he’s smiling.

    So I say something like “we’re going to get to know each other pretty well during this project” and he turns to me and says “that’s the best way to get things done” and smiles this BIG smile and I look at his crotch and guess what’s bulging in his jeans? Yup! I smile at him and we move on to the next room when he closes the door behind me and puts his back to the door smiling. I’m stunned and didn’t know how to handle this except to smile and get a huge boner. He turns the office light off and things get really interesting.

    When we finished our “bonding” we just moved on and worked the rest of the night without a word about it but it was the hottest sex I’ve had in years and will look forward to tonight with no expectations other than taking a good long shower before I go to work!!!

  157. Dan says:

    Just to give a quick follow up to my earlier post, I did have sex with the straight guy I work with! At his house, while his family were away for a few days. I went over there, we drank, did drugs and were both by that stage feeling very horny, so much so, that I thought, let me put it out there, so I said, “God….I’m so drunk and horny, that I could honestly get on my knees and blow you!” to that, he pulled down his trousers and said go for it! FINALLY! It took me 2 years, but it happened. The amazing thing is, he blew me too!!! We 69’d with each other! This guy is STRAIGHT!! Hoping to do it again soon, as we’ve decided to go away for a few days together on a weekend trip!

  158. Earl Walters says:

    I think that the relationship that is fostered between two guys coming up in high school was and continues to be something close to my heart. We were two attractive and sexually active guys who had any women we wanted and after all that we went home and would watch porn and jack off with each other. This progressed into blowjobs and finally that most precious of birds….The Swallow. I could not get into anal. I have enjoyed it twice about 25 years in between and that’s where that door closed. We never talked much about it. We sure did not talk to anyone else about it either. I never felt any regret or shame. I loved the boy and he loved me and that was more of a wonderful experience and shared between two people. We were just innocent and our love and the showing of our love between each other just another natural act to us like breathing air. So in closing, if a guy and a girl. girl and a girl, a guy and a guy. Love is a wonderful and to be enjoyed by the two consenting adults, on the rocks, or straight up. PS. Why is it that girls don’t get as freaked out by two of their gender getting it on as if could never happen two guys macking out. We go into a Bi-Polar Manic Tail Spin.

  159. Anonymous says:

    Ok there is guy that met outside of my job & we became friends. We started hanging out alot & going to the gym together alot. I sleep in my car so here is the puzzling thing about this…Instead of him going home he decides to sleep in the car with me 3 nights in a row (remember this statement cause I will go back to it). The first night I was extremely horny but was scared go initiate anything with him but I keep getting this vibe from him that he was bi or he would mess around so I decided to rub on his dick while he was sleeping or so I thought. It was soft at first but as I keep rubbing and massaging it he instantly got hard. It’s under my impression that any guy would feel the touch of another person albeit man or woman especially if they are being touched. Anyways his dick was throbbing while I was doing it & I’m sure that he knew it was me but still ain’t do anything to stop it from happening. He only stopped me when I went to pull it out so I feel like for him doing that he should have stopped me from the jump. All he did was move my hand to the side but that was it. He knows of my sexuality and is comfortable with it to the point he stayed with me two nights again in a row & has been going to the gym with me, changing in front of me after a shower etc. Recently he took me out to lunch and payed for my food when I could’ve easily payed for my own & makes a comment to me about wanting to get a place together. I’ve only known him barely a month. So now I’m confused as to what his sexuality is or what his intentions are. He always talks bout hooking up with females but never ever pans thru for him (maybe it the man bag he always wear lol…Idk). Someone shed some light for me so I know what to do from here

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