See each other naked?

People are starting to find this place (thanks, Google!) and it’s been interesting to see some of the search terms used… In a shameless attempt to encourage those search terms I’ve decided to treat them as a series of questions šŸ˜‰ First one up: “Do straight guys ever see each other naked?”

The answer is “of course we do”. Mostly in the locker room, or in the dorms, or as roommates. I guess at nude beaches. I assume that there’s not a lot of interest in straight guys having to strip down for the doctor, who’s also straight and male. The other side of that “10% of adults are gay” notion (and wasn’t that more or less proven to be a wild overestimate?) is that “90% are not”, so it’s statistically certain that straight guys do see each other naked. Different guys have different “comfort levels” for being naked around other straight guys, which is one reason middle school gym class was kind of awkward for me.

We see… but we don’t really look. Seeing a naked guy, but looking at naked guys (as in, your head follows them, you’re paying attention to what you see, etc.) is a different story entirely. There’s kind of a “filter” effect for most of us, which is actually pretty interesting.

Consider a couple of guys (grownups in their 20s, since that’s been most of my experience, and since it seems to be different for different generations) in the locker room after they’ve been swimming at the gym. First they rinse off, still with their trunks on. That’s “dressed”, so the conversation that began by the pool still continues. When the trunks come off (if they do), then the talking stops. With towels on, it picks up again. It’s as though we filter each other out – if (this person == male && has pants), then talk; if (no pants) then ignore. (It’s definitely pants that matter.)

Obviously we still see each other – if two guys who happen to be naked are walking towards each other (let’s keep it in the showers), they’ll move to avoid running into each other. But otherwise the gaze just kind of slides past.

There’s one exception, of course – at least when growing up. Guys see, but don’t look, except to compare. “Compare what?” Well, everything. We’re competitive by nature, and that doesn’t stop in the showers. “He’s got more hair than me,” etc. That still happens now, just not with the same kind of emphasis – just checking out the rest of the local competition for the ladies, or something.Ā  Everyone likes to know how he measures up, right?

Guys, what do you think?Ā  Anyone figure out how the whole “I see you naked but I’m not looking” thing works?Ā  Ladies, is it the same in the womens’ locker room?Ā  Not that I’m asking what happens in there, although if you want to satisfy some curiosity… ahem.



27 Responses to See each other naked?

  1. 22rants says:

    In the 7th grade, I was the only kid the locker room who took everything off for a shower. All the other kids were wearing something. They acted as though they were in for something, like I was offering them a little shock value. Now picture yourself as a girl in the locker room. We’d all be changing our bras. It’s a crazy atmosphere if you ask me.

  2. Elliott says:

    In the eighth grade, my school went on a trip to DC and we got to pick our room mates and here were 4 people per room and we all slept naked at home so we just did everything naked. but we slept two to a bed because there were only 2 beds so it was kind of uncomfortable but we managed. the most awkward moment was when the two gym coaches were told to wake everyone up and they ripped our covers of not knowing we were naked and they were only like 24-29 and their like OHHHHHHHHHHAHA and yeh. but some other guys got mad from the other rooms and the coaches were only wearing pjs and the other guys pantsed them. and they fell and the two guys thet pantsed them ran away with their pjs. so their manhoods were just hanging out there.

  3. Chuck Long says:

    I can’t believe that I’ve actually found another site that actually addresses male friendship issues.

    I’ve just published a post on the theme of “naked men” together.

    This is exciting for me.
    Take a look, if you get a chance, at the post, since there seem to be so few blogs or websites that don’t infuse women into every context of a male’s being.

    Title of blog: “Male Speak: Bonding, Friendship and Affection Between Males.

    Posting June 14. 09
    Post Title: Nakedness and Men:That Certain Swagger

    This is gonna be my favorite sight. Anyone who knows of others like this please email me or leave a comment on my blog

  4. maybebi says:

    Hiya, Chuck, thanks for stopping by – glad to know there’s another site that understands the differences between strong open male friendships and sexual desire.

  5. […] problem is that, like touching, nudity is too easily seen as sexual. Being naked in the locker room is normal enough, but some guys still […]

  6. Steve Delane says:

    When I was growing up, I lived with my dad and 2 brothers. One of my brothers was actually a cousin, but he lived with us most of the times. We were naked a home often and thought nothing of it. On weekends dad took us to his cabin in the country. It was very private and had a small pond and stream. We played naked there for most of the day and slept naked most of the time too. Sometimes other dads and sons would join us and the boys always enjoyed being naked with us. No one had any problem with it. In high school and college I often brought my buddies there for weekends and we all enjoyed being naked together and every one of them liked it and wanted to come again. If you ask me guys being naked together makes everyone equal, and makes forming friendships a lot easier. I am now 38 and I still enjoy being with my guy friends.

