“First Time Straight”?

Saw a link to a site with a bunch of “straight guys trying gay for the first time” stuff on it.  And there’s plenty of “ooh, I’ve never been with a girl before” “lesbians”.  How come there’s no sites about gay guys trying girls for the very first time?  “Oh, you mean you don’t have to have one to lick one?”

I’d watch that…

6 Responses to “First Time Straight”?

  1. […] Talked to my brother last night about the idea of a “first time straight” video – “real gay guys trying girls for the very first time!”  or maybe […]

  2. ed says:

    i am a straight guy, seriously. i don’t think i’ve had a crush on any man, however i want to know what its like to give a blowjob, and maybe take it in the ass. but how do i get that far? anyone want to teach me? it willbe a one off

  3. maybebi says:

    Hi Ed!

    I was kinda hoping someone with more experience would step up, but so you’re not hanging too long:

    I guess if you’re looking for a one-time encounter with another guy, you could probably find someplace to hang out with gay/bi guys. Gay bar, maybe? I expect you’ll be to someone’s taste, so to speak – for being straight if nothing else… that does seem to be a turnon for some of them. Or, you don’t necessarily have to tell them about that.

    Maybe a personals ad?

    If you’ve got any friends who are gay or bi, you might consider asking him about it. He could probably at least help you figure out where to go to find other guys to try stuff with (so that there’s no chance that your friendship’s going to get weird after hopping in bed together).

  4. pochemu17 says:

    i think everypeople is gay or bisexual in your migth but they are normal

  5. Matt says:

    Damn!! If you need another guy let me know. I’m gay but love to fuck beatiful women.

  6. Chris says:

    I’m gay but I would be up for trying that, it might take some coaxing for me to lick down there at first though.

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