  7. Chuck Long says:


    I wrote a reply to this article and after spending a considerable amount of time on the site, came to certain conclusions. This is a refreshing site. Any site which promotes male bonding, whatever its form is unigue.

    Primary, among my concerns was the implication that the “Christian” stress on this site, undermines the essential message, that it’s alright for males to appear nude together.”

    I am a Christian, but I tend to loathe moralizing in the contagion to which Christians often resort. The theme is well- based and interesting, Yet, anytime you start to base your thesis, espousing your religious beliefs into the body of the message, you indeed risk losing a valuable part of your audience.

    As we all know, Religion is currently used as a divisive factor in our society, often intimating superiority, when incorporated into every day themes. A worthy theme, such as G.A.S proports( Skinny-dipping) can exist without the Christian emphasis muddling it, but then again, the site owner would have to place a greater priority on the base theme( naked men skinny dipping).

    While there are biblical examples of art form, replete in their conveyance of naked men together in some body of water, it seems secondary to the theme that men should be naked together in any situation, as long as it is lawful, and to their benefit.

    Below you will find my comment sent to GAS. By the way, I have subscribed to the GAS blog.It is interesting.

    Guys, as the writer of a see that deals with Male Friendships and Bonding, I write about a lot of issues involving males. I must say that “Christian guys skinny-dipping” is a different angle to approach this theme.

    Your site seems to focus on the “christian” aspect of males nude together, that itself is a predominant theme running through your material. Within that focus, be careful not to subtlely or avertly use the Bible as a weapon for your beliefs.

    I too, am a Christian bur choose not to promote my religious beliefs, nor to induce others to judge my content around a religious theme. Even the sparsely used and constructed contexts within biblical scripture can have the appearance
    that has so often caused division among people. Patronizing attitudes about homosexuality, and using the backdrop as a “parent chastising a child” give the appearance of an undelying agenda.

    What does being a Christian have anything to do with men skinny-dipping? You see what I mean, it has the appearance of cloaking some message that implies, “Yes, I need to infuse my morality into the simple task of swimming since I’m a Christian and like to swim naked with other men.

    Swimming naked with other men shouldn’t stand out as needing justifcation, nor should it have the subtle implication that “Christian skinnydipping” is somehow a better choice, merely because of the history encountered in biblical
    artform which dipicts it, and scripture which reinforces it.

    Your message is wonderful, but don’t get caught up indirectly proselytizing as many Christians feel the need.The overriding theme stands alone as admirable.
    Draw your audience in with great wriitng, which I have seen, and not the underwritten agenda of letting everyone know that you’re a Christian. It seems a waste.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your site. I wish you the best of luck.
    Chuck Long

    • maybebi says:

      Chuck –
      I’m not particularly interested in proselytizing (here). This is not about providing a “Christian” justification for close relationships between men, nor am I trying to convert anyone. Christianity is a huge part of my life; therefore it informs what I write on this site. I don’t know that the site has really been about “a religious theme” as such, as you seem to suggest. (I’m puzzled that someone running a website/forum with a still more explicitly “Christian” angle is lecturing me on this, but, hey, whatever.)

      Anyway – thanks for reading, if you see this šŸ™‚

    • Greg says:

      Ironically, your actually preaching and spreading your beliefs in this message.

  8. james newton says:

    When I was in the seventh grade we went on a field trip to the mountains. Well, thinking it would be cold we didn’t pack our bathing suits. As it turns out, it was warm. So we had to swim in the river naked. One day while we were out there a couple of us had to go use the bathroom. We were far away from the cabin, so we had to use it in the woods. Not thinking we would lean against a tree to prop up. Later on that day we all felt something craw around on us. When we got back to the room we all saw that we had tick all over our dicks, ball, and crack. It took us an hour to pull all of them off. We had to help each other with the ones on our backsides so we all were comfortable being around each other while naked.

  9. jubaer says:

    Yeah nude sometime i like it but if incase of emergency you might been surprise you can go anyware without anything or cloth.

  10. Navid says:

    Im really curious about something, when u (straight) guys see each other naked, don’t u get an erection or something? For me if i saw anyone in boxers and i can see the outline of their dicks, i get erected immediately.

    Editor reply: No, straight guys generally don’t get erections just for seeing each other naked. Maybe sometimes, but “straight” basically means “sexually attracted to women, NOT men”, it’d be a little odd for (genuinely) straight guys to consistently get erect when seeing each other. Obviously there’s a lot of guys out there who aren’t necessarily as straight-only as they claim to their friends and themselves.

  11. Pete says:

    I love to be naked! I’m naked when ever I can be. It’s a shame most people look down on nudity, it’s just a body. I wish more guys could/would say how they really feel about being naked and get naked. For me it the feeling of being free.

  12. matt says:

    i was in 9th grade and we were in the locker room. and there was this bi kid in our class. was looking down when i walked to my locker so would not see any “parts” and i bumbed into the bi kid with my manhood out and he got erected. it got me so horny that i told him to follow me to the showers and i closed the door to the shower with him inside i started giving him a BJ and licked all his cum the he gave me head. then i guess all the other guys heard the noises and waited outside the shower and not knowing they where there we walked out together and all the guys where laughing at us calling us names and now im always getting made fun of

  13. timber wolf says:

    it is gay if they are touching each other

  14. john says:

    I have always been comfortable being around other guys nacked I will admit I have sized myself up to other guys and I have always been surprised at the fact that no matter how tall a guy is or how short he is or how big his feet are men are about the same. I grew up believing that the human body is a beautiful thing and that we should never make fun of it or disrespect it in any way. My wife and I think America as a whole would be better off if we didn’t have to contend with the idea of having to feel embarresed about our bodies even if somebody has a deformity or not we all have one life to live lets don’t live it in a box live life to the fullest and enjoy everything life has to offer and don’t let a day go by you can’t xpress yourself or to have others feel comfortable around you nacked or not.

  15. Salmane says:

    Well, me and my friend were having a sleep over. I was in bed while he sat down next to me, playing a game. I was laying down. I sat up and watched him play for awhile then I fell alseep. I woke up to his hand holding mine, my lights dimmed. I pretended to be sleeping which I kinda was. Then he leaned down and frenched me! I started to french him back and her realiized that I was awake. Next thing you know, he’s on top of me, taking off my clothes. When we were naked, he kissed my nipple and we went into lust filled deads. I finally pushed him down and gave him a blow job. He cummed so hard into my mouth. And his dick was SO big. Then I just rode him. It fucking hurt and he kept kissing me and asking me if I was okay. Once I got streched I was moving fast. His dick was like 7″ and it felt so fucking good. When he cummed into me it was deep, like really deep. I fucking loved it! And now ever time he sleeps over and everyone’s in bed, we have a little session. I almost got caught once though. My grandmother knocked when he was inside me and I was riding him. I had moaned a little to loud.

  16. Jason says:

    Great site! A question please – I’m going on holiday soon with a lifetime friend, we’re both male & both straight. Normally at the spa I’d strip naked for the sauna. My staid friend will undoubtedly keep his shorts on. Should I do things my way or his?

    • maybebi says:

      I assume you’ve already gone on holiday. Hopefully you stripped naked, as you’d wanted to. Hopefully he was comfortable with that and you were too. Let everyone wear what he wants (or strip down as much as he wants). You being naked doesn’t, or shouldn’t, put pressure on him to be sexual with you. Him being clothed isn’t him rejecting or condemning your sexuality or your nudity, it’s just him saying that he really wants to keep some cloth over his junk. Which is his loss, because going freeball feels so much better!

  17. Chuck says:

    I am an older man and lived in a time before homosexuality was pushed in the media, and when they kept their sex private; therefore, we never thought about it. Seeing each other naked did not seem sexual. We skinny dipped. We saw each other naked in the locker room, in the dorm, in the public swimming pools, and thought nothing of it. We waled along with arms around each others necks, wrestled, bopped each other affectionately and nothing sexual entered our minds. Now little boys and young men are afraid to touch each other let alone see each other naked. The male gender has been dealt a serious blow by the gay community. What a shame!

  18. Mike says:

    In the 9th grade after soccer practice we all had to shower together. There were 4 chambers in which 6 people had to bathe together per chamber. As close as we were in the showers i cant even remember seeing anything

  19. Dwayne Saleski says:

    Guess my school was a little more laid back. We would all go in the showers comparing our muscles, and yes even penis sizes.

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